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If Chiitan Replies… or Summoning Chiitan refers to a participatory trend on X / Twitter that involves users promising to do something if the Japanese mascot Chiitan, which went viral in June 2024 due to Chiitan Ads, replies to their post. The trend achieved virality in late June 2024, with Chiitan replying to a large number of posts with images, videos and words of encouragement.


On June 24th, 2024, during a period of viral popularity of Japanese mascot Chiitan on X / Twitter, which followed Chiitan buying advertisements on the app, X[1] user @4gntt wrote, "I will deactivate if Chiitan the Japanese crazy mascot replies under this tweet." Later on June 24th, 2024, Chiitan replied[2] to the post with a video of the mascot launching fireworks akimbo-style (shown below). The post garnered over 110 reposts and 3,800 likes in six days.

Agent @4gntt-Jun 24 I will deactivate if Chiitan the Japanese crazy mascot replies under this tweet 5utch✩/Chiitan @chiitan7407 Japanese crazy mascot Subscribe 永遠の0歳カワウソの赤 ちゃん妖精生きてるだけで、 おおむね成功 世界 SNS→ linktr.ee/chiitan7407 中の人を笑顔にしたい Translate bio Out: chiitan@chiitan.love youtube.com/@chiitan Born December 15 Joined May 2019 92 Following 1.5M Followers 34 112 ちぃたん☆/Chiitan @chiitan7407 3.8K 121K amazing I'm Chiitan, crazy Japanese mascot and ad god Chiitan's dream is to reach 10 million followers 5 With your support, I can become Japan's top follower, expand my activities here, buy more advertising space, and protect Please follow me From Butch/Chiitan 7:31 PM - Jun 24, 2024 - 23.5K Views

Later on June 24th, X[3] user @Boom_Yuki1 wrote, "I wonder if you can summon that mf chiitan just by saying their name." The post garnered over 5,300 reposts and 151,000 likes in six days, with a reply[4] indicating that Chiitan liked @Boom_Yuki1's post garnering an additional 290 reposts and 38,000 likes in that period (post and reply shown below).

Boom @Boom_Yuki1 · Jun 24 I wonder if you can summon that mf chiitan just by saying their name 512 Boom 5.3K 151K IlII 3M @Boom_Yuki1 BRUH WHAT THIS MF IS LIKE SANTA CLAUS OR SOMETHING 5utch/Chiitan liked your post I wonder if you can summon that mf chiitan just by saying their name 8:50 PM Jun 24, 2024 319.4K Views ☐ 1 ...


In the following days, the trend of committing to do something if Chiitan replies to the post achieved viral spread on X / Twitter.

On June 27th, 2024, X[5] user @karrotia promised to touch grass if Chiitan replies to her post (shown below, left). The post gained over 2,900 reposts and 105,000 likes in three days. On June 28th, X[6] user @shatugi promised to ask out a girl on a date if Chiitan replies, with the post garnering over 300 reposts and 13,000 likes in two days (shown below, right). Chiitan replied[7][8] to both of these posts.

On June 29th, X[9] user @shatugi wrote that they followed through and that the person they asked out said yes.

Karrot @karrotia if chiitan replies to this i will actually go outside and touch some f------ grass :) 2:23 PM Jun 27, 2024 2.4M Views Shatugi @shatugi If chiitan replies to this I'll ask a real life girl on a date 2:31 PM - Jun 28, 2024 1.9M Views ...

The trend maintained popularity through late June 2024, with users making joke posts and posting memes about the trend. For example, on June 29th, 2024, X[10][11] user @InvictusMxte promised to stop using fentanyl if the mascot replies. Later that day, X[12][13] user @marsmoefoe promised to start using fentanyl if Chiitan responds (shown below). The mascot replied to both posts.

NO mars @marsmoefoe Jun 29 . if chiitan responds ill start fentanyl 47 17 2K ちぃたん☆/Chiitan @chiitan7407 81K 日活株式会 アタリ矢 森永の菓子 写】 白鼠填才工業烧式會社特約店 養栄 力強 の片 母の米 店賣販 おみやげ アーモンド アーモンド "アーモンド グリコ リコ クリコ 飲流 これが ひ洗髪 强典 ・本の日 ラクピス Coca-Co Ilil 2.9M カルピス 富 花王石鹼 ンタルカレー osoap ZON 石ツ dosoap 即席 スピーカレー フリドミン 9:08 PM・Jun 29, 20241.4M Views 三三八〇計 ... のツバメゴム靴 今の専門 「店約特 式フシフ カルピス カルピス Yキ 南特産 南店 ボンタンアメ SS SS CHAIN PHARMACY SS チエーン DRINK Coca-Co コカコーラ

Various Examples

Dari Ruu Pom Vtuber @DariRuuPom If chiitan replies to this, i'll make chiitan a vtuber model zo File Edit Render Window Help Layout Modelin Scene Cx ViewLayer C Object Mode View Select Add Object Global Л 04349 Options User Perspective (1) Collection | Chiitan Playback Select Box Select Keying View Marker Rotate View Start Object Context Menu 1.2 • 1:40 PM Jun 30, 2024 · 482K Views milangul (milangul) @milansame If Chiitan responds I'll redo this photo in real life without photoshop 6:24 AM ⚫ Jun 30, 2024 567.1K Views va @vanshies "If chiitan replies I'll-“ II GIF 10:55 PM ⚫ Jun 29, 2024 · 452K Views FRi
Realz @Realzicle chiitan if you somehow see this post and respond somehow i will make sure to do an entire chiitan drawing for you exclusively lol "Yeah I'll def hop on later" The state I found bro in: • 6:07 AM ⚫ Jun 29, 2024 73.2K Views Astrel @Poki_Lycanroc If chiitan responds to this tweet I will follow everyone that comments and follows below I told my sister not to feed her UB too much cheese and she got offended like "I'm not an idiot, of course I wouldn't" but like I can literally hear her in the living room singing "You like cheese... cheese for baby" 9:57 PM - Jun 28, 2024 58.7K Views dani @archivemp3 if chiitan replies this i'll use this pic as my pfp 11:35 PM - Jun 28, 2024 128.3K Views ちいたん

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