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SoBayed is graphic emoticon featuring a photograph of Twitch employee s0n0s smiling, which is often used to describe joy and pleasure at someone else's shortcomings.


The earliest known mention of the SoBayed emote was posted on March 10th, 2012 by Blogspot[1] user android2010ex (shown below). The image shows Twitch employee s0n0s smiling.[2]

0 o BC warrior MVGarme Punch Trees PJSalt FreakinStinkin โร MrDestructoid Kevin Turtle TehFunrun OneHand Bible Thump Blood Trail TinyFace DBstyle Unsane The TarFu AsianGlovw BrainSlug FPSMarksman BrokeBachk NON°Spot OptimizePrime PazPazowitz BionicBunion EagleEye JKanstyle Ninja Troll TheRinger Stonelightning UleetBackup StrawBeary CougarHunt GingerPower SoBayed


On March 18th, 2013, unlimitedbrettworks[3] user formerly. They described (shown below) the emoticon as "I made a bad joke and I know someone is gonna say 'stfu formerly.'"

Your favorite/most-used twitchface(s) « on: March 18, 2013, 06:08:41 AM Post 'em here and extoll their wondrous properties and how they perfectly represent an emotion you commonly feel on TheBrett's channel! Shock and awe I made a bad joke and I know someone is gonna say "stfu formerly" Kenji is getting bodied again Logged

On March 13th, 2015, a Redditor [4] (account since deleted) posted the emote in a list of the "Basic guide to Twitch emotes in DotA." The post (shown below) received more than 2,300 points (82% upvoted) and 430 comments.

DansGame To be used when someone mentions or sees ex pro player turned streamer Admiral Bulldog BobyRage To be used when PuppeyFace To be used when someone mentions or sees ex strategy saving captain Puppey DendiFoce To be used when someone mentions or sees ex "best mid in the world" Dendi SwiftRage Is something getting you angry on stream or in chat? Spam this, it looks angry enough. OpieOP Is a CIS player dining and going yolo? Spam this with the number 4 next to it. Or preface it with an S for ex best player in the world s4 SoBayed Making fun of the losing teams fangays or other people in general? Add this in with a mix of other faces that well come to later FailFish Has a pro player missed a last hit? Are they not playing as well as you do in your 2k mmr pubs? Show your derision. ostrog CoolCat Feeling good about your team winning? Damn it feels good to be a "winning team* fangay and a few of these will do nicely Rad's basic introduction to twitch chat in DotA related streams someone mentions or sees ex best carry in the worl Arteezy I should probably have done this before Ti. Oh well, at least you can now use them while you watch the JoinDota League 4.56 masters Sea qualifiers or whatever's being streamed atm before the pros return. Are le balanced electrical mexican" or "le balanced rainbow pony running amok in the game being shown? Call out icefrog with this emote WutFace Has something disgusting or suprising just happened? Instead of an actual real life response like closing the tab, type this into chat ANELE Has Techies been picked? Do you want to make a racist comment about EGs T inning mid playersumilsufail? This is for youl ResidentSleeper Is a particularly boring game being played? Has naga been picked? Is sheever telling jokes on the panel? Spam this if you're still awake and can type 4Head Insulting people or calling them out in an argument? This is an excellent addition to the mix of SoBayeds and EleGiggles you should also be using Bible Thump Is c9 throwing? Are you trying to give EE your energy? Is the kitten stuck under the couch? Show your sadness with this isaac emote PJSalt Are you watching some high quality. 1k MMR NA pro DotA? Is PPD on the screen? Rub the salt in their eyes with this classic emote. RuleFive To be used when someone mentions or sees ex "young person FearDarkness PMSTwin To be used when someone mentions or sees ex professional female Zai Kreygasm Did that play make you need to change your boxers? Is something on stream getting you all excited in that special place? Show off your sexual thill with this EleGiggle Are 4Head and ScBayed not enough to show how superior you are to this litle fanshit in chat that you're addressing? Throw this in too PogChamp Was that an impressive play that made you get out of your seat? Have you spotted some asian people on the stream? Is that TWO merlinis? Wow BrokeBack Did something pretty stupid/borderline retarded happen? Are they 32Zing all over the place? 3 or 4 of these wont go amiss. OneHand Alternate merlini Face, best used if there's only 1 lfthere's multiple meninis, you should refer back to PogChamp HeyGuys Is a girl on stream? Has someone on the stream directly addressed twitch chat, say hello! shazamicon Has Zeus won an arcana? Is he being picked a lot, is he s------- down those poor suppot's throats with his electric bolts? This is perfect for those scenarios deIlluminati Has something inexplicable happened? Do you suspect that some strings are being pulled from behind the scenes? Were they paid to throw? llurminati TTours Has Atour TZ made a play so impressive that you called for your mum to fetch the camera instead of you print screening? This ou ht to do. NotLikeThis Is it all going t--- up? Are your favourite pro players about to be eliminated, instead of actually holding your head in your hands, make a litle picture of it in chat KappaPride Is 7kingmad being complemented on his suit by a british panel host? Are Alliance hugging on stream? Show your approval for their homosexual lifestyle with this. WinWaker Altemate Dendi face, to be used when twitch removeit again because theyre not supporting dota as a DIGITALSPORT Frankerz RalpherZ GreyFace The most famous of emotes, to be spammed constantly. You don't need to understand i, just spam it Is the game being paused at suspect moments? Did that pause happen as tide is about to blink ravage and the smoke broke? Scream Puppey pause and spam these two emotes bUrself

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