Pregnant Luigi

Pregnant Luigi

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Pregnant Luigi refers to a series of fan-created images and videos of the Super Mario Bros video game character Luigi depicted as pregnant with child. Luigi drawn with the large, round stomach reminiscent of a pregnant woman has become a popular interpretation of the character on the fan-art websites and Mpreg art communities.


On March 30th, 2008, YouTuber [1] Tipnman posted a YouTube poop video with the earliest known reference to pregnant Luigi. The video, entitled "Mama luigi gets pregnant and dies," remixes an episode of the Super Mario Bros Super Show called Mama Luigi, in which the character cares for a Yoshi egg and takes on maternal characteristics. The video (shown below) received more than 15,200 views in nine years.


The meme has roots in the final episode of the Super Maro Bros. Super Show, "Mama Luigi," which aired on December 7th, 1991.[2] In the episode, Luigi tells of how they found Yoshi, who, as a baby, kept referring to Luigi as "mama." The episode became a popular inspiration for YouTube poop videos, such as the one above.


The depiction of pregnant Luigi has since become most commonly found on fan-art website DeviantArt. On August 13th, 2009, DeviantArt[3] user BigWuff posted a picture of Luigi with darkened colors and a large belly. They captioned the picture (shown below), "I was bored, so I photoshopped luigi by changing his colours and making his belly bigger. Enjoy."

Another user, on June 17th, 2011, responded to the picture "He's PREGNANT!!!!!!"

On September 15th, 2011, DeviantArt[5] user MariobrosYaoiFan12 (since deactived) posted the first of a series of Luigi pregnant pictures. Each one is watermarked to DeviantArt user emeraldwolfs12 (also deactived). The image (shown below, left) shows Luigi pregnant with Mario looking on. They captioned the image, and indicate that it's their first, "ok first yaoi..cause it was so funny and love the couples so much then next its Mpreg D: OH DEAR GOD well i dunno if this is bad cause i dont think its bad its just fun WOOO YAAY (mpreg is fun to draw XD) ya one draw for a while gonna wait for meh tablet…to bring back home after my sis comes home from school." In six years, it has been viewed more than 3,000 times.

On November 27th, 2011, the same user image (shown below, center) features Mario with a mask on forcefeeding Luigi.[4] Again, users point to Luigi's belly as appearing pregnant. As of August 2017, the picture has been viewed more than 11,100 times. The following year, the user uploaded a picture of Luigi in labor entitled "Mama luigi gives birth."[6] The illustration (show below, right) recieved more than 14,000 views in five years.

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