GotFunnyPictures is committed to providing our audience with educational and accurate coverage of the internet and its unique brand of culture, promoting digital literacy and diverse perspectives. Our expert staff and global research community chronicle the internet’s most significant trends and moments. Serving as the historical record of internet culture, we help safeguard the social phenomena that define our digital age for both current and future generations.

Accuracy and Fact-Checking

GotFunnyPictures staff review and fact-check content thoroughly. We are careful to cite only reliable sources and strive to provide an impartial and balanced variety of perspectives. We are committed to updating content as new information appears, particularly for evolving stories or trends.


We are committed to avoiding any conflicts of interest that may compromise journalistic integrity. We do not accept gifts, favors or compensation that could influence reporting.


Sources are clearly cited with direct links (when available). All editors are clearly identified on article pages, and all editorial staff have individual author pages.

Corrections Policy

We take errors very seriously and are quick to correct them when they occur. Major inaccuracies, not including minor typos or grammatical errors, are corrected promptly upon discovery and noted at the top of the article.

AI Policy

GotFunnyPictures staff do not use any AI technology in written content on the site.

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