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Sketch OnlyFans Leaks or Sketch Gay OF Account refers to memes and discussions about Twitch streamer Sketch working as a gay OnlyFans model before starting his career as a Madden streamer. The leaks were first addressed in a YouTube video posted in early July 2024, with other internet users claiming to have found his NSFW Reddit account. Following the viral discourse online, Sketch responded to the rumors in a livestream and confirmed it was him. Memes spawned from the event, such as Sketch saying, I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Man, during his response video.


On July 7th, 2024, YouTuber[1] Pocketbook posted a video about uncovering Sketch's former work as a gay OnlyFans content creator working under monikers like Jamiemarhtxxx, Jamiemaratx, Jamiemarnsfw and Jamiescouture. The video gathered over 90,000 views in a day (seen below).

Online Reactions

Various internet users and streamers reacted to the aforementioned video as it spread online. In a clip posted by X[2] / Twitter user @FearedBuck on July 8th, 2024, streamers Max, Lacy and Ronaldo can be seen disparaging Sketch and talking about seeing their interactions with him in a new light following the speculations about him being an OF model. The video gathered over 24,000 likes and 3.3 million plays in a day (seen below).

Also on July 8th, X[3] user @Pioneerszn posted a video of Sketch and Jynxzi joking about having gay sex, writing, "This Sketch Clip did not age well..😳" The post gathered over 3,000 likes and 500,000 views in a day (seen below).

Later on July 8th, 2024, X[4] user @gowolfa posted a meme about Sketch waking up to news about the YouTube video, gathering over 9,000 likes in a day (seen below, left). Meanwhile, user @kirawontmiss[5] posted a meme about how people eager to "cancel" Sketch for being gay seem to be ignoring the potential that he is faking a mental disability for the sake of a streaming career. The post gathered over 15,000 likes in a day (seen below, right).

Gowolfa @gowolfa Sketch when he opens twitter RK800 3:40 AM ⚫ Jul 8, 2024 253.3K Views SUICIDE Х GIVE UP ... kira ❤ Subscribe ... @kirawontmiss seeing people try to cancel sketch for being gay and not him faking a disability for an internet character is so confusing 5620 3:40 AM ⚫ Jul 8, 2024 979.6K Views •

Sketch's Response

On July 8th, 2024, Sketch responded to the news, confirming the rumors about his past work as an OnlyFans model, saying his addictions had played a role in that lifestyle and that he is a changed man now. Sketch's Twitch[6] stream addressing the news gathered over 840,000 views in less than a day (seen below).

Numerous streamers and content creators reacted to the response from Sketch that day. For example, xQc[7] responded to BruceDropEmOff's disparaging comments about Sketch and went on a rant about how the controversy shouldn't matter (seen below).

Many internet users also piled on streamers like Sneako for reacting negatively to the news about Sketch, like X[8] user @brndxix on July 8th, who said, "man that is pretending to be muslim for financial gain says sketch is living a lie," in a post that received over 4.9 million views and 127,000 likes in 12 hours (shown below).

Other users found Sketch's acknowledgment of the "controversy" endearing and were quick to express their appreciation for how well he handled the backlash against him. On July 8th, 2024, X[9] user @TheDunkinHOnut posted about the NFL's official accounts purportedly deleting all their content with Sketch and commending Barstool Sports for taking the news in stride, receiving over 2.4 million views and 82,000 likes in 15 hours (seen below, left).

Also on July 8th, YouTuber and streamer Duke Dennis[10] also posted a reaction to the news, saying that people were "dragging it," and "If you stop being his friend cos of that, you weird" (seen below, right).

DunkinHOnut @TheDunkinHOnut Sketch is the f----- man. Also @NFL you f------ cowards deleting everying you had posted with Sketch. You have players beating the f--- out of their wives/gfs who get a second/third/fourth chance. Yall some f------ p------ for this one. @nflcommish youre a bitch too. Barstool Sports @barstoolsports • 14h "I did not have sexual relations with that man....I'm just kidding, I did...possibly" Sketch is a legend 0:00 6:14 PM ⚫ Jul 8, 2024 2.2M Views FearBuck @FearedBuck Duke Dennis speak on the Sketch situation "Y'all dragging it... Mfs change... Whatever his sexual preference is, that don't take away the fact he's a great fkin guy... If you stop being his friend cos of that, you weird" 1:35 From bucksrevange 4:26 PM ⚫ Jul 8, 2024 9.6M Views fw_mannyy stop ign DJ_212 payers TreoffaBean kindigo21 YO CHA SPAMM StephanieMarley876 PRAYER smokegass420 BAN TH aborrows 1 SKETCH reaxts yt wage angeeeel516 Chevy 1 KayShomi Shet slui Juneje O

I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Man

I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Man, continued, I'm Just Kidding, I Did, is a quote from Sketch's response video in which he humorously confessed to his OnlyFans stint by spoofing Former U.S. President Bill Clinton's infamous "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" quote from the Monica Lewinsky Scandal. The viral video and clip of Sketch became a meme on TikTok soon after as people lip dubbed the TikTok sound or repurposed the quote for different comedic settings and situations in which they admitted to other rumors.

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