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Comedy Cemetery is a subreddit where in which people share memes and mock them for their attempts at humor. Users generally share pieces of internet culture considered to be cringe.


On January 27th, 2014, Redditor[1] tilnewstuff launched the subreddit /r/ComedyCemetery.


The subreddit describes itself as "Stuff that was intended to be humorous, but…isn't." To maintain this, there are eight specific rules that subreddit follows (shown below)

Rule 1: No image macros/Advice Animal memes. No image macros. This refers typically to advice animal type memes such as Bad Luck Brian or Scumbag Steve.

Rule 2: No ironic jokes: No intentionally bad jokes. This includes satire that mimics a shitty joke, /r/deepfriedmemes, /r/bonehurtingjuice memes, or Epic Dept memes.

Rule 3: No bad titles: Click here to see the rules on titles.

Rule 4: No reposts: No media that has been posted here within a month or is in our top 50 posts of all time. Please check the "new" section before posting.

Rule 5: No personal info: No personal information in comments and posts. Do not post reddit links as posts, if wanted, submit as a screenshot with usernames censored. Do not link to an artist's social media page. This is a bannable offense.

Rule 6: No harassment: Do not contact and harass any of the users, or creators mentioned here. This will result in bans without warning.

Rule 7: No Meta Posts: "Meta" threads (eg. subreddit suggestions, text jokes, subreddit memes, complaints etc.) should be posted in the weekly meta thread.

Rule 8: No memes that violate a moratorium Sometimes we have to instate moratoriums on particular types of memes or creators if they are becoming saturated. This means that we will have a blanket ban on that particular type of meme for a week or possibly more."


On February 20th, 2017, Redditor[4] youaremom launched the /r/ComedyNecrophilia subreddit.[4] According to the subreddit's "about" section, the subreddit aims to "take unfunny things, and make them worse."

On June 21st, Redditor[2] CampTouchThis posted an image of Polish Jerry with the caption "When your oc meme only gets 12 upvotes on r/dankmemes and then you see it on r/comedycemetery with 7k upvotes." The post (shown below, left) received more than 33,000 upvotes (95% upvotes) and 225 comments in less than one year.

Several months later, Redditor[3] TEGEKEN posted a meme of several different pictures of the cartoon character Morty from Rick and Morty. The post (shown below, right) received more than 40,000 upvotes (89% upvoted) and 800 comments in eight months.

On January 25th, 2018, the subreddit reached 200,000 subscribers.

When your OC meme only gets 12 upvotes on r/dankmemes and then you see it on r/comedycemetery with 7k upvotes DANKLAND The number after you upvote is you. Which Morty are you? 1 Planet Morty Parent Morty Mentally disabled Morty 4 6 Not amused Morty Suspicious Morty Evil Morty 8 Shocked Morty Unsure Morty Really mad Morty Sexually harassed Morty

Sarcastic Bro

Sarcastic Bro is the mascot of a Facebook comedy page of the same name, appearing in many of the page's original posts. Due to the perceived poor nature of the page's jokes, the character has been posted multiple times to /r/comedycemetery. He is also used in many This Is So Sad memes.

This Is So Sad

This Is So Sad refers to posts made in parody of posts like 5ever in which a scene of dialogue dramatically results in a character committing suicide before the other character can finish their sentence, and the bottom containing a caption with "This is so sad!" and positing some variation of "can we hit 50 likes?" and the character Sarcastic Bro on the far right corner. These posts began spreading on Reddit in early 2018. At the end of the posts, a line of text would read "This is so sad! Can we reach (X) likes?" The format was picked up in many Deep Fried Memes and shitposts.

Boy: "How many prizes can lget with my tickets? Chuck E. Cheese: Two..." Boy: "Omg Kills himself Chuck E. Cheese visits grave Chuck E Cheese: hundred LIKE IF YOu CRIED FS Ts Sa SE This is so sad Can we hit 50 likes Deveryone Several people are typing Several people are typing. This is so sad Can we hit 5000,ooo likes

Be Like Bro

Be Like Bro refers to a character used in a series of meme who comments on the picture, the character who says the caption. The character, which has a bushy beard and blood-shot eyes (occasionally wearing a hat or with hair), is generally used in the memes by the account "Be Like Bro," and is referred to as "bro." Bro is also used in a similar fashion and in conjunction with Rage Comics.

Forget Gumwaa Have Funwaa

Forget Gumwaa Have Funwaa is an expression referencing the Hindi word “gum” (“sadness” in English), meaning “forget sadness, have fun” associated with the website On Reddit, the site and slogan inspired the creation of the rival communities /r/gumcels and /r/funwaa, and is frequently referenced as an in-joke on /r/ComedyCemetary.

Santa Banta Pappu Wife This Summer Prepare to Forget All About Gumwaa Funwaa FUNWAA PICTURES PRESENTS A SANTA PRODUCTION FILM BY WALUIGI SANTA GIRLFRIEND "FUNWAA" muBY SHIV JI DCSiCWERE BI HARDEY LALOO PODULERER TEACHER SCRENPLAV HUSBANDCTED U/MIMIHAMBURGER MUSIC Summer 2018 Do you want a president owned by big corporations? No? VOTE FOR A MAN OF THE PEOPLE VOTE WALUIGI 2020 I'M WAAA I'm a in the streets Gumwaa Bnta n the sheets Funwaa Forget Gumwaa Hn an aa

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