It's So Over / We're So Back

It's So Over / We're So Back

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It's Over / We're Back is a catchphrase used in memes to indicate an upturn and downturn of events, often humorously flipping back and forth between the two, sometimes endlessly. While the use of the phrase "We're Back" in relation to the Trump-related phrase It's Over can be traced to late 2021, memes about the two phrases only began to proliferate in 2022. In early 2023, the related catchphrase It's SO Over also resulted in a variant of this meme, causing a subsequent resurgence in the following months.


The phrase It's Over in combination with an image of a dejected-looking Trump became a prominent 4chan reaction image after 2016, with several memes using the phrase "It's so over" in early 2022. Use of the phrase "We're Back" in conjunction with "It's Over" in memes back can be traced back to 2021, with various Twitter users commenting on the relation of the two terms,[1][2] including an October 11th, 2021, post by Twitter[3] user @jawn_117 (seen below, left), and a December 6th post by Twitter[4] user @Chadsonlight (seen below, right).

Ra's al Gore @jawn_117 "WE'RE BACK WE'RE SO F------ BACK WE'RE BACK WE'RE BACK WE'RE BACK AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" "Oh it's over? Ahaha that's too bad, guess I'll cope!" K 5:55 PM Oct 21, 2021 : Chad @Chadsonlight It's over or we're back? You need to call it 11:33 AM . Dec 6, 2021 12 Retweets 1 Quote 114 Likes ...

The earliest known notable meme to use the phrase "It's Over / We're Back" is an April 17th, 2021, post by Twitter[5] user @shamshi_adad that gathered over 200 likes in over a year (seen below).

Marina @shamshi_adad it's over / we're back 10:25 AM. Apr 17, 2022 18 Retweets 7 Quotes 281 Likes :


On March 4th, 2022, Twitter[6] user @s4m31p4n posted a meme using the phrase "It's Over / We're Back," gathering over 500 likes in a year (seen below, left). On March 24th, the Twitter[7] account @Varangian_Tagma posted a meme using the phrase as well, gathering over 2,300 likes in a year (seen below, right).

ppigg @s4m31p4n it's over. we're back 10:11 PM Mar 4, 2022 23 Retweets 1 Quote 510 Likes : Varangian Chronicler @Varangian_Tagma 534: We're back 554: We're back 626: It's over 628: We're back 636: It's over 718: We're back 811: It's over 944: We're back 1014: We're back 1071: It's over 1091: We're back 1180: It's over 1204: It's over 1261: We're back 1305: It's over 1402: We're back 1453: It's over SPAIN FRANCE BYZANTINE EMPIRE Genoa Extent of the empire under Justinian I, 527-565 The empire in about 1020 The empire in about 1360 Corsica NORTH AFRICA Sardinia 10:11 AM. Mar 24, 2022 Venice. 0 ITALY Ravenna Rome. 200 Naples Sicily 0 100 200 300 mi *Syracuse 400 km SERBIA 280 Retweets 44 Quotes 2,305 Likes Danube THESSALONICA GREECE Athens Mediterranean BULGARIA MACEDONIA Constantinople R. egean Crete Nicea Black Sea Sea ASIA MINOR Cyprus PALESTINE EGYPT Trebizond SYRIA Jerusalem ... Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

On May 18th, 2022, the Instagram[8] page @rightwing.grifting posted a meme that used the phrase "It's Over / We're Back," gathering 40 likes in 11 months (seen below, left). On July 30th, the Instagram[9] page @monkey.posting posted a Stimulus Screen monkey meme that gathered over 7,000 likes in over seven months (seen below, right).

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday We're back It's over It's over It's over It's over It's over It's so over Restraint chair Recording electrode Juice reward mechanism "We're back" Minor success or failure "It's over"


IT'S OVER refers to a series of captioned image macros and reaction images using a person, character, animal or Wojak that is making a sad, defeated or depressed face.

It's SO Over

It's SO Over is a catchphrase used in parodies of a viral tweet by Twitter user @heartereum, who posted pictures of scantily clad AI-generated women with the caption "It's SO over" in January 2023, seemingly implying that AI would soon make the industry obsolete. The tweet caused much discussion on the app, but many mocked the implied premise that AI would replace humans. Parodies of the tweet read "It's SO Over" and show a comically disfigured character in their picture, a reference to how AI still has trouble generating accurately proportioned human beings.

It's Joever / We're Barack

In early 2023, memes depicting US Presidents Joe Biden using the phrase It's Joever spread on 4chan. That spring, they were joined by memes also featuring Barack Obama labelled "We're Barack" that punned on the "We're So Over / We're So Back" meme phrase.


Various Examples

YOUTUBE: "IT'S OVER" IT'S OVER WE'RE BACK ENTIRELY 100% YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT IT'S SO OVER IT HAS HAS ALWAYS BEEN OVER WE ARE BACK (LOOK INTO THIS) INSIDE YOU THERE ARE TWO WOLVES It's over F 这个模因是由&quoyb_9000 (创建的 We're back WHICH ONEARE YUO Severity of mania Severity of depression Mania Hypomania Euthymia WE'RE BACK WE'RE SO BACK bros....... Subthreshold depression Major depression Mixed state IT'S SO OVER bros.. Time IT'S OVER IT'S OVER (real) In the midst of "it's so over", I found there was, within me, an invincible "we're so back". we're so back it's over we're back it's so over jestin @jestingtime *going to sleep* it's over *waking up* we're back 7:35 AM Dec 15, 2022 305 Retweets 7 Quotes 2,664 Likes

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