Nice Girl Bike

Nice Girl Bike

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Nice Girl Bike refers to an exploitable comic strip about a trans woman being bullied all her life for being into "girly" things, only to become attractive in her bully's eyes in the last panel. The comic became a popular exploitable on iFunny in May of 2017.


The original comic was drawn by Ryan Kramer and uploaded to Toonhole[1] on November 14th, 2014 (shown below).

Nice girl bike! Nice 9irl hair! Nice girl hormone supplements! Nice


Early edits of the comic were infrequent and tended to be transphobic in nature, treating the girl in the comic as either mentally unwell or being a Trap. On May 6th, 2015, Funnyjunk user sinconn[2] uploaded an edit in the former category (shown below). On November 20th, 2016, user Vladomin[3] uploaded a version where the bully was portrayed as a Nazi and the woman portrayed as a trap.

Are you sure you don't want to come play ball with us? Well OK, I hope you enjoy your book! Hey, are you sure you should be taking those? Mrs Jackson's Biology lecture the other day stressed the importance of stable hormonal development during puber I wish I had done more..

The comic began to gain traction as an exploitable on iFunny on May 24th, 2017. On that day, iFunny user Viscuous[4] uploaded an edit where the boy in the comic played a more perverted role, flirting with the trans girl all through her life (shown below, left). He then uploaded a more absurd edit in which the girl is completely removed (shown below, right).

re cute l oy if only you had some nice me lons for me to en i see youve started with the hain ok, ill keep it classy, its cute Oh Sonny youre kicking it up a notch, daddy likes it Nice funny.Ce Nice bike! Nice hair Nice Supplements Nice funny.ce

These were the first of dozens of edits that appeared on iFunny, as #nicegirlbike[5] became a trending tag on the site in less than a week. Following users took the template and created more absurd edits (examples shown below).

Nice girPeach Nice gir' Peach Nice girl Peach supplements peach time Nice girl bike! !sid hie i Nice girl hainisd hie 9ji ice girl hormone sugve snomo hie oi Nice. funny.ce Nice girl bike! Nice girl hair! (Nice girl hormone supplements! O 16 Rice funny.ce

Various Examples

hce Beter KRAKATOA Nice girl bike! Nice girl hormone Supplements! Nice girl bike! Nice. funny.ce Nice girl bike! 27 Nice girl hair! Nice girl hormone supplements o lo Nice 哜제 funny.ce my nama jeff Nice hair! Nice hormone supplements Eg9 funny.ce Nice girl bike! Can you please stop bullying me, I'm only trying to take my mind off of my dad abandoning me and my mom き! funny.ce hair! Nice hair!supplements! Nice girl Nice.Nice.Nice Nice. Il Nice - 阀 funny.Ce Nice girl bike! Nice girl hair! Nice girl hormone supplements Nice funny.ce

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