IShowSpeed "IShowMeat" Flash accident.

IShowSpeed Penis Flash Accident / IShowMeat

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IShowSpeed Penis Flash Accident, also known as IShowMeat or IShowSpeed Dick Slip, refers to a viral, explicit clip of streamer and YouTuber IShowSpeed (or Speed for short) accidentally flashing the camera on stream when air-humping while playing Five Nights at Freddy's. The clip surfaced in mid-August 2023, quickly spreading on X where many users posted "SPEED DID WHAT" to portray shock over the accident, as well as generating memes and discourse elsewhere online. It was later reported by TMZ that YouTube wouldn't ban Speed for the incident. In September and October 2023, discourse and memes surfaced about IShowSpeed's dad (Daddy Speed) making a song called "I Show The Meat" that joked about his son's accident.


On August 16th, 2023, X[1] user @josef245668 posted a video of a then-recent YouTube stream of IShowSpeed's in which he got jump-scared while playing Five Nights at Freddy's and then started humping the air. Soon after he started, his penis slipped out of his pants from the front, with Speed quickly expressing shock as he realized what happened. @josef245668's video received roughly 149,800 views and 300 likes in one hour (censored screenshot shown below).

josef rodriguez @josef245668 I show speed just leaked his own shi #ishowspeedflash 24666 #ishowspeed Cassie: Wat happened to you? You look awful. 12:43 PM. Aug 16, 2023 149.8K Views ISHOWSPEED ISHOWSPEED SHOWSPEED :


Soon after, @josef245668's video was reposted by X[2] user @tracedontmiss on August 16th, 2023, who captioned it, "no way ishowspeed just flashed his meat while live 😭," gaining roughly 28,300 likes in one hour (screenshot shown below, left). Within the same timeframe, X[3] user @domainsdomain posted a screenshot of Speed's face post flash, writing, "IShowSpeed is definitely moving to Kick after todays stream☠️☠️," gaining roughly 11,200 likes in one hour (shown below, right).

trace @tracedontmiss no way ishowspeed just flashed his meat while live 0:04 24666 Subrosaplaysgames has become a member! Cassie: Chica? What happened to you? You look awful. From josef rodriguez 12:56 PM. Aug 16, 2023 2.8M Views ISHOWSPEED ISHOWSPEED ISHOWSPEEN ... Domain > @domainsdomain IShowSpeed is definitely moving to Kick after todays stream 12:53 PM. Aug 16, 2023 1M Views :


At around 1:03 p.m. EST on August 16th, 2023, X[4] user @clintbabyy posted a video of BruceDropEmOff laughing with the caption, "IShowSpeed?? Nah, IShowMeat 😭," gaining roughly 1,000 likes in two hours (shown below).

Soon after, various users on X[5][6] started to go viral for using the pun "IShowMeat" as it spread in conjunction with the incident via jokes and memes. The pun quickly garnered attention from numerous media outlets online after it began to spread as well.[8]

Move To Kick Speculation

Back in May 2023 when Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed announced their deal with Rumble to create a livestream show, it was revealed by Adin Ross that he had also offered Speed and Kai $40 million to come over to Kick.

With IShowSpeed being in a contentious state with YouTube due to multiple bans for different reasons, many online began speculating that the August 2023 flashing incident would be the final straw that might lead Speed to sign with the platform, as noted by X[7] user @JavaqaAdui on August 16th, 2023 (shown below).

Javaqa @JavaqaAdui. 2h Ishowspeed better start making that kick contract #ishowmeat Speed is hours away from being banned on Youtube per inside sources Kick Deal was always on the table just waiting for a signature 3 years 90 million offer HERE WE GO KICK @javaqaaduii

YouTube Confirms No Ban

On August 17th, 2023, TMZ[9] reported that Speed would not be banned by YouTube. TMZ had purportedly talked directly to representatives at the company. The news quickly spread to the website formerly known as Twitter in viral posts, such as one X[10] post from Dexerto's account which received over 35,000 likes in two hours.

Memetic reactions ensued in the replies and QRTs, such as a reply posted by X[11] user @ilylucaaa on August 17th, which used the Spider-Man Stopping Bus template to represent YouTube saving Speed from Kick, gaining roughly 5,300 likes in two hours (shown below, left). X[12] user @BigPuffer wrote in a QRT on the day of, "There’s no way twitter thought YouTube was actually gonna 'ban' speed right????" gaining roughly 1,000 likes in two hours (shown below, right).

KICK 0330 Chica? V Bigpuffer @BigPuffer Subscribe There's no way twitter thought YouTube was actually gonna "ban" speed right???? Dexerto @Dexerto 2h YouTube will reportedly not ban IShowSpeed following his flashing incident 11:26 AM. Aug 17, 2023 27.4K Views ...

Dreamybull, IShowSpeed Livestream

On August 24th, 2023, IShowSpeed hosted Dreamybull (known for the Ambatukam memes) on a livestream, uploading their full-length chat to YouTube[13] on the day of. Dreamybull gave IShowSpeed advice on how to cope with his flash accident and the two talked honestly about the situation. Over the course of one day, the video gained roughly 179,200 views and 14,000 likes (shown below).

Clips from the stream were soon posted to other platforms, such as one clip posted by TikToker[14] @senyedits7 on August 24th, 2023, which gained over 2.2 million plays and 451,100 likes in one day.

"I Show The Meat" by Daddy Speed

'I Show The Meat' by Daddy Speed refers to a song released by IShowSpeed's dad (Daddy Speed) about his son's penis flash accident. The music video for the song was posted to YouTube[15] on his channel DaddySpeed in late September 2023, causing viral reactions from IShowSpeed and other streamers like Kai Cenat. IShowSpeed's younger brother Jamal was also in the video and Speed confronted him on livestream about his appearance.

Various Examples

Slap @slvppy this look says it all member! 1:24 PM. Aug 16, 2023 793.5K Views 61 : Smiley @cookedbyyuk OF girls trying to recruit Speed to OF 0:39 2:45 PM - Aug 16, 2023 435.5K Views . 0. NecroFrozt/lahmxr @NecroFrozt Me when I clicked on IShowSpeed / IShowMeat 0:04 2:42 PM - Aug 16, 2023 116.7K Views www 01

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