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Who Is The 'Four Seasons Orlando Baby?' Memes About The Overly Articulate 'Fully Conscious Baby' Explained

Four Seasons Orlando Baby
Four Seasons Orlando Baby
By Sakshi Rakshale

Published about a month ago

Published about a month ago

A "Fully Conscious Baby" may not be what comes to mind when you think of the Four Seasons hotel in Orlando, but the association will be permanently etched into your brain once you see this TikTok video. The brief viral clip has spawned hours of footage, all joking about how funny it is that a baby still in diapers can express a coherent thought in response to a question as complex as Who wants to go to the Four Seasons Orlando?

The video raised a hundred questions. How old is that baby? Why does she know what the Four Seasons Orlando is? What kind of brain food has she been eating? While some of these questions may never be answered, the fact of the overly articulate, fully conscious baby's impact on memes is undeniable. Here's a recap of how the memes unfolded over the past weekend.

Who Is The Four Seasons Orlando Hotel Baby?

The Four Seasons Orlando Baby is the precocious niece of TikToker @sobrizzle, who posted a video of the baby to TikTok on May 17th. The eight-second video shows a man holding the baby while a toddler rolls around on the bed.

The lady recording the video asks, "Who wants to go to the Four Seasons Orlando?" to which the baby replies, "Mee!" with her little arm shooting right up in the air. Her toddler-aged sister follows suit, but unfortunately, she just doesn't seem to have the Fully Conscious Baby's wits about her.


Initial reactions to the video in the comments of the post saw people imagining the baby's internal monologue, joking about how her response is overly verbose for a baby still in diapers.

How Did The Four Seasons Orlando Baby Become A Meme?

TikTokers began making edits showing the baby perfectly articulate internal dialogue soon after the original video went viral, with some meme edits gathering tens more millions of views than the original. TikToker @lifecentral_'s edit showed the baby speaking in a posh, gravelly voice that says, "I would be delighted, mother, to accompany you to this exhilarating excursion to the Four Seasons Hotel in Orlando."


Other TikTokers made animations and edits set to @lifecentral_'s video, as seen in a post by @urythrafrankln that depicts the Fully Conscious Baby as a somewhat menacing but still intelligent being. Another TikToker simply made their point known by editing a posh suit, coattails, and a monocle onto the Fully Conscious Baby, complete with classical music playing in the background.


What Are Some Jokes About The Fully Conscious Baby?

Memes in reference to the Four Seasons Orlando Baby began making the rounds over the weekend as well, with X users @HiThisIsTess and @SomaKazima both joking about the baby's plans and demeanor on Twitter.

For the full history of the Four Seasons Orlando Baby, be sure to check out GotFunnyPictures's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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