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Duolicious is a dating app and website on which matches are based on users' personality traits. The site offers users a series of questions about their personality, political alignment and habits, matching users who have similar traits and views. Developed by an anonymous 4chan /soc/ user and initially advertised on the imageboard, the site is sometimes referred to as the 4chan Dating App.


On July 21st, 2023, an anonymous 4chan user, later posting as "duodaddy," posted a link to Duolicious[1] in a /soc/[2] thread, initially advertising it as an "experimental matchmaking algorithm" for /soc/ users (post shown below).

981KiB, 920x930, cbt.png View Same Google ImgOps iqdb SauceNAO ✓ Matchmaking Thread Anonymous [22/5] ID:17QBwbxB Fri 21 Jul 2023 08:27:15 No.32370933 View Reply Original Report Quoted By: >>32374048 >>32377402 Does /soc/ want try an experimental matchmaking algorithm I'm working on? https://web.duolicious.app/ /soc/ will be the only ones on here. It's also completely unmoderated right now (most stuff is broken). Just don't upload illegal pics, please. Stuff that currently works: >matching algorithm >search results Stuff that's broken: >configurable/advanced search filters >chat. (You'll need to chat ITT) >editing your profile after you sign up You need an email address to sign up, but disposable addresses work, and I'm gonna wipe the DB after the thread 404's anyway.

The project gained initial traction on the /soc/[3] board, gaining nearly 300 users as of September 17th, 2023, and over 1,000 users as of October 17th, 2023.[4] In the thread, the developer confirmed that they were the only person working on the project and that it was open-source.[5]

On January 23rd, 2024, the official Duolicious Discord server for was launched.[6][7] On April 27th, the Duolicious Dating App launched on mobile for Android.[8] The app achieved initial popularity outside of 4chan in late April 2024 following a TikTok video about it.


Duolicious is a dating app and website in which matches are based on gathered personality data. Upon joining the app, the user is prompted to answer questions about their personality, views and habits, with the app then matching the user with others based on their answers.[9]

How does the Duolicious matching algorithm work? Duolicious asks you a bunch of questions about your personality, political alignment, habits, and so on. Based on those answers, Duolicious matches you with people similar to you. If you're curious to know more, we go in-depth in our blog article (including a bunch of math), explaining how the algorithm works.

Users are free to open conversations with others by messaging them.


On April 27th, 2024, TikTok[10] user @rapshout1 posted a video about the app that gained over 377,000 views and 42,700 likes in two weeks (shown below).


On April 28th, TikToker @rapshout1 posted two more TikTok[11][12] videos reviewing the app.

The videos drew attention to the app outside of 4chan and were followed by more posts about it in the following weeks. Notably, on May 4th, 2024, the X[13] / Twitter meme account @ShitpostRock made a post about Duolicious that received over 1,200 reposts and 16,000 likes in three days (shown below, left). On May 5th, X[14] user @DiamondEyesFox made another post, referring to the app as a "femcel dating app," which received over 1,000 reposts and 3,000 likes in two days (shown below, right).

Rock solid @ShitpostRock Finally a dating website to find my future mentally ill wife Maddie, 19 Private location Summary Woman Straight Single College prep HS орнод sonya Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk, Russia C--- 58% 63% See Why 6:22 PM - May 4, 2024 746.6K Views Rosary, 18 Private location 57% See Why Sofia Private location 58% See Why i Diamond EyesFox.eth @Diamond EyesFox they were not kidding about the femcel dating app holy f--- Clubs 4chan I would do nything for you stop smoking fent Nnanai77, 24 93% Match cass, 18 93% Match Ann, 18 90% Match Serayna, 18 90% Match

On 4chan and other social media, Duolicious has been often referred to simply as the "4chan dating app."


As of February 7th, 2024, Duolicious had over 5,400 active members.[15] As of May 7th, 2024, the app had over 16,300 active members.[2]

Various Examples

Anonymous EP 12/12/23 Tue06:32:57 32782300 File 1005275440324322 ang (213 KB 108490) on the OP you magnificent bastard aport on the way home from seeing a gt met off this s---. We took each other's virginities, she was cash Thanks home I owe you one Anonymous (ID) 12/12/23(Towo6 42:17 32762384 File: Ldum deve You (185 MB 320x240 32702369 [8/3] -- 74KiB, 483x315, duolicious review.png Anonymous Sun 24 Dec 2023 12:20:37 No. 911267733 Quoted By: >>911268605 >>911268746 >>911268993 View Soooo.... I just found this site called Duolicious, "dating for 4chan" apparently. Any thoughts on this? Should I do it? Will I be kidnapped and tortured by the CIA or molested by some crazy autistic yandere bitch? Lenny is dead @Sonicboltxx Yeah sure ill cast my die on the mentally ill tinder whatever man tard wife guy that wanted trad wife Gio, 25 85% Match ChProtte Charlotte, 26 79% Match Emma, 25 78% Match AJ, 27 74% Match Merce, 28 67% Match 8:32 AM - May 6, 2024 665.9K Views Anna, 26 61% Match RAY @Calibaneur I've now seen a half dozen mutuals dip their toes into this, and let me assure the rest of you, you are not the predator in this scenario. You are a piece of meat entering a lion's den. I say this out of genuine concern― stay out. Diamond EyesFox.eth @Diamond EyesFox • May 5 they were not kidding about the femcel dating app holy f--- x.com/Diamond Eyes Fox... Clubs 4chan I would do nything for you stop smoking fent Ann, 18 90% Match Serayna, 18 90% Match Nnanai77, 24 cass, 18 93% Match 93% Match . 2:00 PM - May 7, 2024 108.2K Views
Bankrupt Magician @Hexes4Cheap Duolicious is wild. Kimberly, 42 84% Match eve, 28 83% Match Q&A Search 6:31 PM - May 6, 2024 1,379 Views Duolicious Gabi 83% Match Sarah, 24 82% Match Inbox Lite- ruiner chan Y Do Traits Profile t-- =3 1 MiB, 684x1256, 1684803270286655.png View Same Google ImgOps SauceNAO Anonymous Sun [3/1/1] 31 Dec 2023 19:05:01 No.662381079 Deleted View Original Report Quoted By: >>662381185 https://web.duolicious.a pp/ Explain why you're not meeting /v/ egirls RIGHT NOW on the official 4chan dating site? ANY WOMEN THAT SHOWS INTEREST IN YOU IS AN AGENT OF THE STATE IMMEDIATELY CUT OFF ALL CONTACT WITH HER AND FLEE THE COUNTRY 74KiB, 612x628, 1695890582426315.jpg View Same OCR Google iqdb SauceNAO Trace ✓ 4 chan dating [3/2/3] app Anonymous ID: z9rVxqFv Mon 02 Oct 2023 12:43:29 No.443082572 View Reply Origin al Report Quoted By: >>443083047 Someone on /soc/ started their own dating app. https://web.duolicious.ap р and it demonstrated something I expected. There are no blue haired twice divorced ham beasts. As a matter of fact, there are close to no women. Assuming that their are few bots or only fans marketers, that means that most women do not meet dates online, which means that online dating is a massive scam. Your thoughts?

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People are skeptical and yeah, I can absolutely see why, i have eyes.

But remember, 4chan is a wildcard. I'm half expecting this to somehow take off due to being made by someone who probably won't make the mind bogglingly stupid decisions most apps or sites do. 4chan can track down just about anything and even pump out modestly successful games. It's the power of thousands of hyperfixated people who are honestly terrifyingly driven… albeit, for questionable things.

It's like the thousand monkeys with typewriters adage, only there are countless more of them now and they all have working computers with internet.

All I'm saying is this could surprise all of us, and if not succeed in some small way, be entertaining in its failure or horrors.


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