Donald Trump's Letter From Pickle

Donald Trump's Letter From Pickle

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Donald Trump's Letter From Pickle refers to a letter written by a 9-year-old boy named Dylan (nickname Pickle) to President Trump that was read by Sarah Huckabee Sanders at a White House press briefing in July 2017. Online, the validity of the letter has been the subject of debate, leading some to write humorous parody letters and share them.


On July 26h, 2017, White House Press Secretary delivered the White House press briefing, reading statements from the administration and answering questions from the media. At the start of the briefing, she decided to read a letter from a 9-year-old boy named Dylan, who goes by the nickname "Pickle" (video below).

While she read the letter, Twitter[4] user @briantashman tweeted, "Sarah Huckabee Sanders is reading a letter from a 9-year-old nicknamed "Pickle" who had a MAGA hat birthday cake. I am not making this up." The tweet (shown below) received more than 150 retweets and 500 likes.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is reading a letter from a 9-year-old nicknamed "Pickle" who had a MAGA hat birthday cake. I am not making this up.


That day, Sarah Huckabee Sanders posted the letter from Pickle on Twitter.[1] The tweet, which contains an image of a letter that looks like it was written by a child, received more than 870 retweets and 3,400 likes in 24 hours.

Sarah Huckabee @SarahHuckabee Dylan aka Pickle thank you for your letter and hope to meet you soon! Dear Presi dent Trunp My name Dylan yeRss o land you are my fovit but My cake was the of your hqt. hye dont now whq peo pre dont I ka yau 50 ne you c an your FriRnd l a

Within minutes of the picture being uploaded to Twitter, people began posting mock versions of the letter that made jokes about President Trump's policies and controversies that ultimately question whether or not Pickle exists. One of the most popular, post on July 26th, came from Twitter user @jimpjorps[2] posted a letter that read "Release the piss tapes." The post (shown below, left) received more than 250 retweets and 1,200 likes.

Several news outlets reported on the response to Pickle, including HuffPo,[5] TIME,[6] Death and Taxes,[7]

my wonderful son Bortt has written his own letter to the president rus tofpt BDド Since this seems to be the only way to get Trump to listen, I wrote my own letter to the president Dear President橳繼TumP naMe is Dan an ears you are my [east +aw rite president hatelful pecsen Honyh l are you! Would release your tax re 「ns.工/can'ナ 工would take Millard lFi IIMOre very stvpid anl over VoU ores OU w.s wait ntil yovdre not,'the president i an o ther 3 neeks You friend, Omg I just found another letter written by young Dylan! enius and shul! sheuld also los- Th 6)

However, some were quick to comment on media response to pickle. Twitter[3] user @benshapiro wrote, "Hey media, you're mad at 9-year-old nicknamed Pickle?" along with a gif of a Deal With It sunglasses landing on a pickle with the caption "Dill With It." The tweet received more than 380 retweets and 1,500 likes in less than 24 hours.

Hey media, you're mad at a 9-year-old nicknamed Pickle? DILL WITH LT

Various Examples

d and yau ade ike yau so math efer dora you cansoy-躯 efe Hewoo President Twump. My name is Dylan Fawrber, but everyone call me Pickle. I am 7 years old and hate the capital gains tax, Per pool, 9-year-old "Pickle" asked Trump what we all want to know: "How much monny (sie) do you have?" 6117 Dear Presi dent Trvnp 憾 My name Dylan yeess o and you are myf oWit but Mu caue w as the 5KP Of your hat. haye? I dont now why peo pre dont 5 f y ou see e you can a y your friRad Dylan
l bet Pickle is not even real. I bet Pickle is Trump and he wrote the letter in crayons. I'm going to call him Pickle Miller from now on.. cl GIF Found this letter to the president from Pickle's friend Bobby. Dear Presi dent Tume y nane Bobby ou eve ry loody calls me Special ountil. 'm years ol ou are my fovrit res out you. Hous loia is the hite thouse? Ho much mom Do you hove 7 Where do you offshore ocCoun Vou scem tice can we be frienss?Do you haveany tnvends fron RusSia ? How many7 what re their names? Whe did I think I just found Dillion Pickle @SarahHuckabee #PressBriefing #DiPickles Rugrats Wiki wls CHARACTERS ▼ EPISODES ▼ MOVIES ▼ NICK WIKIS ▼ EXPLORE ▼ FORUM in: Rugrats Go Wild, Characters, Main Characters, and 31 more Dil Pickles 66 Mine! 9 RuaratsAll Growed Un All Grown Un Season 1 All Grown Up Season 2-5 - Dil Pickles Dylan Prescott "Dil" Pickles is the younger brother (by one year) of Tommy Pickles, younger son of Stu and Didi, and younger cousin of Angelica Pickles on the Nickelodeon shows Rugrats and All Grown Up!. Named after Didi's cousin, Dylan "Dil Prescott, he was born in The Rugrats Movie (released November 20, 1998). His name is a pun on dill pickles. He is voiced by Tara Strong. He's 3-4 months old, and likes to call Angelica "yucky" Contents [show] Dylan Prescott Pickles Description Dil Pickles is the youngest member of the Rugrats, and because he is just a infant, his big brother Tommy feels that it's his "sponsability" to teach him about things work in the world. Dil has a personalitly of a typical 3-month-old: all id. He wants everything NOW and will do whatever he can to get it. And once he does get it, he won't let go without a fight. Dil will wait unconsolably when frustrated, but he'll immediately stop crying when something else attracts his attention. While his tantrums are often annoying, he has the saving grace of all babies: he's irresistably cute. Rugrats Description from Klasky Csupo Also Known Dil Pickles As D" (by Tommy All Grown Up!) Drolly (by Angelica Pickles (Rugrats) Dilly (by Tommy) "DP" (by Charlotte in Al Grown Up!) GenderMale Birth Date Age August 28, 1991 3-4 months (Rugrats) 9 (All Growed

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