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Glif is an online platform for AI-image generation and modification apps that started in 2022 and has been widely used by posters and meme-makers to produce content. Glif builds out a series of template-makers and functions for users to employ in creating different kinds of images, notably the 2024 AI Wojak Generator and a ControlNet generator for making hidden words inside of AI images.


Glif started in 2022 as a producer of "AI image and vibe generators." The site started posting Glifs, "fun AI apps" made by users to create different memes and types of images.[1] Glif came into prominence in 2023 and Glifs began to be more widely used and created in the following year.

Glif creates a low-code environment for users to coordinate a series of other AI generators (ranging from LLMs like ChatGPT to image generators like Stable Diffusion) and turn them into custom mini-generators for specific templates of AI images.[2]


Glif's site consists of a feed of different Glif applications that users can open and use. Some of these are posted by Glif's creators and some of them are user-generated apps. They fit into different categories such as "memes," which allow users to AI-generate content according to different meme formats, and "utility Glifs," which help to do routine image modification and editing. Glif also includes a "Feed" in which other Glifs generated live by other users appear.[3]

The "Build" side of Glif's website allows users to create image generators using text input and "blocks" that can be clicked, dragged and rearranged to combine different AI-generator functions.[3] The site has also created a Google Chrome extension that users can employ within the browser.[4]


A number of Glif apps have become widely known for enabling particular meme trends to take off. In November 2023, Glif created an app for embedding hidden words or imagery into AI art, making an AI image generation trend more accessible to a broader group of meme makers.

Controlnet Any Word (EXPERIMENTAL) Input a prompt (simple ones work!) + a short word to "render" You can also hit "remix" below to play with the parameters more Prompt (simple works, messy best!): a bunch of shiba inu dog: created by fablan Single short word to render (ALL CAPS best): MEME O glif it

In late June 2024, a Glif tool that allows users to make AI-generated Wojaks comprised of line art portraits and jokes about the character or person featured spread on X / Twitter as a notable meme trend.

Hidden Imagery In AI Art

Hidden Imagery In AI Art refers to a series of optical illusion images generated using AI art tools, primarily Stable Diffusion, which spell out words or contain the outlines of various imagery in AI art. Often, a viewer must step backward or see a smaller version of the image in order to read the word or see the outlined imagery concealed within it. Around mid-July 2023, such images began appearing online alongside the rise of artificial intelligence content, becoming increasingly prevalent online throughout the year as sites like Glif emerged.

Glif AI Wojaks

Glif AI Wojaks refers to a series of memes depicting Wojaks made using, an AI art sandbox app. In late June 2024, a Glif developer named Fabian Stelzer created a tool that creates AI-generated Wojaks that consist of line art portraits surrounded by anecdotes and jokes about the character or person featured, typically stereotypical things they'd say, similar to starter packs. Glif AI Wojaks spread on X / Twitter in late June 2024.

fabian @fabianstelzer just built a fully automated Wojak meme generator in Glif in 5 min: Claude 3.5 block generates the meme as JSON ComfyUI block uses a Wojak Lora to generate a fitting image JSON extractor + Canvas Block ties it all together input "Al entrepreneur" "We're changing the world" -- hasn't left basement in 3 years "Our Al can do anything" -- struggles to make toast THE AI ENTREPRENEUR "We're disrupting every industry" -- can't explain own product "Singularity in 5 years" - can't code 'Hello World' "Ethical Al is our priority" -- model generates h*ntai "We don't need regulations" -- Al suggests overthrowing government "We're the next Google" - - 2 users, both are mom BAD 3:44 PM Jun 24, 2024 1.6M Views "Our valuation is $100M"-- revenue is $3.50

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