KYM Database Search Operators

Published Mar 18, 2015 at 11:11PM EDT by Brad Kim.

Searching the Database

A simple quick search for a keyword without any operators will find and yield entries, images/videos and forum threads with matching titles, body text and tags. In many cases, the search bar will provide instant suggestions for matching results as you type in the keywords, but for more complex search queries based on specific themes and attributes, you can use any of these operators listed below. For the most up to date list of custom-tagged categories, visit KYM Blog – "GotFunnyPictures Tag Index." If you're better accustomed to Google's search operators, you can also use the custom search parameter by typing in (or subdomains) followed by keyword(s) in Google search.

Search Operators

  • To search for entry names only, use name:("keyword")
  • To search for posts containing specific keywords in body text, use body:("keyword")
  • To search for posts associated with a specific tag, use tags:(keyword)
  • To search for images by file formats, use format:(JPG | PNG | GIF)
  • To search for entries by status, use status:(confirmed | submission | deadpool)
  • To search for entries by site of origin, use origin:(site name)
  • To search for entries by category, use category_name:(meme | event | person | site | culture | subculture)
  • To search for entries by types of modality, use entry_type:(keyword); use our index of types for reference.
  • To search for editorial posts by article titles only, use title:(keyword)
  • To further narrow down your search parameter, use any combinations of the operators listed above.
  • To search for phrases made of two or more words, group them in double quotes: (""keyphrase"")
  • To exclude certain items from showing up in search results, use the conjunction NOT between two operators
  • To search for uploads by a specific user, use uploader:(username)

Sorting Search Results

There are six different types of posts available for viewing search results: entries, images, videos, editorials, forum posts and users. The landing page of search result may vary depending on its availability with greater weight given to matching entries, images and videos.

In addition to viewing search results by post types, you can sort the results by: newest, oldest, most favorited, highest score, lowest score and total views.

Hovering the mouse cursor over the Entries tab prompts sorting options by entry category *(confirmed , hovering over the Images tab prompts sorting options by image types and hovering over the Forums tab prompts sorting options by sub-forums.

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Cold Hard Crash
Cold Hard Crash

Here's a few other search operators.
Use nsfw:false to filter out images that are marked as nsfw.
Use nsfw:true to show only images that are marked as nsfw.
Use spoiler:false to filter out spoilered images.
Use spoiler:true to only show spoilered images.


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