Trump Is Playing 4D Chess

Trump Is Playing 4D Chess

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Trump is Playing 4D Chess is an expression used by supporters of the 2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump when speculating that his campaign is using advanced political strategies to manipulate and dominate the news media.


On September 15th, 2015, Dilbert comic artist Scott Adams published a blog post as part of a series on Donald Trump's persuasion titled "2-D Chess Players Take on a 3-D Chess Master."[7] On March 24th, 2016, /r/The_Donald[6] user Fire-Keeper responded to a comment about Trump's image macro tweet mocking the wife of rival Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz with the statement "God Emperor plays 4D chess while the other candidates and the media play Tic Tac Toe in the sand."


In May 2016, The Washington Post released a recording of a man named John Miller, who identified himself as a publicist speaking on behalf of Donald Trump in a telephone interview conducted by People magazine reporter Sue Carswell in 1990. Many speculated that the man in the recording was actually Trump himself masquerading as a fictitious publicist. On May 13th, Fox News host Megyn Kelly discussed the tape with Carswell, who denied giving the recording to The Washington Post and suggested Trump leaked the tape himself to generate publicity. That day, the Fox News segment was submitted in a thread on /pol/, where a poster commented "Holy fuck he's playing 4d chess on a 3d chessboard against people playing 2d chess". Shortly after, a screenshot of the post reached the front page of the /r/The_Donald[1] subreddit, gaining over 4,400 votes (80% upvoted) and 400 comments in 72 hours (shown below).

Ar File: 1453574231393gif (2.01 MB, 260x260) 3-5daajOopl (Embed] No. 73938533 BestDaughter Tiffany lIFKjk6038hHO D File: 1457915689085 ing (16 KB, 480x480) ) 06/13/16(Fri)22 10 02 4:30 An s (ID: ENYA 05/13/16(Fri)22:20:16 No.7393 File: 1456513277728 ing (25 KB, 400x 386) 000000000000oooy s--- This HE F------ LEAKED THE TAPE HIMSELF THE ABSOLUTE MADMAN 73933370 he leaked it himself HOLY F------ S--- THIS MAN IS JUST A GOD Anonymous (ID: TASpASGT)= 05/13/16(Fn)22:10:17 No.73938551 Anonymous (ID O > 06/13/16(Fri)22:15:18 No.73938903 File: tnmp lapton (45 KB, 781x462) AND THE RABBITHOLE GOES DEEPER 22nasos:maoer Anonymous (ID ยฎ/Diaw)๋„05/13/16(Fn)22283 TRUMP IS A MASTERMIND The mental gymnastics the media has to play now are hilarious This is one of the greatest things I've ever seen Anonymous@D REEeee ๏น„05/13/16(Fn)22:12.27 No.73938701 We're t but maybe Trump wants us to talk about it >so maybe we shouldn't talk about it about it 2273938370 syou can actually pinpoint the moment their hearts rip in half Anonymous (ID: @TRD) 05/13/16(Fn22.30: 12 h >but what if that's Trump's plan? File (185 KB, 736x751) Anonymous (ID @anew.) 05/13/16(Fri)22 17:48 No. 73939077 WE ARE NOT WORTHY 73938370 He's done stranger things You can see the lightbulb's going off in Megyn's head. I've never heard so much laughter from the off set staff Anonymous (ID CTES") 05/13/16(Fn)222837 No.73939890 1i 1 Anonymous (ID GRKO) 05/13/16(Fri)22 33: 3938370 I CANT HANDLE THIS HOW DOES HE DO IT GETTING CAUGHT WAS PART OF HIS PLAN HOLY F--- HES PLAYING 4D CHESS ON A 3D CHESSBOARD AGAINST PEOPLE PLAYING 2D CHESS ONIGHT BREA RUMP DENIES HE'S MILLERT ON 1991 TAPES Fuckng mater tol God I love Trump Anonymous (ID 02SKOS)ๅ›ด05/13/16(Fri)22 22:11 No 73939416ใƒˆmmese OAnonymous (ID C---"ไธ€06/13/16(Fri22.3340 No.73940 File: 1455852782931 ng (307 KB, 480x454) >media starts to attack him over his tax retums >the f------ madman leaks a recorded phonecall of himself pretending to be his spokesperson 25 years ago the media jumps on it othe ONLY other person who had the recording (other than Trump) just denied leaking it and claimed Trump did it for publicity Anonymous (ID: 8NZel) 05/13/16(Fn)2 73938370 e he's done stranger things A 25 YEAR OLD TROLLING ELECT THIS MADMAN, KEK WILLS IT How can one man be so interesting? His whole life is like a movie he media is no longer talking about his tax returns HE IS A F------ GENIUS Anonymous (ID CARD)ๅ›ณ05/13/16(Fn)22 23:22 No 73939491ใƒˆ File: kek tn mping (500 KB, 728x640) TRUMP has done more than trolled the whole media and IRLbaneposting (Getting caught was part of his plan) Wait a minute He poisoned the Washington post well. All scandals will be jokes now Getting caught was part of his plan?

On May 14th, Redditor Dasidesi submitted a comic titled "The Absolute Madman is Playing 4D Non-Linear Politics" to the /r/The_Donald[3] subreddit, where it received upwards of 4,200 votes (78% upvoted) and 80 comments within two months.

I bet he cheats Dammit! How is he seeing this far ahead? have nothing. YOUR POLITICS ARE WEAK THIS LINEAR 2-D POLITICS BORES ME TO TEARS SHALL WE PLAY 4-D NONLINEAR POLITICS? Um.. ok? Where do I put the pieces? DON'T YOU MEAN "WHEN"?

On May 26th, a two-pane image comparing Hillary Clinton playing Tic-Tac-Toe to Trump playing three stacked chessboards was posted to /r/The_Donald.[4] Over the next two months, the post gathered more than 3,900 votes (80% upvoted) and 55 comments.

The game Shillary plays: The game The Donald plays:

On July 6th, MMO-Champion Forums[5] member darklift replied to a thread regarding Trump's Star of David tweet controversy, arguing "Trump is playing 4D chess with the idiot media that will report anything he does."

Melania Trump Speech

On July 9th, Redditor realpizzapartyben posted a 4chan screenshot titled "Trump Reminds the World he is Playing 4D Chess on a 3D Chessboard Against People Who Only Know 2D Checkers" to the /r/The_Donald[2] subreddit, which speculated that Melania Trump's Republican National Convention speech was intentionally plagiarized from Michelle Obama's 2008 Democratic National Convention speech to manipulate the media.

Anonymous (ID: zgWafymD) 07/19/16(Tue)02:17:19 No.81715177 You shills are mighty stupid. Trump is literally trolling the entire internet with his wife's speech right now. A few sentences of the first paragraph of a 17 minute speech happens to have similarities to Michelle Obama's speech. Over 50 media outlets have already posted the entire speech or part or the video to point this out. This is classic Trump free media. Her message is now out in full even on liberal media sites. He has put forward a half truth / error and is fully aware of the error knowing he will get publicity for it. The opposition (The media) quickly quickly moves to re-announce his message and then are blasting him for it. People will go watch the entire speech themselves. The opposition reinforces the idea to the public (for him) an issue that he was trying to reinforce (By making people read the speech and by placing Michelle Obama's name into headlines, further cementing the idea Melania will be the first lady) If anyone has ever read the books Art of the Deal or How to get Rich Trump literally tells you how to plant a story like this in the media >-8171 5309 # >-8171 5810 # > Trump purposefully does this to get his wife free publicity >he specifically chose Michelle Obama to plagiarize so they will be shown side by side in the media >people start subconsciously considering them BOTH first ladies >he gets the whole nation "thinking past the sale" and subconsciously presuming he'll be president

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