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  1. An image of content creator aellagirl. interviews

    'Aella' Discusses Her Viral History, Showering Habits, LSD, Gnome-Posting And Spicy Birthday Party

    We spoke with Aella to get the rundown on her most viral moments.

  2. Noah Glenn Carter smiling. interviews

    Trend Reporter 'Noah Glenn Carter' Talks TikTok Ban, House Fire And Social Media History

    We spoke with one of TikTok's most well-known trend and meme reporters, Noah Glenn Carter, to learn about his online history, the TikTok ban in the U.S. and his recent viral house fire.

  3. An image of Bacari-Bronze O'Garro, aka Mizzy. interviews

    'Walking Into Random Houses' Prankster 'Mizzy' Talks Worst Pranks, Going To Jail And Turning His Life Around

    We spoke with controversial TikTok prankster Bacari-Bronze O'Garro, better known as Mizzy, to learn more about the prank that got him arrested and the decision to turn his life around.

  4. Turkish Quandale Dingle meme and a photo of Michael Amato. interviews

    'TikTok Rizz Party' Legend 'Turkish Quandale Dingle' Talks About Going Viral, The Group Leader And Becoming A School Celebrity

    We spoke with Michael Amato, better known online as "Turkish Quandale Dingle," about the viral TikTok Rizz Party memes, becoming a meme overnight and how he's handling internet fame.

  1. Julie Ragbeer next to a photoshopped 9/10 score for her album Perplex by Pitchfork. interviews

    Pop Artist 'Julie Ragbeer' On Her Viral Album 'Perplex,' Mary Whiton Calkins And Her Upcoming EP 'New Beginnings'

    We spoke with rising pop-artist-turned-meme Julie Ragbeer about her sudden viral rise to fame, her debut album _Perplex_ and what it's like to be a meme.

  2. An image of Grant MacDonald and his song Ram Ranch about Shawn Driscoll. interviews

    The Story Of Grant MacDonald's Relationship With His Nephew, Shawn Driscoll, As Told By The Creator Of The 'Ram Ranch' Discord

    Last month, the internet discovered that Grant MacDonald, the creator of the infamous meme song "Ram Ranch," had an incestuous relationship with his nephew, Canadian politician Shawn Driscoll. Those who spoke with MacDonald in the Ram Ranch Discord knew about it for years.

  3. Ronda McDonald interviews

    Cosplayer 'Scuba Steph' Talks 'Ronda McDonald,' 'The Fast Food House' And Being A Clown Girl

    We connected with Scuba Steph, best known for her Ronda McDonald cosplay, to learn more about how she got into content creation, cosplaying and owning her clown girl identity.

  4. Megan Bitchell interviews

    Comedian 'Megan Bitchell' Explains The 'Cowboy, Samurai, Pirate' Trend And Her Impact On Meme Culture

    We spoke with comedian Megan Bitchell about her recent "cowboy, samurai, pirate" meme, the secret to the perfect Letterboxd review, the "If It Was Written By Joss Whedon" meme and more.

  1. Plushh interviews

    Canadian Influencer 'Plushh' Talks About Her Viral Toronto Accent, Music Career And Balling Up Rules

    We spoke with Canadian influencer Plushh about her music career, her most viral moments and the legacy of the Toronto accent.

  2. powenvy's room tiktoks interviews

    'Roblox' Streamer 'PowEnvy' On Having The Most Viral Dirty Room On TikTok

    We talked with "Roblox" streamer and TikTok sensation PowEnvy to learn how he went viral for having a hazardously unclean room.

  3. two mole interest memes and sabertoothwalrus' profile picture from Tumblr interviews

    How Tumblr User 'Sabertoothwalrus' Got Hashtag 'Mole Interest' Trending Over '9/11' On September 11th, 2023

    We recently spoke with Tumblr user Sabertoothwalrus about how they got the hashtag “mole interest” trending over the “9/11” hashtag on the 12th anniversary of the tragedy.

  4. Interview with Instagram's absolutenutcase162 SpongeBob meme page interviews

    An Interview With Instagram's @absolutenutcase162: The 'SpongeBob' Irony Account Turned Satanic Mastermind Speaks On His Crazy Lore

    From "We have come for your nectar" to "I cannot let you escape, Squidward," the world of @absolutenutcase162 is rather strange and viral.