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Verbalase's $50K Hazbin Hotel AMV

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Verbalase's $50K Hazbin Hotel AMV, also known as Verbalase's $50,000 Charlie Morningstar Video, is an animated music video (AMV) supposedly commissioned by YouTube creator Verbalase, known for his Cartoon Beatbox Battles videos. The video features an animated version of himself being chased by an infatuated Charlie, the main character of the animated series Hazbin Hotel. The video began attracting attention in mid-January 2024 after being reposted on X / Twitter as claims that the video cost nearly $50,000 to produce spread online and also resulted in the decline of his Cartoon Beatbox Battle YouTube channel.


On January 11th, 2018, the band Synapson posted an official music video for their song "Hideaway" featuring Holly to YouTube.[1] The video showed a blonde woman kissing a restaurant full of people, old and young, men and women, after being rejected by a man. The video gathered over 1.5 million views in six years (seen below) and was later used in the Hazbin Hotel AMV.

The video, titled "Chase – Hide Away (Verbalase AMV)" was reposted on YouTube[2] by user HydroHater99 on September 6th, 2023. The video's original upload date is unknown, but it is believed to have been posted on a channel belonging to Steven Chase, who is credited as the director. It amassed a total of 62,000 views before being blocked under copyright grounds in January 2024.


An early mention of the AMV on X[3] was user @SFGTgames, as seen in a post from January 9th, 2024 (seen below).

ghfj @SFGTgames we also must introduce the new generation to verbalase's softcore p--- animation of him and charlie from hazbin hotel that he spent 50k on which made him suffer a financial downfall that he never recovered from in his channel Chase - Hide Away (Verbalase AMV) 1:18 PM Jan 9, 2024 · 8,114 Views ...


X[4] / Twitter user @thestartofluck brought attention to the video on January 11th, 2024, purportedly detailing how the video first made the rounds on various Discord channels (seen below). In five days, the tweet received over 524,000 views, 4,800 likes and 1,000 retweets.

thestartofluck @thestartofluck. Jan 11 Well, he told us in his official server (im pretty sure a few months later) that there was a "special project" that he had made; a project involving him in the Hazbin Hotel universe. A former friend of mine, Hydro Animates (creator of HYB, a very controversial fan-series) had- Q3 ılı 100K 12 thestartofluck @thestartofluck • Jan 11 -shown me some screenshots of it before the music video would even be on YOUTUBE! Nobody really had any idea what the hell it was about, not even me or my friend, but all we knew was that it cost a LOT. It wasn't until 2023 where I came back to the CBB community where it was- Q1 13 604 3 thestartofluck @thestartofluck • Jan 11 . 523 121 thestartofluck @thestartofluck. Jan 11 -brought back up by a friend, and it was revealed by Verbalase that it was actually FINISHED and RELEASED somewhere. He told us costed him roughly $50,000 and that it was "too mature" for him to post on his channel. Apparently, he said he made it cause the music video for the- 92 16 534 ili 94K □ ↑ 12 -song was WAY too disgusting; having the woman singing making out with old people and even CHILDREN. So, he made his own version. All we knew back then was that it was a music video animation of a song he didn't make, it was Hazbin Hotel related, and it's somewhere on YouTube. 94 ₁98K 口企 ₁96K 515 529 口企 thestartofluck @thestartofluck. Jan 11 Eventually, SOMEONE FOUND IT IN THE YBB COMMUNITY. (ill explain what the ybb community is soon) actually have a recording of me and a few friends watching it for the first time. I will post it when I get home. To say it f----- us up hard would be an understatement. 口企 il₁97K 口企

The post also shows screenshots of Verbalase supposedly discussing a "side project" that cost him nearly $50,000, which many presumed was referring to the Hazbin Hotel AMV (seen below). He talks about the song "Hideaway" and how he did not like its original music video, as well as his plans to post the video to a separate channel in the future.[5]

verbalase Well, hears a HUGE leak Heres* ms. m¥a Ooo 11/23/2021 3:17 PM 11/23/2021 3:17 PM Hydro 11/23/2021 3:17 PM oh?? verbalase 11/23/2021 3:18 PM I've been working on a side project but it is NOT kid friendly so I can't release it online Hydro 11/23/2021 3:18 PM oh shoot MARO W verbalase 11/23/2021 3:18 PM But I've spent $47,000 on it ms. m¥a Goddamn 11/23/2021 3:18 PM man-spider 11/23/2021 3:18 PM zamn! verbalase 11/23/2021 3:18 PM Professional industry animation man-spider 47k woag 11/23/2021 3:18 PM @verbalase Professional industry animation Hydro 11/23/2021 3:18 PM woahh verbalase Like Disney animators 11/23/2021 3:18 PM verbalase I can describe it 06/11/2023 8:28 PM ChazyChill How we doing today 06/11/2023 8:28 PM verbalase 06/11/2023 8:28 PM Basically the song is a love song about a girl obsessed with a guy and she's basically telling him to hide or he'll lose when she finds him. So I thought it was like a love story naturally but when I looked up the video instead they decide to make it where a girl is making out with the guy, the guy was getting overwhelmed and he left but the girls still feel like making out so she literally makes out with every single person in the bar verbalase 11/23/2021 3:23 PM Well like I said, she does capture him, brings him back to the hotel room and as Mya said, stuff happens ms.m¥a. Yep 11/23/2021 3:23 PM verbalase 11/23/2021 3:23 PM But I can't release it on my channel because of what happens. Nothing is seeing but it's definitely PG-13 man-spider 11/23/2021 3:23 PM friendly beatbox competition Hydro 11/23/2021 3:24 PM oh theyll be beatboxing alright verbalase 11/23/2021 3:24 PM The whole thing is a music video

Shortly after on January 11th, the video[6] was reposted by X user @OOCWesternR34. The video gathered over 12 million views in five days.

Verbalase's Response

On January 20th, 2024, Verbalase released a video on his YouTube[11] channel Verbal Ase, titled "Addressing Things," in which he discusses the virality surrounding the Hazbin Hotel AMV (shown below).

In the video, Verbalase thanked his audience and the support he received from fans amid "slander, defamation and allegations," while also acknowledging the impact of his past statements and apologizing for any hurt caused by his opinions. He then discussed the Hazbin Hotel video and noted that the project originally started in 2021 and was intended for a separate YouTube channel centered around a more mature and older audience. When it was finished in 2022, he made this separate channel, uploaded the video and marked it for 18+ viewers, but later deleted it to focus on other content.

After this, he stated that the Hazbin Hotel AMV was later downloaded and reuploaded without his consent, eventually making it public on his birthday and tagging him in it. Toward the end, Verbalase reassured viewers that his main content, including cartoon beatbox battles and puppet beatbox battles, would continue, concluding with him expressing love for his audience and a commitment to learning from his mistakes.

The response video received over 152,000 views, 9,000 likes and 3,000 comments in two days.

Online Reactions

A thread from January 11th, 2024, on 4chan's /co/ forum[7] showed users discussing the animation, as well as its supposed $50,000 commission price. Many users in the thread commended Verbalase for his dedication, while others criticized him for spending the money on a relatively SFW video.

On January 13th, 2024, Redditor[8] /u/Yougart_Man posted a video comparing Verbalase's AMV to an animated Sonic vs. Super Mario video. The post gathered over 5,000 upvotes in three days (seen below).

byu/Yougart_Man in196

On January 12th, X[9] user @AnthemOverload posted a video joking about Verbalase's infatuation with Charlie from Hazbin Hotel, gathering over 28,000 likes in four days (seen below).

VivziePop's Response

On January 11th, 2024, VivziePop,[10] the original creator of Hazbin Hotel, responded to a since-deleted post asking if she had seen the fan animation. Her reply gathered over 10,000 likes in five days (seen below).

Chii @Little MissChii. 1d She has now bc i made her watch it normie @KellytoyDK1d do you think vivziepop has seen this video 173 17275 ♡5,211 Vivienne Medrano @VivziePop En respuesta a @LittleMissChii ₁279K Seguir (laughing nervously) what the f---? 4:00 p. m. 11 ene 24 224K Visualizaciones CHASE Š

For $50,000 You Could Purchase X

For $50,000 You Could Purchase X refers to an exploitable meme that arose out of conversations surrounding YouTuber Verbales's alleged $50,000 Hazbin Hotel animated music video commission in January 2024. Jokes comparing the supposed cost of the video commission to other items that cost the same amount typically follow a template that reads, "For $50,000 you could purchase One (1) three-minute video of a cartoon version of you getting seduced by a fictional character with no actual NSFW scenes or X."

Verbalese Running From Charlie Morningstar

Verbalase Running From Charlie Morningstar is an exploitable meme using a scene from the Verbalase Hazbin Hotel AMV in which Verbalese is running from Charlie Morningstar, replacing Chalie with with other characters. Another variant of the meme instead replaces Verbalese as the character being chased after.

The earliest known edit of the scene was posted to Twitter by ShootingFilms64 on January 14th, 2024, which shows Verbalese running from Linkara. The edit (shown below) received over 19,000 likes and over 2,800 retweets in over one week.

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