James Bond Burger meme and format depicting Pierce Brosnan as 007 next to a hamburger.

James Bond Burger / Last Night I X Y Your Sister

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James Bond Burger refers to an image macro meme that reads, "Last night I [James Bond, Burger] your sister," using both an image of Pierce Brosnan, the sixth James Bond in history, and a McDonald's burger. It was made to confuse the meme's viewer in that the symbols don't form an actual phrase, however, multiple theories have been devised regarding the image's meaning. It was first uploaded to 4chan's /b/ imageboard in 2013. In the years following, it spread as an exploitable to other platforms like Reddit and Twitter. In the following years, additional variations of the meme were made using the phrasal template "Last Night I X Y Your Sister" with two images of other items replacing the original James Bond and burger. A notable variation is the Hitler Hot Dog meme that reads "Last night I [Hitler, Hot Dog] your sister."


On September 4th, 2013, GotFunnyPictures user amanda b. uploaded an image[1] to the internet database (shown below). It displayed a 4chan thread made within the /b/ imageboard that dated back to September 2nd, 2013. Visible in the screenshot, an anonymous user uploaded the original James Bond Burger meme, asking the other anons how they felt about it using provocative language. Subsequent anons tried to decipher the meme's meaning. The original 4chan thread has since been deleted.

茴言.dll 11 2:1 3 AM /b/ - Random /b/503881505 Last night i how does that make you f------ feel? your sister Replies:>503883635 >503884793 503884821>503884824 22503884947 >>5038853362250388596022503885967 >2503886194 >503886413 ▲ Anonymous 09/02/13 (Mon)23:32 No. 503881817 James Bond Low-Res Gross Burger? Replies: >503884926 09/02/13(Mon)23:33 No. 503881897 Anonymous File: (77 KB, 658x632, 1378092173046.jpg) Last night you 007 ed burger my sister? Replies: >503884248 >503884926 Anonymous Last night you secret agent meat pattied my girlfriend? 09/02/13(Mon)23:33 No. 503881954 Replies: >>503882413 >503884926 Anonymous you pierce brosnan burger my sister? Anonymous Last night I james bond hamburger your sister wut Anonymous I've f------ had it with you f------ bond burgering my sister. 09/02/13(Mon)23:34 No. 503882175 09/02/13(Mon)23:34 No. 503882197 09/02/13(Mon)23:34 No. 503882220 ▲ Replies: >503885490 ORR NISSAN OF OurGoal1s110% GREENVILLE Customer View Inventory Satisfactlon Last night I your sister


Going into the remainder of 2013, anons on 4chan continued to resurface the James Bond Burger meme, becoming a well-known reference on the website. In essence, the image was a riddle that doubled as an ironic and contextless meme. On October 4th, 2013, a 4chan user resurfaced the image for the first time (shown below, top). The screenshot was uploaded to Imgur[2] on the same day, earning roughly 1,200 upvotes in nine years. On October 28th, 2013, another 4chan user started a thread with the image (shown below, bottom), admitting in their caption that the picture was unrelated. Again, however, other anons adding to the thread tried to decipher the meaning. This aforementioned thread has since been deleted.

O File: 1380889759470.jpg-(45 KB, 536x476, Last night.jpg) GO a% O Anonymous 10/04/13(Fri)13:29:19 UTC+1 No.509247276 [Reply] 9 Replies: >>509250397 Last night I Me - "I think X is a pretty cool guy" Some f----- - "No way! I was walking once and saw X laughing/smiling/giggling! He's a psycho" I have heard numerous people say this. They honestly believe that someone who's smiling/giggling at something that's not apparent is because they're some insane maniac What the f---? Is that really the first conclusion a lot of people go to? What if X watched a Monty Python movie last night and is remembering a silly scene from it or something? Or a joke they heard? + 33 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click here to view. - O Anonymous 10/04/13(Fri)14:17:03 UTC+1 No.509250397 9 File: 1380892623496.jpg-(6 KB, 184x184, 1359487202624.jpg) E GI your sister >>509247276 (OP) last night i tomorrow never dies a quarter pounder with cheese your sister
File: 1382952358014.jpg-(5 KB, 250x222, 1375478601940s.jpg) O Anonymous 10/28/13(Mon)05:25:58 No.513094210 Last night I What is the most difficult university degree of all time? pic not related Replies: >>513094523>>513094721>>513095089>>513095354>>513095642>>513095756>>513095931>>513095948>>513096117>>513097046 >>513097240>>513098670>>513099353>>513100548>>513102324>>513103204>>513109643>>513114646 >> O Anonymous 10/28/13(Mon)05:28:10 No.513094379 File: 1382952490104.png-(100 KB, 251x238, 1382130966309.png) your sister Last night | Bond burgered your sister? Wat. Replies: >>513094445>>513094454>>513094589>>513094721>>513095567>>513095948>>513095970>>513097562>>513099226>>513102472 >>513103293>>513107439>>513107948>>513112594>>513114587>>513115176>>513119902

Possible Explanations

On January 29th, 2014, an anonymous user posted the image again (shown below), however, this time, another anon provided their theory on what the image meant. They stated, "Here we go again / >6th James Bond / >9th item on the McDonald's menu / >69 / It's 69 you f--ks." Although this thread has since been deleted, it is the first-known theory for the image's meaning.

File: 1391011336898.jpg-(46 KB, 536x476, image.jpg) O Anonymous 01/29/14(Wed)17:02:16 UTC+1 No.529726110 [Reply] Last night I + 46 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click here to view. >> O Anonymous 01/29/14(Wed)17:23:03 UTC+1 No.529728006 Here we go again >6th James Bond >9th item on McDonald's menu >69 It's 69 you f---- your sister >> Anonymous 01/29/14(Wed)17:23:10 UTC+1 No.529728012 >>529727468 newfag/10

Another theory emerged for the hidden meaning of the James Bond Burger image on September, 16th, 2014 (shown below). An anonymous user shared the image to 4chan, stating, "After months upon months upon months of these threads, I still don't get this f--king picture." Another anon replied to them, stating, "I pierced in and out of your sister," in reference to both Pierce Brosnan, known for being the 6th James Bond, and In-N-Out Burger. This thread has also been deleted.

Last night I your sister Anonymous 09/16/14(Tue)03:29:21 No.263712385 =>263712581 >>263712670 >>263712754 >>263713450 >>263713579 >>263713752 >>263714478 >>263714539 >>263714801 >>263714837 >>263715126 >>263715310 >>263715352 >>263715709 >>263715880 >>263716395 >>263717391 >>263719026 >>263723191 >>263724067 >>263724363 >>263726539 >>263727075 >>263712113 Anonymous 09/16/14(Tue)03:27:37 No.263712113 =>>263712385 >263715126 >>263720257 >>263709803 After months upon months upon months of these threads, I still don't f------ get this picture. I pierced in and out of your sister

On January 12th, 2015, Redditor awesomedan24 made a post to /r/4chan[3] titled, "The 'Bond Burger' Riddle Finally Solved." They posted a link to Imgur[4] that showed a screenshot of another 4chan thread, started on the same day. A different anon within the discourse resurfaced the "69" theory (shown below). Over the course of seven years, the Imgur post received roughly 31,600 views. Awesomedan24's Reddit post received over 690 upvotes in the same amount of time.

* O Anonymous 01/12/15(Mon)13:11:51 No.592224897 last night le triforced your sister! >> O Anonymous 01/12/15(Mon)13:12:18 No.592224963 :) > O Anonymous 01/12/15(Mon)13:13:50 No.592225142 File: in_and_out.jpg (30 KB, 483x373) >>592223934 (OP) Last night I pierced in-n- out of your sister. IN-N-OUT O Anonymous 01/12/15(Mon)13:14:43 No.592225259 To clarify the idiots that always try to explain this. Pierce Brosnan was the 6th person to play the iconic James Bond roll (before being replaced by Daniel Craig). The burger on display, (back in 2007) was the 9th combo burger at McDonalds restaurants in a majority of the United States.

On May 25th, 2019, the image surfaced again on 4chan, and within the new thread, another anon claimed to have been the creator of the meme, stating, "IT"S SILENTLY POUNDED / F--K. I MADE THIS ONE NIGHT AND THOUGHT PEOPLE WOULD GET IT…" (shown below).

O ITT: Forgotten memes of /tv/ past Anonymous 05/29/19(Wed)13:51:53 No.115776015 O Anonymous 05/29/19(Wed)16:28:12 No.115783989 v >>115784275 >>115784363 >>1157 epic.jpg (21 KB, 540x464) google yandex iqdb wait Anonymous 05/29/19(Wed)16:35:46 No.115784 bond burger.jpg (93 KB, 640x480) google yand >>115783989 Last night I O Anonymous 05/29/19(Wed)17:08:14 No.115785 >>115783989 BOND U O Anonymous 05/29/19(Wed)17:12:33 No.115786 1558982850856.jpg (97 KB, 838x838) google y >>115783989 wait a minute your sister O Anonymous 05/29/19(Wed)16:33:51 No.115784275 v >>115797959 >>115804233 >>115805011 U Anonymous 05/29/19(Wed)17:56:23 No.1 1553714039048.jpg (22 KB, 526x423) google yandex iqdb wait >>115783989 spy bun sister? >>115783989 >last night | Pierce Brosnan hamburgered your sister O Anonymous 05/29/19(Wed)20:42:28 No.1 >>115783989 you bondburgered my sister? O Anonymous 05/29/19(Wed)18:05:39 No.115788954 v >>115797815 O Anonymous 05/29/19(Wed)20:47:41 No.115797815 v >>115797959 >> >>115783989 It makes sense if you combine it with the architect meme >>115788954 >>115783989 >last night I had Pierce beef up your sister O Anonymous 05/29/19(Wed)18:36:10 No.115790509 v Anonymous 05/29/19(Wed)19:22:11 No.115792996 v >>115797959 >>115804233 >> >>115783989 So is it "pierced in n' out" or 69'd? >>115783989 It's "pierced the buns of" your sister. onymous 05/29/19(Wed)20:49:48 No.115797959 v >>115798746 >>115801022 >>115802446 >>115805011 >>115783989 >>115784275 >>115785879 >>115786088 >>115788420 >>115788954 >>115790509 >>115792996 >>115797506 >>115797815 ITS SILENTLY POUNDED F---. I MADE THIS ONE NIGHT AND THOUGHT PEOPLE WOULD GET IT. TURNS OUT YOU GUYS ARE ALL STUPID F------ MONGOLOIDS. O Anonymous 05/29/19(Wed)21:05:55 No.115798746 v O Anonymous 05/29/19(Wed)22:24:08 No.115802446 - >>115797959 no you retard it's bond burgered >>115797959 It's gun bunned Ao>RGERED

On January 19th, 2017, an image was uploaded to Imgur[7] that used the James Bond Burger meme as a template, erasing the images of James Bond and the burger and replacing them with images of a dog and Samuel L. Jackson (shown below). More meme creators going into the years followed this template.

Last night I your sister

On February 19th, 2019, Redditor BelialHaematemesis posted an explainer Peter Griffin meme from Family Guy to /r/explainitpeter,[5] earning roughly 2,900 upvotes in three years (shown below, left). On February 18th, 2019, Redditor CyberRobotnix posted a follow-up Family Guy explainer meme to /r/explainitpeter,[6] inserting Lois Griffin and earning roughly 1,100 upvotes in three years (shown below, right).

Last night I your sister LOL it took me a while to understand this meme, but it's so fr*cken hilarious once you understand it. The guy with the gun is James Bond, and that version specifically is the 6th James Bond. And the sandwich pictured is the #9 on the McDonald's menu! I'l let you figure this one out for yourself because my grandkids are in the room with me lol Last night I your sister LOL it took me a while to understand this meme, but it's so fr*cken hilarious once you understand it. The guy with the gun is James Bond, and that version specifically is the 6th James Bond. And the sandwich pictured is the #9 on the McDonald's menu! I'll let you figure this one out for yourself because my grandkids are in the room with me lol Bro! this is cringe! You explained the meme wrong! It's Pierce Brosnan and In n Out Borger! That means... he pierced in and out! LOL! Next time dont be unepic and explain the meme wrong! Hey kids, so I'm Peter's wife, Lois and if you don't understand what "cringe" means, it means looking at something and wanting to look away because it's either gross or despicable, in that context however it's des

Hitler Hot Dog

Hitler Hot Dog, also known as Last Night I Hitler Hot Dog Your Sister, refers to a variant of the James Bond Burger meme that adds Adolf Hitler and a hot dog to the "Last Night I X Y Your Sister" phrasal template. The image was originally shared on Reddit[8] in 2023, spreading across social media sites like Twitter / X in 2024. Many have tried to interpret the meme's meaning, with some highlighting a definition for "Hitler Hot Dog" on Urban Dictionary. However, the definition was created a day after the original post, potentially alluding to astroturfing.

Last night I your sister

Various Examples

007 Last night I Le Last night i earlater your sister Last night I Last night I your sister your sister your sister EXEI O INTERROGA OR. Mason! For the last time! Explain this meme?! What does "James Bond burger" my sister even mean?! I don't understand! Average Average 69 Fan Enjoyer Last night I your sister WHY DIDN’T YOU invite me to watch James Bond and eat burgers together? I'm so sad right now, we are not friends anymore Last night I Salisbury Steak th Griany! your sister


Last night I your sister

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