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Roaring Kitty, also known as u/DeepFuckingValue and whose real name is Keith Gill, is a streamer, financial analyst and content creator famous for his central role in the WallStreetBets GameStop Short Squeeze, as well as for his clout on the WallStreetBets Reddit community. He published an analysis of the GME (GameStop) stock in 2019, making an argument for its value and leading Redditors to hodl the stock as it became a viral sensation. Throughout 2020 and 2021, he continued to advance a pro-GameStop line of reasoning and helped to sustain the momentum of the WallStreetBets movement, becoming a major figurehead and spokesperson. Gill is also notable for aiding in the popularization of meme stocks in the 2020s.


Keith Gill worked as a financial analyst and was a college track athlete prior to his career as an internet stonk meme lord.[3] He joined Reddit on August 29th, 2019, becoming part of the WallStreetBets community. As of May 2024, Gill has over 204,000 post karma on Reddit under the username DeepFuckingValue.[1] "Deep value" is a term in the financial markets that refers to stocks that are undervalued, which was Gill's hypothesis about GameStop (GME).

Gill published his first "GME YOLO" spreadsheet to /r/wallstreetbets on September 19th, 2019, describing a trade he had made, which received over 1,600 upvotes in five years (seen below).[4]

r/wallstreetbets .5 yr. ago DeepFuckingValue gamecock Hey Burry thanks a lot for jacking up my cost basis YOLO Day's Gain % Day's Gain $ Total Gain % Total Gain $ Total Cost Value $ 14.29% 12,500.00 86.69% 46,433.96 53,566.04 100,000.00 14.29% 625.00 64.97% 1,969.20 3,030.81 5,000.00 14.29% 625.00 32.25% 1,219.20 3,780.81 5,000.00 14.29% 625.00 79.80% 2,219.20 2,780.81 5,000.00 14.29% 625.00 97.57% 2,469.20 2,530.80 5,000.00 14.29% 2,500.00 227.43% 13,891.77 6,108.23 20,000.00 14.29% 1,250.00 227.16% 6,943.41 3,056.59 10,000.00 14.29% 1,250.00 79.97% 4,443.41 5,556.59 10,000.00 14.29% 2,500.00 52.58% 6,891.77 13,108.23 20,000.00 14.29% 1,250.00 65.11% 3,943.41 6,056.59 10,000.00 14.29% 1,250.00 32.33% 2,443.41 7,556.59 10,000.00 $13,962.21 14.29% $12,500.00 86.69% $46,433.96 $113,962.21 རྗ་ མཱ ིི་མཻ་མཱ་མྱ ་ མྱ་ ིི ིི ིི་རྩ་ཕྱ Symbol Actions Qty # Price Paid $ Last Price $ Bid GME ① Trade 1,000 0.53 0.85 0.75 Jan 15 '21 $8 Call 06/07/2019 Close Roll 50 0.60 0.85 0.75 06/20/2019 Close Roll 50 0.75 0.85 0.75 07/17/2019 Close Roll 50 0.55 0.85 0.75 07/18/2019 Close Roll 50 08/14/2019 Close Roll 200 08/20/2019 Close Roll 100 ཤྩེ་ཤྩེ་༔ 0.50 0.85 0.75 0.30 0.85 0.75 0.30 0.85 0.75 08/22/2019 Close Roll 100 0.55 0.85 0.75 08/22/2019 Close Roll 200 0.65 0.85 0.75 08/27/2019 Close Roll 100 0.60 0.85 0.75 09/03/2019 Close Roll 100 0.75 0.85 0.75 Cash Total $53,566.04 1.6K 468 ↑ Share

On Reddit and other platforms, Gill defended his bet on GameStop, including in a January 2020 discussion (seen below) in which he pushed back on others who called him "crazy" for believing GameStop was a good stock and a sound business. Redditors later returned to the comment, marking it as proof of Gill's persistence.

DeepFuckingValue 4 yr. ago gamecock Dude everyone thinks I'm crazy, and I think everyone else is crazy. I've dealt in deep value stocks for years but have never endured bearish sentiment this heavy. I expect the narrative to shift in the second half of the year when investors start looking for ways to play the console refresh and they begin to see what I see. I'll post the update tomorrow as I always do after data readouts. It will be ugly, and everyone will mock me as usual, but I expect GME to bounce back just as it did after the two previous earnings readouts. 171 Reply ↑ Share freeleper • 3 yr. ago single greatest comment ever 44 ☐ Reply Share

From then on, every month, Keith Gill continued to update Redditors on the status of his investment. Gill also continued to post analyses under the username of Roaring Kitty to his YouTube channel, including the one below, posted on July 7th, 2020, summarizing his argument in favor of Gamestop, which received over 1.5 million views in the course of three years.[2]

In frequent livestreams on his YouTube channel, Roaring Kitty discussed the value of GameStop and created a tight-knit community of investors and commenters who also bought into the stock.

Gamestop Short Squeeze

In early 2021, WallStreetBets trapped a group of hedge funds and investment banks in a short squeeze on GameStop. Gill's holdings (and those of other GameStop investors) saw a rapid and substantial rise.[5]

On January 27th, 2021, Gill posted his spreadsheet for the GameStop bet, as he has done regularly since 2019. The post (seen below) showed Gill with over $33 million in profit and received over 217,000 upvotes in the course of four years.[6]

r/wallstreetbets • 3 yr. ago DeepFuckingValue gamecock GME YOLO update - Jan 27 2021 - guess i need 102 characters in title now YOLO >> Symbol > GME O Last Actions Price $ Change $ Change % Qty # Price Paid $ Day's Gain $ Total Gain $ Total Gain % Value $ ▼ 347.51 199.53 134.84% 50,000 14.8947 9,976,500.00 16,630,766.83 2,233.12% 17,375,500.00 GME O > Apr 16 21 $12 Call 335.55 202.58 152.80% 500 0.20 > Cash Total Transfer money Total 217K 15K ↑ Share 10,128,750.00* 16,747,241.80 163,257.12% 16,757,500.00 $13,840,298.84 $754,991.37 $20,105,250.00 $33,378,008.63 4,420.98% $47,973,298.84

The trading app Robinhood then paused trading on GameStop, purportedly in order to push back on the retail investors. This action sent the GameStop stock price tumbling downward since users could no longer purchase shares. On January 28th, Roaring Kitty posted his spreadsheet again, showing that he had continued to hold the stock despite taking a nearly $15 million loss (seen below). The post received over 299,000 upvotes over the course of four years.[7]

r/wallstreetbets - 3 yr. ago DeepFuckingValue gamecock GME YOLO update - Jan 28 2021 YOLO » Symbol > GME ① GME Apr 16 '21 $12 Call > Cash Total Transfer money Total Last Actions Price $ Change $ Change % Qty # Price Paid $ Day's Gain $ Total Gain $ Total Gain % Value $ 193.60 -153.91 -44.29% 50,000 14.8947 -7,695,500.00 8,935,266.83 1,199.79% 9,680,000.00 218.00 -142.15 -42.41% 500 0.20 -7,107,500.00* 9,639,741.80 93,971.08% 9,650,000.00 299K 23K ↑ Share $13,840,298.84 $754,991.37 -$14,803,000.00 $18,575,008.63 2,460.29% $33,170,298.84

Dumb Money Movie

On September 15th, 2023, a movie tiled Dumb Money was released that centered on Keith Gill (played by actor Paul Dano) and the story surrounding the events of the GameStop Short Squeeze (trailer seen below).

2024 Return

On May 12th, 2024, Roaring Kitty posted on Twitter / X after a lengthy hiatus of over three years. The post (seen below) was a Leaning Forward In Chair Diagram meme and received over 87,000 likes in 20 hours.[8] The value of the GamStop stock promptly jumped by over 60 percent in the hours after Roaring Kitty's post.[9]

Roaring Kitty 8.7K @TheRoaringKitty ⚫ 17h 23K 85K 17M

Posters greeted Gill's return with enthusiasm. For example, @wallstreetbets (seen below) posted a "Lil Yachty Walking Onstage": meme featuring Gill dancing before a cheering crowd, earning over 16,000 likes on May 12th, 2024.[10]

Online History

Roaring Kitty has maintained a YouTube presence since April 2015 and has over 600,000 followers as of May 2024.[2] On X, where Roaring Kitty has maintained a presence since November 2014, he has over 780,000 followers as of May 2024.[8] On Reddit as /u/DeepFuckingValue, Roaring Kitty has been a member since August 29th, 2019, around the time he formulated his theory about GameStop.


WallStreetBets or /r/wallstreetbets is a subreddit whose primary focus is risky stock market trading and memes about it. Similar to 4chan's /biz/ board, the subreddit spawned multiple memes about stock trading and has been featured in a number of mainstream financial outlets.

In January 2021, the subreddit achieved global recognition following the events of the GameStop Stock Surge in which it played a defining role.

WallStreetBets GameStop Short Squeeze

WallStreetBets GameStop Short Squeeze refers to the massive surge in the price of GameStop shares in the stock market in January 2021, when it rose from $17 to over $500, in a significant degree due to a campaign by users in the /r/WallStreetBets subreddit. The hype resulted in GameStop (GME) becoming one of the most traded stocks on Wall Street that month, with a massive number of retail investors buying the stock in an attempt to force hedge funds betting against it into large losses.

As GameStop stock garnered attention globally and became one of the most-discussed topics online in late January 2021, the events were followed by several movie announcements and many controversies, including restrictions on trading the stock imposed by several brokerages, and the stock market as a whole being put under government scrutiny.

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