Galvanized Steel and Eco-Friendly Wood Veneers meme examples

What’s The ‘Galvanized Steel and Eco-Friendly Wood Veneers’ Meme About? The Unhinged Home Design TikTok Meme Explained

The unhinged home design meme keeps growing popular on TikTok, inspiring a derivative meme focused on the running gag about galvanized steel and eco-friendly wood veneers as key materials to remodel or expand small rooms.

If you've seen these bizarre 3D animations, you definitely heard about galvanized square steel, eco-friendly wood veneers or out-of-season quilts. In case you're hearing about this meme now, here's a recap on the borderline surreal TikToks.

Let's learn why galvanized square steel and eco-friendly wood veneers are the must-have materials of the season if you plan to remodel your 0.1 square meter room.

What's Galvanized Square Steel?

Galvanized square steel are hot rolled steel, or mild steel, tubes that have dipped into a molten zinc coating process, which is applied to steel or iron to offer protection and prevent rusting. The material is considered the most popular steel type because of its extended durability, strength and corrosion protection of the zinc-iron coating.

What's Eco-Friendly Wood Veneers?

Eco-friendly wood veneers is a mixed product of wood cellulose fiber and resin, which is considered "the only truly renewable and sustainable building material – recyclable, non-toxic and bio-degradable, and far more energy-efficient than other materials," as the Select Veneers company mentions on their website.

Where's The Galvanized Steel And Eco-Friendly Wood Veneers Meme From?

TikTok's obsession with galvanized steel and eco-friendly wood veneers started in December 2023, when TikTok user @homedesign369, uploaded a video part of the Unhinged Home Design meme, which mentions the materials to remodel a kids' bedroom (shown below).

@homedesign369 Small bedroom design for 3 kids #decor #decorations #housedesignideas #housedesign #interior #interiordesign #interior #interiordesign #longervideos ♬ Way Back Home (DJ热播版) – 南辰Music

What Are Some Notable Memes About Galvanized Steel And Eco-Friendly Wood Veneers On TikTok?

A few months later, @homedesign369's videos became the subject of memes and parodies on TikTok, which inspired the derivate galvanized steel and eco-friendly wood veneers memes. For instance, on May 18th, 2024, TikTok user @nutmaster2269 uploaded a video of herself crying with the overlay text "My boyfriend died falling to his death from his apartment. The galvanized steel and eco-friendly wood veneers couldn't support his weight."

On May 17th, 2024, TikTok user @lancer411 posted a POV meme captioned "My landlord watching in horror as I carry galvanized steel, eco-friendly wood veneers, expansion screws and winter quilts up the stairs."


♬ Break – alex_g_offline

@lancer411 I LOVE ILLEGAL EXPANSION #galvanizedsteel #ecofriendlywoodveneer #illegalexpansion ♬ Ethereal – Txmy

For the full history of galvanized steel and eco-friendly wood veneers, be sure to check out GotFunnyPictures's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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