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What's The 'Later Homo' Meme? The Viral Reaction Image And Its Memes Explained

Every year on July 1st the internet decides to joke about what happens when the LGBTQ+ Pride Month is over. One of the recurring memes that often pops up during this period uses a textbook diagram of a Homo sapiens labeled LATER HOMO in all capital letters.

But where is the textbook image really from and how did it become a reaction image on social media? Let's explain.

What's The 'Later Homo' Meme?

The meme first appeared on Reddit in November 2014, posted by user swiftskill in the /r/funny subreddit. The image uses a diagram of a Homo sapiens with the text "LATER HOMO" under it, which was used as a punchline to the thread's title, "When I'm saying goodbye to my friend." (shown below)

INES LATER H--- H. sapiens (modern huma H. antecessor ctus

How Did The 'Later Homo' Image Macro Went Viral?

The image's homophobic connotation is related to the "No homo" internet slang phrase and grew popular on Instagram as a reaction image used to dismiss someone's opinion by calling them "homo." (some examples below)

when i'm saying bye to my friend INES LATER H--- H. sapiens (mødern huma H. antecessor IS When you walk in a party and see a bunch of dudes vaping drgrayfang NES LATER HOMOく hum When the bell starts ringing and some kid asks you if you ever heard of Ugandan Knuckles memes IES LATER H---

Nowadays, the "Later Homo" meme often appears on July 1st accompanied by the catchphrase "Companies when Pride Month ends," catchphrase which makes fun of corporations who only talk or create content about the LGBTQ+ pride during June.

Siraj Hashmi ❤ @SirajAHashmi. Follow Corporations on July 1st INES ctus X LATER H--- H. sapiens (modern huma H. antecessor Wfloresioncis 1:33 PM Jun 30, 2024

For the full history of the "Later Homo" meme, be sure to check out GotFunnyPictures's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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