Billionaire Bill Ackman Corrects Laura Loomer On Hawk Tuah Girl's Political Leanings, Clarifies Haliey Welch Would Not 'Hawk Tuah' On Donald Trump

July 2nd, 2024 - 1:43 PM EDT by Adam Downer

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Haliey Welch, the Hawk Tuah Girl, and the Community Note about the correction.

Stick with us on this one, because it will likely be incomprehensible for anyone not terminally online:

Billionaire and prominent Twitter / X personality Bill Ackman recently stepped in to quell the drums of war in the form of a post from conservative provocateur Laura Loomer about Hawk Tuah Girl Haliey Welch, clarifying that Welch was not anti-Trump, as Loomer had interpreted from Welch's recent interview, but would instead choose not to sexually excite the former President with her signature "Hawk Tuah" technique.

Loomer condemns Hailiey Welch Loomer gets corrected on Hailiey Welch

In the clip, podcaster Brianna LaPaglia played a simple game of "Hawk Tuah or Naw" with Welch, basically asking would the viral star be into sleeping with an assortment of men.

After Welch gave a middling answer on Barstool founder Dave Portnoy, LaPaglia showed her Donald Trump, to which Welch said, "Absolutely not." All of this, with context, was posted by Loomer, who still misinterpreted what was happening in the clip.

Loomer's misinterpretation of the clip and Ackman's correction led to a surreal Community Note under her tweet that reads, "The girl was not asked if she supports Donald Trump politically but was asked if she would perform an explicit act on Donald Trump. To that she said no."

The case is another example of the internet's collective brain cracking over Welch, who since her rise to viral fame, has been the subject of false rumors that she was fired from a teaching job (she was never a teacher), signed with massive talent agency UTA (which never happened) and was the subject of conservative commentary suggesting the LGBTQ+ community was mad at her for distracting from Pride Month (there was no evidence of this being a widespread phenomenon).

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