Statue of Liberty Animation / Freedom Day by Tansau viral video.

Statue of Liberty Animation / Freedom Day by Tansau

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Statue of Liberty Animation or Freedom Day by Tansau, also known as Lady Liberty Rule 34, refers to a series of 4th of July rule 34 animations and artworks by Tansauart featuring the Statue of Liberty. The first animation was posted to Newgrounds on Independence Day in 2020 and was followed by a second and third animation for Independence Day in 2021 and 2022. Their virality online has also inspired fan art and other content.


On July 4th, 2018, and July 9th, 2019, artist Tansau posted two pieces of artwork depicting the Statue of Liberty in a bikini to DeviantArt,[1][2] garnering over 11,000 views on the first and 30,000 views on the second by March 2023. On May 29th, 2020, Tansau posted a SFW ad for an upcoming 4th of July animation based on the character to Newgrounds,[3] garnering over 90,000 views in three years (shown below). The full animation was released on Newgrounds[4] that year on the 4th of July, garnering over 188,000 views in roughly the same span of time.

On July 4th, 2021, a sequel to the animation titled "Freedom Day 2021" was uploaded to Newgrounds,[5] garnering over 1.1 million views in two years. On June 20th, 2022, Tansau uploaded a trailer for the third animation titled "Freedom Day 2022" to YouTube,[6] garnering over 223,000 views in nine months, purportedly releasing the full version on his Patreon on July 4th of that year (shown below, left). The full version was also posted to his Twitter[7] account that day. A full, SFW version was then reuploaded to YouTube[8] (shown below, right).


The videos gained viral spread over the following months, inspiring memes, edits and works of fan art. For example, on July 4th, 2021, DeviantArt[9] user joaoppereiraus posted artwork of lady liberty based on the video, garnering over 135,000 views in two years (shown below, left). That same day, Newgrounds[10] user NoobClock666 posted a piece of fan art that gained over 3,700 views in two years (shown below, right).


On December 11th, 2022, TikToker[11] @mxsashi_ posted a fancam style edit using clips from the video, garnering over 172,000 views in three months (shown below).

@mxsashi_ 🗿🗿 #foryoupage #anime #statue ♬ bunyi asal – ˇgσjο sαтоřu

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