green fn sland depicting alongside an image of peter griffin shooting a basketball

Green FN (Slang)

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Green FN is a slang term for "Green Fuck Nigga" that is particularly prominent on TikTok in the context of basketball clips. It is inspired by the NBA 2K video game series, where the quality of a player's basketball shot is measured by color, green being the highest quality. The term has been used ironically to comment on basketball players missing shots and sincerely to showcase a particularly stylish move, whether on the court or in another context. The slang term originated in early 2023 and spread again in early 2024 after it became a spam comment on TikTok.


In the NBA 2K series of basketball video games, the quality of a player's shot is measured by a color meter, and green indicates the highest quality shot.[1] In the winter of 2023, the phrase started being used on TikTok in videos to ironically comment on a basketball player's missed shot. For example, on February 23rd, 2023, TikToker @shaitard[2] joked about a missed shot with a sound created by user @braydentopg that featured a person saying, "Green fuck nigga," gaining over 245,000 likes in one year (shown below).

@shaitard LiAngelo with the bucket! #shaidaddy #shaisolos #shutupboubas #fyp #liangeloball ♬ original sound – Brayden🔛🔝


Roughly one year after the slang phrase was used to comment on NBA fails, the term was shortened to "Green FN" and began seeing use in more ironic videos. On February 20th, 2024, user losretrosluvr[3] posted a video with the term over a picture of Peter Griffin playing basketball, gaining over 454,000 likes in one week (shown below).

@losretrosluvr Green Fn #slideshow ♬ sunet original – tonilk_

Over the following week, the term was often used in captions to reposted videos featuring creator soufs_videos. For example, on February 26th, user @pantelis_fan[4] reposted a soufs_videos TikTok with "Green fn" in the caption, gaining over 646,000 likes in one day (shown below, left). The same day, user @uncjulianm[5] posted a TikTok explaining what the phrase meant, gaining over 3,200 likes in one day (shown below, right).

@pantelis_fan Green fn #basketball #minihoop ♬ original sound –

@uncjulianm I kept seeing videos not knowing what it meant #greenfn #fn #foryou #meme ♬ original sound – uncjulianm

Various Examples

@saulh.100 #rihh #greenfn #real ♬ original sound – green fn ❌ green fn ✅ #fyp #godxrd ♬ original sound –
@j_greenalrt Dont even play basketball😭#real #foru#greenfn ♬ original sound – mistifulplays

@ykxenoz #fyp #greenfn #familyguy #meme #mrtakethatrisk ♬ original sound – KYLE RICHH

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