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Quandale Dingle

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Added by Phillip Hamilton • Updated 26 days ago by Zach

Quandale Dingle who tf goofy ass name is this bruh original meme and user login.
Category: Meme Status: Confirmed Year: 2021 Origin: Twitter Region:
Type: Participatory Media, Character, Parody,
Tags: tiktok, goofy ahh name, goofy ass name, quindale, raptv, aughhhh, quandale dingle meme, what is quandale dingle, spam, username, parodies,
Quandale Dingle who tf goofy ass name is this bruh original meme and user login.

Category: Meme Status: Confirmed Year: 2021 Origin: Twitter Region:
Type: Participatory Media, Character, Parody,
Tags: tiktok, goofy ahh name, goofy ass name, quindale, raptv, aughhhh, quandale dingle meme, what is quandale dingle, spam, username, parodies,
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Quandale Dingle is the name of a Pennsauken high school football player featured in a series of goofy ahh shitpost memes based on a viral screenshot of a PC login screen for a man with the name. The earliest known upload of the screenshot was posted to TikTok in September 2021 and went viral through reposts, inspiring further memes referencing the name and how ridiculous it is. In late 2021 throughout early 2022 people began using distorted images of people, mostly images of rapper NBA Youngboy, to represent Quandale Dingle in ironic memes. The name also inspired a trend where TikTokers create parody RapTV posts about Quandale.


Quandale Dingle is a senior football player at Pennsauken Football.[12] He is number 25 for the Pennsauken Indians. Quandale can be seen in a full football uniform in a November 12th, 2021 video of a game versus the Millville Thunderbolts uploaded to YouTube[13] by QBC TV (shown below).

10125 65 73

On September 13th, 2021, TikTok[16] user @asapfeet posted a video of a PC login screen for a user named Quandale Dingle, a black text box on top of the screenshot reads, "who tf goofy ass name is this bruh," gaining over 18,600 views in six months. The video has since been deleted (screenshot shown below). That day, Twitter[3] user @slashafilm posted a screenshot of the screen.

who tf goofy ass name | is this bruh Quandale Dingle


On September 14th, 2021, Instagram[1] user supremecheetos reposted a cropped version of the meme. The meme was reposted that day to Facebook[2] page Memes to satisfy the sophisticated gentleman, gaining over 1,000 shares and 2,000 reactions in six months. On September 18th, 2021, Instagram[4] user memixes reposted a 21st-Century Humor compilation from the private TikTok account @remsoios that begins with the image, gaining over 32,000 views in six months (shown below).

The strange nature of the name inspired further memes referencing it. On September 23rd, Instagram[5] user pastor.flacc posted an image of a dog with the name underneath, gaining over 2,900 likes in six months (shown below, left). On September 27th, Instagram[6] user ecco2ksdirtytoiletwater posted an image of a screenname "Aidan Dookie" writing in the description, "goofy ass name bruh😇😂 quandale dingle" gaining over 3,600 likes in a similar span of time. On December 20th, iFunny[7] user M3meGoblin posted an ironic image macro using the phrase "my companion Quandale Dingle" and an image of a Black man (shown below, right). It was reposted to Instagram[8] page daddy_chungles on February 3rd, 2022, gaining over 9,500 likes in a month.

RapTV Parodies

On February 12th, 2022, TikToker @seggs.guy posted a video where he creates a parody of a RapTV-style news post about Quandale Dingle, using an image of Twitter[11] user @ayedocc sitting on a set of stairs with a distorted head and hands to represent Quandale, gaining over 26,000 views in a month. The video has been removed.

The format became increasingly popularized over the course of the month. On February 14th, TikToker @obitra posted another meme like this, gaining over 300,000 views in two weeks (shown below). On February 22nd, the same TikToker posted another of these edits, using an edited image of rapper NBA Youngboy with a distorted nose as Quandale, gaining over 58,000 views in a week (shown below, right).


Continued Spread

The images of the @ayedocc with the distorted head and NBA Youngboy became the most prevalent representations of Quandale Dingle going forward, inspiring further TikTok memes and photoshops on Twitter and Instagram. On February 23rd, 2022, Twitter[9] user @epicbagelTikTok posted one of the images with the quote "Fortnite back then: *fun weekly updates* Quandale Dingle:" gaining over 30 likes in six days. On February 25th, Twitter[10] user @classicyeeter posted a Hood Network parody post using the Youngboy image (shown below).


On March 6th, TikToker[14][15] @fitnesscf posted a series of videos where he posts clips of the real Quandale, along with a series of DMs between himself and a Quandale impersonator, gaining over 48,000 and 66,000 views respectively in a day (shown below, left and right). The authenticity of the Quandale videos is unconfirmed and have since been deleted.

Quandale Dingle GotFunnyPictures TikTok Sound

On March 4th, 2022, the GotFunnyPictures TikTok[17] account posted an "explainer" video based on the Quandale Dingle meme. Over the course of three weeks, it received roughly 2 million plays and 381,200 likes.

TikTokers who watched the video then used KYM Editor-In-Chief Don Caldwell's voice to create their own humorous videos exploiting the original audio (examples shown below). On March 5th, TikToker[18] pyroed was the first to do so, splicing together a video of Rick Ross on a camel with other image macros, earning roughly 75,200 plays and 12,900 likes in three weeks. The video has been deleted. Others like TikToker[19] hotfurrysecks added their own videos using the sound, earning roughly 16,300 plays and 3,600 likes in the same amount of time (now deleted).

@perc30muncherr know your meme be like #foryou #quandaledingle #fypシ #knowyourmeme ♬ original sound – GotFunnyPictures


♬ original sound – GotFunnyPictures

Quandale Dingle Voice / It's Quandale Dingle Here

Around March 26th, 2022, now-deleted TikToker @ticklemytip, also on Instagram[20] @ticklemytipp, posted a video to TikTok compiling absurd meme clips and speaking as Quandale Dingle, saying, "What's up guys, it's Quandale Dingle here. I have been arrested for multiple crimes including battery on a police officer, grand theft, declaring war on Italy and public indecency. I will be escaping prison on March 28th. After that, I will take over the world." The original sound is still available on TikTok[21] and was used over 13,000 times by April 14th. On March 26th, the audio was uploaded to YouTube by Monkeu Lover, set to random video clips, gaining over 800,000 views in three weeks (shown below).

Ticklemytip continued to upload videos where he adds lore to the Quandale Dingle character before his account was removed from TikTok. On April 7th, he created a new TikTok[22] account @ticklemycheek, posting posting four new videos using the voice in a week, sometimes playing Quandale Dingle and sometimes another character with a goofy name. On April 5th, he posted a video to his Instagram[23] page using the voice to play the character "Albert Fingernoodle," gaining over 27,000 views in a week (shown below).

On April 10th, YouTuber[24] Hillary Shoe-bottom posted a compilation of several of ticklemytip's videos using the voice titled, "full quandale dingle lore," gaining over 27,000 views in four days (shown below).

Quandale Dingle's Graduation

On June 18th, 2022, TikToker[25] @goofygoober793 posted a video from Quandale Dingle's high school graduation ceremony. The video shows Quandale's name on a sheet of paper alongside other graduating students, then cuts to the principal announcing Quandale's name. Quandale walks on stage to applause to accept his diploma. The video gained over 7.1 million views in five days (deleted, reupload shown below).

@ertartaruga_ goofy ahh graduation #quandaledingle #foryou #viral #goofyahh #auuughhhhhhhh ♬ suono originale – ertartaruga04

On the same day, TikToker[30] @emanakhir_ posted a video captioned, "i graduated with quandale dingle." The video is taken by another graduating student and shows Quandale walking up to get his diploma as the student yells "Quandale Dingle!" The video gaiend over 1.2 million views in five days (shown below).


TikToker[26][27] @goofygoober793 uploaded two other videos of Quandale graduating over the following days, showing the graduating class in full. On June 22nd, the TikToker[28] uploaded a video from iShowSpeed's stream where he reacts to the graduation video, congratulating Quandale, gaining over 27,000 views in a day (deleted). On the same day, the TikToker[29] uploaded a video showing a close-up photo of Quandale and a clip of him accepting his diploma, gaining over 52,000 views in a day (deleted).

2022 Death Hoax

On April 27th, 2022, TikToker[31] @jaisvideos posted a fake RapTV headline announcing Quandale Dingle ended his own life above a reaction clip of Snoop Dogg crying, garnering over 3.8 million views in four months (shown below).


On May 22nd, YouTube[32] channel Speedy Boykins, the official clip channel for iShowSpeed, posted a clip from his stream where Speed reacts to a version of the meme with jump scares at the end, garnering over 5 million views in three months (shown below).

In August, TikTokers began sharing additional videos claiming Quandale Dingle is dead. On August 12th, TikToker[33] @assneethegreat posted a video like this, garnering over 2 million view in five days (shown below, left). A day later, TikToker[34] @kouzga posted a similar video, garnering over 26,000 views in four days (shown below, right). On that day, HITC[35] and SportsKeeda[36] reported on the videos, claiming Quandale's death is a hoax.



Various Examples

WHOS GONNA WIN THE AX ADAM XU ??? AL ADIL LALICIC Quandale Dingle AD Aidan Dookie Aiten vargas this mf named aid dookie" Invite QUINDARIOUS GooCH GOOCH DOOKIE DINGLE FIGHT [Gen 8] Random Battle Top 500 QUANDALE DINGLE Name 1 Quandale Dingle 1vlers 00 Boris Huang - YT 4 Always Simple Czim DMBOTYT 7 Alloutdragadarts Aqua AaviŞ HIGHEST ON THE GEN 8 RANDOM BATTLES LEADERBOARD??? 9. mar ingtlip.com NN N NNN N 3. Teacher: No homework over Break! Class: Ok. My companion Quandale Dingle: Braden ... @631Braden i used artificial intelligence technology to give quandale dingle a new outfit QUANDALE DINGLE *SPOTTED* IN YEAT'S NEW MUSIC VIDEO Eleonora | STREAM ABSTRACTIONS @worms3401 Quandale dingle spotted enjoying a bowl of delicious, grimy slop !! 4:09 AM - Feb 28, 2022 - Twitter for Android

Turkish Quandale Dingle

Turkish Quandale Dingle is a nickname given to a teenage boy who appears in a series of TikTok Rizz Party 'Carnival' boys videos dancing at his friend's sweet 16 party. The nickname is a reference to the meme character Quandale Dingle and was given to the boy for a perceivable resemblance between him and an edited photo of rapper YoungBoy NBA with a large nose, which is often used to visually represent Quandale Dingle. The meme is part of a larger series of memes on TikTok Rizz Party lore. The most viral videos of Turkish Quandale were uploaded to TikTok in mid-March 2024 and were popularized in early April through video edits and memes expanding on the fictional lore of Turkish Quandale Dingle.

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