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Kumalala Savesta

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Kumalala Savesta, also known as Kumala Savesta, Kumalala Kumalala Savesta or Kumalala vs. Savesta, is a TikTok song and sound that went viral on the platform after a slowed + reverb remix was uploaded in early 2022. The song was inspired by a Kervo Dolo TikTok about how dudes get bullied in prison. The hip-hop song was used in multiple skits in April 2022. In May, TikTokers began portraying "Kumalala" and "Savesta" as two fictional rivals battling against each other in Kumalala vs. Savesta videos.


The origin of the "Kumala Savesta" song comes from a summer campfire jingle called "Flee, Fly, Flo" that traces back to music from the 1940s.[15] The song "Cu Ma La Be Stay" by Chubby Checker, originally recorded in 1964, is one of the earliest forms of the jingle (shown below, left). Another song titled "Oh, no! Not the Beast Day!" by Marsha Hunt was recorded in 1973 and reiterates the rhythm and sounds of Chubby Checker's song (shown below, right). Both aforementioned tracks lead with the lyrics, "Kuma La Vista"

Going into the 21st century, the aforementioned tracks transformed into a the campfire song "Flee, Fly, Flo," performed by schoolchildren around the world, specifically in Latin America and India (examples shown below).

On January 16th, 2022, TikToker[1] kervo.dolo posted a skit about, "How dudes be getting bullied in jail 😂" wherein, his character is being harassed by his cellmate in multiple ways. At the 00:36-minute mark, the bully character tells kervo.dolo to, "Do that song you was singing the other day night," thereby making kervo.dolo sing, "Kumalala, kumlala, kumala savesta. Nigga talkin' crazy Imma hit 'em in his chest 'a. Oh, nanana savesata." Over the course of four months, the video received roughly 33.7 million plays and 4.5 million likes (shown below, left).

On January 19th, 2022, music producer and TikToker[2] mackdaddy.andy posted a TikTok that showed him making kervo.dolo's "Kumala Savesta" into a song. The video included screen-recordings from Instagram of them in the studio and over the course of four months, it received roughly 94,400 plays and 12,200 likes (shown below, right). The lyrics and song, "kumala savesta," originated from an American camp song known as "Flee Fly Flo."[14]



On January 22nd, 2022, the YouTube [3] channel metzi posted a slowed remix of the song, earning roughly 112,600 views over the course of four months (shown below, left). Around the same time, a TikTok was posted by TikToker yvngxgxuap (since-deleted) that included the slowed + reverb remix. On January 25th, 2022, it was reposted to YouTube[4] by the YouTube channel Quotes_edits.231 where it earned roughly 291,800 views in four months (shown below, right).

Yvngxgxuap's TikTok sound started to be used by other creators going into February 2022. For instance, on January 26th, 2022, TikToker[5] 1ksimmons posted a video that earned roughly 16,200 plays in four months (deleted). In this early stage, the sound was being used by basketball TikTokers within a trend called, "If Your Name Starts With Your Dunk." For instance, on February 3rd, 2022, TikToker[6] codykellyy posted a video using the song that earned roughly 17.6 million plays and 1.5 million likes in three months (deleted).

On February 18th, 2022, Kervo Dolo uploaded the music video for "KUMALA" to YouTube,[7] earning roughly 205,100 views in three months (shown below).

Going into March and April 2022, the slowed + reverb remix received increased usage in shitpost content on TikTok. For instance, on March 8th, 2022, TikToker[8] cozy.boy_ posted a video that received roughly 7 million plays and 1.1 million likes in two months (deleted). On April 16th, 2022, TikToker[9] quandale_quantavious_ii posted an ironic "lightskin" meme that received roughly 3.6 million plays and 510,800 likes in two weeks (deleted).

Kumalala vs. Savesta

In April 2022 TikToker @quandale_quantavious_ii started shitposting memes using clips of TikToker @freddyt_smoove, often using "Kumala Savesta" remixes in the videos (examples shown below). Commenters began calling Freddy Kumalala and Savesta, many not knowing who he was.


In May, TikTokers began making videos similar to the Thinker Vs. format pitting two Black TikTokers, @thomsofficiel__ and @freddyt_smoove against each other, deeming the former "Kumalala" and the latter "Savesta." The first of these videos was uploaded by TikToker[10] @kenjikuna on May 23rd, 2022 in a video listing both as "Kumalala," gaining over 700,000 views in a week (shown below).


TikTokers uploaded further videos pitting the fictional "Kumalala" against "Savesta" over the following days, with viewers commenting referring to fictional lore about the two, calling it the "ultimate battle of the lightskins," and making reference to non-existent manga series about the two. Many users call them the "ultimate light skins," referring to Black people with skin that is a lighter shade. On May 26th, TikToker[11] @sigmawellbeing posted a video offering expanded lore on the two, saying Kumalala and Savesta "no longer ride for each other" because Savesta killed Quandale Dingle's son after Kumalala introduced him to Dingle, gaining over 5 million views in a week (shown below).


The TikToker[12][13] uploaded several follow-up videos expanding on the lore the next day, gaining over 200,000 views each in six days (shown below). He continued to upload videos expanding on the lore, mainly about Kumalala and Quandale seeking revenge against Savesta for the killing of his son. One video suggests Kumalala slept with Savesta's wife as an act of revenge. Other TikTokers also offered expansions and alternatives on the lore, always portraying the two as rivals fighting against each other.


On May 29th and 30th, TikToker @kantechs posted animations depiction Kumalala and Savesta going up against each other in the style of anime characters, gaining over 143,000 and 700,000 views respectively in four days (shown below, left and right). The animations suggest that Quandale Dingle taught Savesta how to fight, and Savesta betrayed Dingle by killing his son.


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