Tiny Green Mall Wizard

What's With All The Art About A Tiny Green Mall Wizard? Memes About The Ancient Little Wizard On TikTok Explained

If you've seen videos of a Tiny Green Wizard crawling through retail stores at a mall while waving around a pink butterfly catcher net, you may have come across the Ancient Little Wizard that has inspired fanart and memes thanks to his TikTok videos. TikToker @crawly_possessed is known for making hugely viral videos where he squares off against mall employees just trying to do their jobs, a personal campaign he started with his crawling in public trend last year.

The Polish TikToker's new persona, however, is reminiscent of the Me As A Baby trend featuring a little string puppet that went viral on TikTok last year. Here's why people have been making and sharing art about a Tiny Green Mall Wizard.

Where Did Videos Of The 'Ancient Little Wizard' Come From?

TikToker @crawly_possessed began posting videos dressed up in bright green robes, a fake white beard, and a white cone hat on TikTok in late June 2023. He got a friend to record him waddling through his local mall as he weaved through racks of clothes and cashiers' desks, all while trying to dodge retail employees who don't get paid nearly enough to deal with his antics.


Нашел укромное место от ГЛУПЫХ РЫЦАРЕЙ 😈

♬ sonido original – sky

This isn't the first time @crawly_possessed went viral for filming his bizarre behavior in public; in 2022 he began a trend where he invited his fans to come crawl with him, an open message that resulted in him posting a series of videos showing him and a gaggle of other men crawling through clothing stores on all fours.



How Did News About The Tiny Green Mall Wizard Spread Online?

TikToker @crawly_possessed is accustomed to getting tens of million of views on his videos, with his Green Wizard content experiencing a similar fate in late June 2024. A video of him being asked to leave the store gathered over 50 million views in just two days, while another clip of him waddling around a McDonald's unbothered drew in 30 million views.


Poor knights 😡 Next time I’ll bring my squad ⚔️

♬ sonido original – sky


Эльфийки спрятали меня от глупых рыцарей 😈🫶

♬ sonido original – smith_aske

By the end of June, his videos had been reposted outside of TikTok, as seen in a June 27th post by X (formerly Twitter) user ChiefofIsaac, who called him "the ancient little wizard."

Did People Make Fanart About The Tiny Green Mall Wizard?

After the Ancient Little Wizard's video made its way to Twitter, people began making art inspired by how exasperated mall employees treated his antics in their stores. Fanart by people begging retail employees to "LEAVE HIM ALONE," and jokes about how "it's so [ ] gross how our society treats wizards," began making the rounds online, accompanied by art depicting the tiny wizard.


For the full history of the Tiny Green Mall Wizard, be sure to check out GotFunnyPictures's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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