The "Put It In Reverse Terry" video.

What's The 'Put It In Reverse Terry' Video? The 'Back Up Terry' 4th Of July Meme Explained

Every 4th of July, a viral video called Put It In Reverse Terry resurfaces. It shows a man named Terry lighting a firework but, at a pivotal moment, his motorized wheelchair malfunctions as his family and friends shout, "Back up Terry!"

As many Americans prepare for Independence Day, organizing their hot dogs, brewskis and out-of-state-aquried fireworks, the Put It In Reverse Terry video cuts to the core of 4th of July mishaps when families get together and just want to watch some stuff blow up.

In turn, there have probably been many Terry moments over the years, but who is the original Terry? Where did this viral video come from and why did it go viral at all? Let's explain.

Where Did The 'Back Up Terry' Video Come From?

The original video was posted to YouTube in 2017 by a user named woo2324. It shows a guy named Terry lighting off a firework. But then, he's unable to get away from the explosions as his compatriot shouts, "Back up Terry! Put it in reverse Terry! Oh lord!"

The video went viral rather quickly when it was reposted across social media. As it stands, the original video has over a million views which accrued over seven years.

Where Is Terry Now?

The search for Terry started in the years following the viral video. FOX 6 was one of the first news outlets to get the full story, relaying in a 2019 article that Terry's full name is Antario "Terry" Davis, a 42-year-old Memphis, Tennessee resident.

YouTuber woo2324, the guy who posted the video, is named Eldraco Wooten and he's Terry's cousin. He was the one filming the video on that fateful day and calling for Terry to "Back it up!"

According to the report, Terry fell in a bathtub when he was in his late 20s, leaving him partially paralyzed. He gets around using a motorized wheelchair which was obviously fluky in the viral video. So, his family set up a GoFundMe to get Terry a new wheelchair. In subsequent interviews, it was revealed that Terry got some new wheels from the fund.

What Are Some Other 4th Of July Memes?

There are plenty of 4th of July memes that you can contemplate before you head out for the holiday. For starters, consider the WTF is a kilometer? meme that's aggressively enthusiastic about not using the metric system.

Other than "The Star-Spangled Banner," Lost Horizon's "Highlander" is akin to peak patriotism in memes. (You can almost hear a bald eagle flying by.)

Lastly, if you're totally brainrotted, you might enjoy the Mug Blooded American meme, especially if you're American, love Mug Root Beer and are deeply irony-poisoned.


For the full history of "Put It In Reverse Terry," be sure to check out GotFunnyPictures's entry for even more information.

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