Let's Take Ibuprofen Together meme example depicting an anime girl.

Let's Take Ibuprofen Together

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Let's Take Ibuprofen Together is a catchphrase used in a series of memes where an anime character holds out their hand and asks that the viewer takes the headache and pain-relieving medicine Ibuprofen with them. The meme was originally posted to Tumblr in July 2022 using an image of a character from the manga series Benigyokuzui and spread over the following months in memes where the phrase is attributed to characters in similar poses, sharing a comparable style to My Little PogChamp memes.


On July 1st, 2022, now deactivated Tumblr[1] user partyanimalskorea posted a piece of fan art of a character from the hentai series Benigyokuzui holding out her hand and smiling, captioned, "lets take ibuprofen together" (shown below, left). Tumblr user sweetnrr reblogged the post with another photograph of the post nailed to a tree (shown below, center). Another Tumblr user, sug4rc4ne, reblogged it with an edit of the post nailed to a tree resembling one from the Slender Man video game (shown below, right). The post gained over 51,800 notes in two months. The artwork was originally posted to Safebooru[2] in November 2011.

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The meme gained viral spread and inspired other memes referencing it over the following months, sometimes replacing the character with another anime or manga character in a similar post. On July 2nd, 2022, the original meme was posted to /r/back4blood,[3] garnering over 150 upvotes in two months. On July 6th, Twitter[4] user @sunrisemagician posted an image of Riku from Kingdom Hearts in a similar post, writing, "sora let’s take ibuprofen together," garnering around 40 likes in two months. On July 31st, Instagram[5] user voooore posted the original meme, garnering over 2,000 likes in the same rough span of time. On September 12th, Tumblr[6] user garfield-69 posted a glitter edit of the meme, garnering over 50 notes in two weeks (shown below).

Let's take Ibuprofen together

On September 14th, Instagram[7] user privategoblinparts posted an image of an anthro lion character from Dungeon Meshi saying the phrase (shown below). It was reposted to Twitter[8] by @odogaron on September 26th, writing, "this image is permanently burned into my brain," garnering over 93,000 likes and 11,000 retweets in a day.

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the fighter @sunrisemagician sora let's take ibuprofen together ... Let's take ibuprofen together lets take ibuprofen together COME 711 LET'S TAKE IBUPROFEN TOGETHER.

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