'Hawk Tuah Girl' Haliey Welch Gives First Interview Since Rise To Viral Fame, Says She Is Getting Offered Hundreds Of Dollars For Her Spit

July 1st, 2024 - 1:44 PM EDT by Adam Downer

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An image of Hailey Welch, AKA Hawk Tuah Girl, from her first interview and a tweet reacting to it.

"Hawk Tuah Girl" Haliey Welch has finally reappeared in public, giving an interview to Barstool's Plan Bri podcast after her bewildering rise to viral fame led to multiple false rumors surrounding America's most famous spitter.

Welch appeared on stage at a Zac Bryan concert last weekend, then sat down with Barstool's Brianna LaPaglia to discuss her meteoric rise to meme fame over the last two weeks.

In the interview, she clarified that she works at a "spring factory" and is not a preschool teacher, as a previous false hoax suggested.

She did not go into the false rumor that she was signed by the talent agency UTA. Welch also clarified that she had deleted her social media accounts "six months" before the reckoning of Hawk Tuah, which led to dozens of fake accounts impersonating her on social media.

While Welch may not be signed to a talent agency roster that includes the likes of Lizzo and Lil Nas X, she does have plans to move to a major entertainment sector like New York or Los Angeles. She has put together a small management team and plans to hit the podcast circuit.

One thing we know is that she will not be marketing "Hawk Tuah girl spit jars" a la "GamerGirl Bathwater jars." Welch stated that she received a $600 offer for a jar of her spit, which she turned down.

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