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Fishtank Live is the first season of a reality web series by Sam Hyde and Jet Neptune where eight contestants live in a fully monitored smart house that is livestreamed 24/7 to viewers for six weeks at with viewers able to prank contestants and determine what happens to them via donations, similar to Control My Room livestreams. A cash prize of $30,000 is awarded to the winner. Hyde began discussing the show on his streams in February 2023 and released a trailer that April. The first season of Fishtank began streaming on April 18th, 2023 and ended on May 30th.


On February 4th, 2023, YouTuber[1] Rocky Stream posted a clip from one of Sam Hyde's livestreams with Jet Neptune in which he discusses his upcoming reality series Fishtank, showing the cameras set up in the show's house, garnering over 28,500 views in two months (shown below).

On February 12th and March 2nd, YouTuber[2][3] Dollar Stream posted clips from Jet Neptune's streams discussing Fishtank, describing it as "the most important reality show ever made." He calls the contestants "freaks" and says the UI is going to be interactive. He also explains how the game works, claiming there is "no privacy" for the contestants and they have to perform weekly challenges to stay in the game. He also says they considered Daniel Larson as a contestant.

On March 6th, 2023, YouTuber[4] Rocky Stream uploaded a clip from a stream with Hyde and Jet Neptune in which they brainstorm ideas for Fishtank with viewers, garnering over 10,000 views in a month (shown below). In the video, they discuss how they plan to mess with the contestants.

Fishtank Season One Trailer

On April 13th, 2023, the trailer for Fishtank was published to Sam Hyde's Instagram[5] page @snl and to the Sam & Nick's Perfect Clips YouTube[6] channel, garnering over 18,000 likes on the former and 95,000 views on the latter in a day (shown below).

Fishtank Season 2

On December 18th, 2023, Fishtank season 2 started livestreaming on (see "Fishtank Live Season 2" entry).

Season One History

Week One

Day One

On April 18th, 2023, the first season of Fishtank began airing on Over the course of the first day, the eight contestants, Violetta, Simmons, Sylvia, Josie, Mauro, Jonathan, Vance and Damiel, arrived at the house (shown below). Throughout the day they talked and introduced themselves and played the boardgame Mouse Trap.

Jonathan Sylvia Vance Mauro fishtank Damiel Simmons Josie Violetta

As the day went on, Twitter users began sharing memes and highlights from the stream, including Twitter user @fishtankdotlive, who live tweets the show. The contestant Josie, described as a shy, introverted artist and anime enthusiast in her bio, became a fan favorite for many. That day, Twitter[12] user @fishtankdotlive shared an image of her using a fidget spinner during the show, asking if it is contraband. Later that day, Twitter[13] user @RaptorFade shared a clip from the stream of her spinning in a chair, garnering over 210 likes in a day (shown below, left and right).

That same day, YouTuber Rocky Stream posted highlights of Josie "stimming" with toys from the house and of Damiel smelling the sheets on the bed, garnering over 28,000 views each in a day (shown below, left and right).

At around 1 a.m. EST, the show's host, Sam Hyde, playing the character Jason Goldstriker, entered the house and introduced himself to the contestants. During his visit, he lied and told them that MrBeast had shared the link and they had about 250,000 viewers. He also got each of them to reveal who they thought would be kicked out of the house first, ruined a puzzle that Josie put together by smearing pizza on it and burned a piece of pizza on the stove.

Hyde made the contestants take part in a challenge with a grand prize of $1,000 for the winner. For the challenge, Hyde placed eight piles of mixed jasmine and basmati rice around the house. He had each contestant pick a pile of rice and count the jasmine rice only; whoever was closest to the real number won. The winner of the challenge was Sylvia. He also told the contestants that the house was haunted by "the entity," which lives in the garage, after several viewers started allegedly seeing "orbs" on the garage camera (shown below, left and right). At the end of the night, Hyde asked the contestants to write essays.

Days Two and Three

On day two, Twitter[14] user @fishtankdotlive started a thread for coverage throughout the day, updating it regularly. At the end of day two, Hyde entered the house and had each contestant read the essays they'd written, which were uploaded to the Rocky Stream YouTube channel. Josie's essay was voted the best by viewers. The fish were then given a new challenge, where they were separated into groups and told to come up with an improv comedy sketch.[19]

Hyde also announced the concept of "fish bucks" that day, a form of currency that will be awarded to the fish when they win challenges.[24] Each fish buck is worth $500, which the fish can cash out at the end of their stay as long as they don't leave of their own volition.

On April 20th at around 8:30 PM est, Fishtank Live became unavailable. According to a tweet[15] posted by Hyde, the server host was charging $30,000 per day to stream with them and Hyde thought it was $30,000 per month.

Day Four

On April 21st, a temporary stream was hosted on the Sam & Nick's Perfect Clips YouTube[16] channel (shown below). That day, Twitter[17] user @fishtankdotlive started their day four thread. That afternoon, Hyde arrived at the house and told the contestants that the stream was down then proceeded to practice boxing and martial arts with them, leading Simmons to lead the other contestants in a form of Tai Chi sparring.[9] Later that day, Damiel and Jonathon got into an argument over what a mysterious bottle of liquid found in the kitchen was; it turned out to be vinegar.[18]

Day Five

On April 22nd, day five began, continuing on the YouTube stream, with Twitter[20] user @fishtankdotlive starting a thread. That day, Jet Neptune came into the house and announced that two of the contestants were given secret missions. If the contestants can figure out who they are, they get two fish bucks and if they don't, the two secret mission fish get an award if they complete their missions (shown below).

During the day, the house allegedly got swatted, resulting in the fish evacuating the house. Shortly after, Jet Neptune posted a selfie of the fish altogether to Instagram to show that they were safe (shown below).

jetneptune 3m. We're safe Send message X NARUTO hil ♡

Day Six

On April 23rd, day six began, continuing on the YouTube stream. Twitter[21] user @fishtankdotlive started a thread. At one point in the day, Vance accused H3H3 Productions of stealing jokes from him.[22] That day, Jet came in and had each contestant vote on who they thought the secret missions fish were (shown below, left). Later that day, Jet returned to tell them that nobody correctly guessed the two spy fish, that the two spy fish were awarded and their identities would not be revealed (shown below, right).

Later that night, the contestants performed their improv comedy sketches (shown below). The team consisting of Damiel, Jonathan, Josie and Mauro won and each member was awarded fish bucks. Letty was notably upset about losing and Hyde went to see her in her room to comfort her.[25]

Day Seven

On April 24th, day seven began and Twitter[23] user @fishtankdotlive started a live update thread. That day, Damiel was seen interacting positively with the sharks and blatantly using his phone. The sharks brought him to the basement. A shark trolled Jonathan by pouring apple juice onto his clean sheet (shown below).

Later that day, Damiel was eliminated from the competition early for using his phone, posting a selfie[26] to social media and seemingly wanting to fight Jonathan. Hyde entered the house to talk about his elimination and reveal that the elimination challenge would still be taking place (shown below).

Week Two

Day Eight

On April 25th, day eight began.[28] That morning, Jon and Simmons had a heartfelt talk after Jon felt he mistreated Simmons as a friend.[29] Producers stopped their talk after it went on for hours (shown below). Jon and Simmons attempted to sleep on the couch together the rest of the night. Jonathan also revealed to the fish that he does not drink tap water due to the fluoride and has only drank coffee the whole time in the house.

Jet came into the house around 2:30 PM to explain that they would be testing the relaunch of TTS messages. Goldstriker entered the house around 5:56 PM and gave Jon a head guard that limits his visibility to help him train in pencak silat, a form of martial arts (shown below). Josie held a concert in her room for her stuffed animals.[30] Goldstriker told the fish that the website was back up and running at around 6:42 PM.

As the day progressed, viewers on social media began digging into Simmons' digital footprint, finding troubling things. Twitter[31] user @tommyvesec44 posted a screenshot of a book allegedly written by Simmons with a review that claims it's mostly about how to hook up with campers. That day, Twitter[32] user @fishtankdotlive shared excerpts from the book as evidence. Later that day, Hyde retweeted[33] a video of Simmons talking about the subject and "kissing kids" (shown below). The fish were paired up and given baby dolls that cry to care for as part of their next challenge, the "unplanned parenthood" challenge, the goal being for the winner to have their baby cry the least.

Day Nine

On April 26th, day nine began.[34] That morning, Jon and Simmons got into a slight argument and Jon admitted to having intrusive thoughts about killing his baby doll. Sylvia revealed that her boyfriend at one time was 60+ years old and the fish determined she met him when she was 16.[35] The TTS feature was reinstated and viewers began sending Simmons messages about his camp counselor book and calling him a predator, leading the fish to discuss the book (shown below, left). The fish became uncomfortable around Simmons[36] except for Jon, who kept on defending Simmons and gave him the benefit of the doubt. Jon and Simmons strategized on the baby challenge, with Simmons locking himself in the bathroom while Jon attempted to grab the other contestants' babies and shake them, leading to arguments between Jon and the fish (shown below, right). Mauro in particular started to argue with Simmons.

Later that night, Goldstriker came back into the house and read excerpts from Simmons' book to the fish, then proceeded to kick Simmons off the show, sending him to a bus station to return home (shown below, left and right). Jon felt ashamed that he defended Simmons and locked himself in the bathroom. Mauro decided to leave the fishtank as well. In a later post to social media, Mauro explained that he left because he felt "sick" after learning about Simmons.[37] Damiel was brought back into the competition.

Simmons allegedly went live on Discord after he was kicked out and claimed he was taken out of context, denying the allegations.[38]

Days 10 and 11

On April 26th, day 10[39] began. That day, Goldstriker announced the "jail" challenge, where fish were made to stay in one of the rooms for as long as possible to see who would leave first as Goldstriker and the sharks made it as difficult as possible. The challenge lasted into the morning of day 11 and ended with Josie, Violetta and Vance managing to stay in the longest (shown below).

On day 11,[40] the fish played a game of "Hyde and seek," where they all hid and Sam Hyde proceeded to destroy the house with a leaf blower.[41] Before the game began, Hyde gave Vance $1,500 worth of fish bucks for surviving the jail challenge, which he split with Violette and Josie, who also survived the challenge. The fish then played a game of "battle royale" with toy guns, where one shot equaled a kill and the last person standing won. Josie won the competition (shown below, right).

Day 12

On day 12,[42] Goldstriker announced that the grand prize was raised from $10,000 to $30,000. They then had a boys vs. girls hotdog eating competition, which the girls won (shown below). They were then brought to one of the bedrooms for a "seminar" while the sharks and Hyde messed up the house more. The fish were given a quiz to see who retained more knowledge. The fish were also recorded criticizing Violetta for being immature.[43]

Day 13

On day 13,[44] a member of the show's crew and an actor, Ben, came into the house and told the fish he "hates them." Nobody took Ben too seriously except for Jon, who seemed distraught about it (shown below).

Ben later apologized to some of the fish, blaming his behavior on drinking (shown below, left). He also talked to Violetta about a vague "Sylvia thing," suggesting she needed to be "talked down," but Violetta didn't buy it (shown below, right).

Day 14

On May 1st, 2023, day 14 began.[45] At around 12:15 pm, a Fishtoy was used that swaps everything in the fridge to the freezer. Around 2:34 pm, Letty accused Damiel and Vance of spilling an energy drink in her room, but they deny it. She expresses distrust for the other fish because nobody confessed to it. Letty continued to complain about it, inspiring Damiel to pour chili on her bed.

Later, Goldstriker entered the house and gave them their new challenge, where they would each be assigned a disability and had to live with a simulation of that disability (shown below). Letty had her arms tied to her body to live like a paraplegic, Josie was blindfolded to simulate blindness, Damiel was given a wheelchair, Sylvia was given headphones to simulate deafness, Vance was given "schizophrenia" and Jon was given crutches. He also warned Letty that a homeless man would be rooming with her for not being entertaining enough.

Josie was filmed tearing the eyes out of one of her stuffed animals to make it blind like her.[46] Some people online shared concerns that Vance was actually going crazy rather than just acting schizophrenic.[47]

Day 15

On May 2nd, 2023, day 15 began.[48] Early that morning, a shark dressed as The Entity visited Vance's room (shown below). Damiel and Josie shared a bed and the sharks came in to disturb their sleep.[49][50]

Goldstriker then gave the fish a challenge. They played hide and seek, the twist being that an allegedly homeless man would be seeking them (shown below).

Day 16

On May 3rd, day 16 began.[51] That afternoon, Sylvia and Letty were filmed talking about Josie, suggesting she's more popular online than them.[52] Later that day, Goldstriker entered the house and announced the "handicap challenge sudden death" elimination challenge, where infractions for not acting disabled were doubled. Josie was immune from elimination because a shirt with her face on it being sold as merch was the highest seller. Goldstriker then assigned new disabilities to each fish and they proceeded to act with those disabilities (shown below).

By the end of the challenge, Jonathan was eliminated. He said his goodbyes to the fish and to Goldstriker (shown below, left and right). That night, a shark, likely Jon dressed as a shark, took Damiel's comics and vape out of his room.

Day 17

On May 4th, day 17 began.[53] That morning, Josie was sent a care package from viewers containing a Bible among other things. The night before, after Jon's elimination, Ben asked Josie to act more like Jon, then returned in the morning and told her not to.[54] At around 11:20 PM, Letter told Vance that Jon, who claims to have a girlfriend, tried to play footsies with her at one point and was coming on to her.

Tankman @AMG_1776 Letty claims that Jon was coming onto her, rubbin her feet and such. That he was the initiator. "I didn't even want to reveal that. I didn't want to f--- with his life" Such a snake. #fishtankliveupdate #fishtanklive 11:24 AM - May 4, 2023-67.2K Views 40: 11:18 AM

A bathroom "confessional" camera was also opened so that the fish can talk whenever they feel. That day, Josie was caught making faces on the camera (shown below).

Later that day, Goldstriker came into the house and announced the "happy camper" challenge. The floor was covered in green carpet for the challenge, meant to resemble the outdoors. The challenge involves all the fish sleeping in tents, having no lights but camping lanterns and not being allowed to use running water to simulate camping. The challenge includes several infractions fish can make that cause them to lose fish bucks. The person who convinces viewers they're actually camping the most wins three fish bucks (shown below, left). Letty was put in charge of supplies. Later that day, Simon, a new fish, was brought into the house to join the fishtank (shown below, right).

That night, Josie went into the confessional and shared that she wasn't sure about Simon at first, but that she grew to like him, hyping up his rap and breakdancing skills (shown below).

Day 18

On May 5th, day 18 began.[55] Early that morning, Letty was seen kissing Simon on the forehead. Later that night, Letty confronted Sylvia about allegedly talking bad about everyone behind their backs (shown below). Damiel defended Sylvia throughout the argument.

Day 19

On May 6th, day 19 began.[56] That day, Goldstriker gave Lance, Vance's imaginary alter ego that he started to act as if exists after the schizophrenia challenge, and Letty a secret mission: to get the other fish to get rid of Vance (shown below). Jet was also filmed encouraging Letty to be manipulative.[57]

Day 20

On May 7th, day 20 began.[58] That day, Damiel left the show again, claiming that his girlfriend gave birth and he has to go and see her (shown below).

Day 21

On May 8th, day 21 began.[59] That day, the camping challenge ended and YouTuber AirSoftFatty was brought into the house to stay for a few days (shown below).

Day 22

On May 9th, day 22 began.[60] That day, Goldstriker convinced Simon that he was canceled on Reddit for making offensive jokes (shown below, left). A woman, Ella, was brought into the house to stay for an undetermined amount of time (shown below, right).

That day, Jet Neptune came into the house and announced the "shit talk challenge." The fish were split into teams and encouraged to shit-talk each other, with the team who says the worst shit-talk winning (shown below).

Day 23

On May 10th, day 23 began.[61] That day, it was announced that no more nicotine or vapes would be provided to the fish (shown below).

Later that day, Goldstriker introduced Frank Hassle to stay in the house for a while after a donation goal was met on the site to "unleash Frank Hassle" on the fish (shown below).

Hassle proceeded to troll the fish and wreck the house in various ways. For example, Hassle was filmed damaging Josie's plush toys, which viewers donated to her (shown below, left). He was also seen hassling the contestant Sylvia in a variety of ways, including by stealing her bed (shown below, right).

Hassle was also seen comforting YouTuber Airsoftfatty, who was also a guest in the house at the time, as Airsoftfatty was crying over being unable to find affordable housing and his cat getting taken away due to, alleged by Airsoftfatty, interference by internet trolls.

Day 24

On May 11th, day 24 began.[62] That day, Airsoftfatty and Sylvia got into a heated argument after Sylvia had a meltdown over Frank Hassle messing with her (shown below).

Later that day, Goldstriker came up to Airsoftfatty and trained him in boxing, expressing a desire to help him get his life together (shown below).

Day 25

On May 12th, day 25 began. On that day, Sylvia found poop in her closet and confronted Frank Hassle about it. In reality, it Letty left the poop based on the footage, which was discovered by one of the show's producers[63] (shown below).

Day 26

On May 13th, day 26 began.[64] On this day, Simon and Frank Hassle left the fishtank, but not before Hassle put AirSoftFatty in makeup resembling Blackface. AirSoftFatty continued to hit on Letty (shown below). A Vance impersonator named Lance, after Vance's alter ego, was also brought into the house.

Day 27

On May 14th, day 27 began.[65] That day, Jet came to Sylvia and Josie and asked them to post 30 printouts of a mutated photoshop of Letty around the house (shown below, left). The fish also took part in the "Mother's Day Challenge," where some of the female fish were assigned to be mothers to the male fish, the best mother winning "Jet Bucks" (shown below, right). The males, meanwhile, had to make a craft for their mommy.

Day 28

On May 15th, day 28 began.[66] That day, the fish took part in a "gang war" challenge. The fish were given gang colors and assigned to gangs and encouraged to act like gangsters. They were then tasked with studying for an elimination PSAT challenge, one gang was given an unreliable book to study from and one was given a good prep book.

Hyde talked to AirSoftFatty and encouraged him to hit on Letty, which he was already doing. Hyde then went to Letty and encouraged her to flirt with him.

Day 29

On May 16th, day 29 began.[67] That day, a man arrived in the tank to act like a gangster with the fish, proceeding to teach them how to make crack and pretend to bag drugs with them. Airsoftfatty continued to attempt to win over Letty. Mauro returned to the tank as a freeloader.

Later that day, Better was introduced to the tank, a woman who is meant to resemble Letty (shown below).

Day 30

On May 17th, day 30 began.[68] That day, Betty began acting aggressively toward Letty. Airsoftfatty got naked and wandered around the house for a considerable portion of the day (shown below).

Day 31

On May 18th, day 31 began.[69] That day, Hyde came into the house to announce the fish who would be eliminated after taking the PSAT test. Sylvia ended up losing and was eliminated (shown below).

Day 32 and 33

On May 19th, day 32 began. On that day, Betty left the tank. Mauro messed up her bed, assuming she wrote something offensive on the wall by his bed. The fish were given a cleaning challenge after a shark messed up the house, with whoever cleaned the most winning. On May 20th, day 33 began. A woman named Sariah, allegedly a prostitute, was brought into the house to have sex with AirSoftFatty but she ended up refusing after seeing what she thought was a poop stain on him (shown below, right).

Later that day, AirSoftFatty shared with vance that he would be leaving the tank the next day. Mauro told the other fish he wanted to leave the tank again after Frank Hassle re-entered the tank and targeted him. Another freeloader, Dontarius, was brought into the tank and a man named Alex Stein was brought in to annoy the fish.[70]

Day 34

On May 21st, day 34 began. That day, Alex Stein and Brandon Buckingham, both visitors, wrestled. Several of the fish also wrestled, including Letty and Josie.[71] AirSoftFatty was filmed falling while going up the stairs (shown below).

Day 35

On May 22nd, day 35 began. That morning, the fish took part in a ritual in the garage to summon The Entity (shown below, left). Vance lost his immunity from the elimination challenge after failing a challenge between he and Josie where they had to hold onto an end of a chair each for as long as possible after slipping (shown below, right). There was some controversy, with some believing Josie pushed Vance.

Day 36

On May 23rd, day 36 began. Jon was brought back into the house as a freeloader that day and lead the fish in Bible study. He got into an argument with Letty (shown below).

Later that day, Goldstriker came into the house and claimed the contest was over and that Letty won.[72] All the camera feeds were closed. Later, he returned and claimed that Dr. Disrespect saved the show and it would continue (shown below, right).

Day 37

On May 24th, day 37 began.[73] That night, producer Ben went around the house and informed everyone that "#josiegang" was trending on Twitter (shown below, left). The fish were challenged to sit on a pee-soaked bed for as long as possible, with Vance ending as the winner and getting three fish bucks (shown below, right).

Day 38

On May 25th, day 38 began.[74] On that day, the three remaining fish, Vance, Josie and Letty, took part in the "be a menace challenge," where they destroyed the house and each other's belongings as much as possible (shown below, left). Vance was eliminated following the competition (shown below, right).

The two remaining fish, Letty and Josie, were then challenged to stay in bedroom two with no bed, with AirSoftFatty and another overweight creator named Chris Chin appearing now and then for the next four days, the first one to leave losing the competition (shown below).

Day 39

On May 26th, day 39 began.[75] On that day, Letty and Josie stayed in the room and were given the additional "don't stop talking challenge," where the first person to stop talking loses one point in the challenge (shown below).

Later that day, Josie and Letty were challenged to tell AirSoftFatty's life story (shown below, left and right). AirSoftFatty judged their stories at the end, awarding Josie the win.

Day 40

On May 27th, day 40 began.[76] That day, Josie and Letty took part in a NERF gun duel in the room and an insult challenge (shown below, left and right).

Day 41

On May 28th, day 41 began.[77] That day, Josie and Letty took part in the "tickle Chris" challenge, which saw them tickle AirSoftFatty until he declared a winner. He chose Josie. They also took part in the "piss off Jason" challenge, where Jason Goldstriker sat in a chair as the two annoyed him however possible (shown below, right). Jason awarded Letty the win.

Letty and Josie were then challenged to disavow their fanbases, with the best disavowal winning. Letty ended up taking the win after announcing, "I don't care about the LettyChuds, I'm actually in a long term relationship with a trans man" (shown below).

Day 42 (Winner Announced)

On May 29th, day 42, the final day of the show, began.[78] That day, Josie and Letty took part in a series of mini-challenges (shown below). Letty won the majority of the challenged.[79]

At the end of the day, Josie was announced as the winner of the competition and was awarded a giant cheque for $35,000. Letty was awarded a second place prize of $20,000.[80] Sam Hyde got notably choked up while awarding the win to Josie and thanking everyone in the cast and crew for making the show a success.

Online Presence

Fishtank began streaming live 24/7 for six weeks on[7] starting April 18th, 2023. The show has an Instagram page[8] Highlights from Fishtank are posted by YouTuber Rocky Stream in real-time. After the livestream began, Twitter[11] accounts including @fishtankdotlive, began live tweeting updates and memes regarding the show.


Fishtank garnered a significant fandom after it started streaming, with each contestant inspiring memes, fan art and reactions online. Each contestant also gained strong followings with nicknames like "Josie Gang," "LettyChuds" and "Mauro Bros."


In the first week of Fishtank, Josie became one of the most popular contestants on the show, inspiring many memes on Twitter simping for her. Many people suggest that she is autistic and meme her supposed "stimming" moments, including her spinning on a chair, using a fidget spinner and repeatedly pressing a toy that plays the song "Witch Doctor."

Josie won the first season of Fish Tahnk and was awarded $35,000.

An artist hailing from the sunny state of Arizona. Despite her shy and introverted nature, Josie is a creative force to be reckoned with. With a passion for film and media, she attended college to hone her skills and develop her artistic voice.

Josie is a self-proclaimed anime enthusiast and has a particular affinity for Dance Dance Revolution. Her love for gaming is evident in her pink and white gaming chair, which takes pride of place in her bedroom alongside her collection of highly-regarded animated series plushies.

Although she may come across as a little awkward at first, Josie is not easily phased. She embraces her introverted nature and uses it to fuel her creativity, producing artwork that is as unique and compelling as she is.

With her quiet determination and passion for her craft, Josie is ready to take on the world and show everyone what she's made of. Don't be fooled by her shy exterior – Josie is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone she meets.

Jonathan also garnered a notable reputation among fans for his consistent talk about Andrew Tate and Hustlers University, frequent working out and his manner of speech. At one point in the first week, Hyde lied and told Jonathan that Tate had been tweeting about him and showed him a sigma grindset edit using footage from Fishtank to try and sell the lie.[10]

Jonathan was eliminated from the competition on day 16 after failing the handicap challenge.

I'm a peaceful man. I nevuh bawk. But if the time comes, I will not half bite Do you undewuhstand?

This individual is a true jack-of-all-trades. Between working in commercial lending, running a small electric bicycle business, opening a restaurant, and modeling, he's always on the go and always giving 100%.

Although he may have a speech impediment, it is often mistaken for a European accent, adding to his unique and charismatic presence.

Prior to his diverse career path, Jonathan was a wildland firefighter, honing his skills in isolation and adventure. He isn't afraid of anything and embraces new opportunities and risks with open arms.

Jonathan's adventurous spirit and love for learning have helped him thrive in various fields, and he is always on the lookout for the next challenge to tackle. With his drive and passion, there's no doubt that he will continue to make waves in whatever he does next.

Damiel became a topic of discussion and scrutiny early in the show when he was caught smoking weed from a vape pen on April 19th, 2023, the second day of the competition. The sharks took him to the basement and made him read his contract again, which says you cannot smoke weed. Some contestants believe Damiel is a plant by production. Damiel was eliminated from the show on the seventh day of the competition, seemingly for using his phone and for wanting to fight Jonathon, although some still believe he was a plant. His Twitter[27] account is @therealdamiel.

Damiel was brought back into the fishtank after Simmons was kicked out over allegations against him.

A San Francisco native who embodies the essence of the West Coast:laid-back, always ready to smoke, and down for anything. He's half Filipino and half Irish, but his humor makes it hard to tell if he's joking about his ethnicity.

Damiel is an influencer and rapper, known for posting hilarious content on his Instagram page @therealestdamiel. He got his start as a Vine star, but is now looking to break into the reality TV world to take his career to the next level.

With his comedic talent and charismatic personality, Damiel is sure to bring some laughs and entertainment to the show. Whether he's freestyling or cracking jokes, he knows how to keep things light and entertaining.

But don't let his easygoing nature fool you, because Damiel is also a savvy media mogul in the making. He's constantly pushing himself to try new things and grow his brand, and Fishtank is just the latest adventure on his journey to success.

So get ready to see Damiel in action, because he's sure to bring the heat and show us all what he's made of.

While Simmons was on the show, he was known for attempting to lead the other fish in exercise routines and tai chi practice. Around the eighth day, users on social media started uncovering Simmons' digital footprint, revealing several troubling posts painting Simmons as a child predator, including a book Simmons allegedly wrote teaching camp counselors how to seduce kids at camp. Simmons was eliminated from the fishtank on day nine.

Simmons is a singer who has a deep passion for music. He often reflects on his childhood and wishes he had a singing mentor who could have helped him hone his craft earlier in life. However, Simmons is dedicated to becoming the best singer he can be and is always striving to improve his abilities.

In addition to singing, Simmons has a love for roller skating and was once a champion in the sport. He's also an accomplished traveler, having visited seven different countries while working on a cruise ship.

Simmons has a fierce athletic spirit and is always looking for new challenges and experiences. He's excited to bring that same energy and enthusiasm to the Fishtank, where he can showcase his talents and continue to learn and grow as both a singer and a person.

In fact, Simmons is so dedicated to music that he has even started teaching others about singing on his Instagram page @siimmonszhu. With his passion, dedication, and diverse experiences, Simmons is sure to make a big impression on the show.

Mauro left the show on day nine after Simmons was exposed for allegations of being a child predator. Simmons later stated that he left because he was too uncomfortable with the discovery.

With his easy-going and agreeable nature, Mauro is known for being one of the friendliest people you could encounter. He has a natural charm that puts people at ease, and he is always happy to lend a helping hand.

Mauro is a bit of a phone addict, but he uses it to stay connected with his loved ones and keep up with his favorite reality TV shows. He's a big fan of the genre and has seen many popular reality shows, making him an excellent source of trivia for any fan of the format.

While Mauro is highly loyal to his friends and family, he has a strong aversion to people who lie to him. He believes in honesty and integrity and always strives to be truthful in his own life.

With his affable personality and vast knowledge of reality TV, Mauro is ready to take on new challenges and show the world what he's made of, all while staying true to his friendly and honest nature.

Sylvia was eliminated from the show on day 31.

Meet Sylvia, the bold and unapologetic musician and artist from Tulsa, Oklahoma. At just 23 years old, Sylvia has already made a name for herself on Instagram, where she goes by the alias 'pissrupt'. With her sharp opinions and outgoing personality, Sylvia is a force to be reckoned with.

As a musician, Sylvia creates music under the name 'DREAM SUBSTANCE', blending her raw emotions and experiences into her sound. Her music is a reflection of her edgy and unconventional personality, and it's no surprise that she is a huge fan of the iconic punk rock icon Courtney Love.

Despite her strong personality, Sylvia is not afraid of being isolated, and she is always up for a challenge. She is determined to showcase her talent and stand out from the crowd, and she is ready to take on any obstacle that comes her way. Her confidence and determination make her a strong presence wherever she goes, and she is sure to make an impact on any reality show she appears on.

Get ready to see Sylvia in action as she takes on new challenges and shows the world what she's made of. With her talent, passion, and fearless attitude, she is sure to become a fan favorite and a force to be reckoned with.

Vance was eliminated from the show on day 38.

Introducing Vance, a 25-year-old delivery driver from Auburn, Washington. With his disarming and goofy personality, Vance is always up for a good laugh and loves to mess around with people. In fact, he's pretty darn good at it!

Vance's love for baseball is evident -- he even asked if he could bring his cleats to the show. He's always up for a game, even if it's just throwing a ball around with his fellow contestants.

Although he may seem carefree and lighthearted, Vance does have some nerves about forgetting he's being filmed and accidentally getting naked. But hey, sometimes you just gotta let it all hang out, right?

Before joining the show, Vance felt stuck in a rut and was searching for something drastic to shake up his life. Fishtank seemed like the perfect opportunity, and he's ready to dive headfirst into whatever challenges come his way.

With his infectious personality and willingness to have fun, Vance is sure to be a memorable contestant on the show. So watch out, because once he gets going, there's no stopping him!
Violetta / Letty

Letty was awarded second place in the competition and given $20,000.

Meet Violetta, a 23-year-old with a bubbly and scattered personality hailing from Alberta, Canada. Currently unemployed, she spends her days journaling and playing video games, but her real passion lies in connecting with others.

Violetta loves to spend time hanging out with friends on Discord and learning about people from all walks of life. Her curious nature and desire for connection make her a great listener and a joy to be around.

However, Violetta is not afraid to speak her mind when it comes to men behaving stereotypically. She's easily annoyed by those who fall into the trap of toxic masculinity, and is not afraid to call them out on their behavior.

With her infectious personality and desire for genuine connection, Violetta is sure to be a memorable and lovable contestant on the show. So get ready to see her bring her unique perspective and bubbly energy to the Fishtank!

Simon, a stand-up comedian, joined the show as a contestant on day 17 following the elimination of Jonathan.

Simon, a witty and charismatic stand-up comedian, hails from the vibrant city of Austin, Texas. With a penchant for creating infectious beats and showcasing his rap skills, he spends his free time honing his craft and entertaining his growing fan base. Aspiring to delve into the world of acting, Simon dreams of starring in an A24 production one day. Be sure to catch a glimpse of his unique humor and impressive talent by following him on Instagram @tainguyenz and subscribing to his YouTube channel TaiNguyenComedy. Get ready to witness his unforgettable journey on Fishtank as he keeps viewers hooked with his wit and charm!

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