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Crocs In Sport Mode

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Added by Brandon • Updated 10 months ago by Zach
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crocs in sports mode vs relaxed mode meme
Category: Meme Status: Confirmed Year: 2019 Origin: Twitter Region: United States
Type: Catchphrase, Slang,
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crocs in sports mode vs relaxed mode meme


Crocs In Sport Mode, also known as Crocs Sports Mode vs. Relaxed Mode, is a catchphrase and slang term used in memes and other jokes revolving around the shoe brand Crocs and the different ways to wear them. Because of the two different ways to wear them with the strap either up or down, it is commonly memed that having the heel strap in the downward position is indicative of engaging in an athletic endeavor, meaning that they are in "sport mode" while the upward position is called "relaxed mode."


On January 29th, 2019, Twitter user @photosnfreckles[1] uploaded two pictures with writing on them to show the difference between the two modes, with the heel strap up being designated "relaxed mode" and the heel strap down being "sports mode," earning over 77,500 likes in three years and solidifying the idea of crocs having a sport mode to go faster in, based on her accompanying caption (shown below).

Alyssa Marie E @photosnfreckles tell me why we were running and taliah said "I CANT KEEP UP!!! MY CROCS ARE NOT ON SPORTS MODE!!!!" relaxed mode 12:37 AM - Jan 29, 2019 Twitter for iPhone -Sports mode I'm 22.9K Retweets 2,564 Quote Tweets 77.4K Likes ...


On December 9th, 2021, content creator JustinButlertv[2] uploaded a video to his YouTube channel titled "Dog Crocs in Sport Mode" in which he races his two dogs down a hallway while they are wearing Crocs in sport mode, taking the time to change his own Crocs from relaxed mode to sport mode. The clip gained over 4.8 million views in 11 months while popularizing the video trend of taking off your crocs to switch their mode as the video punchline (shown below).

On May 27th, 2022, YouTuber LightningChase[3] uploaded a Short in which a guy has his phone stolen before saying he has "the Croc 3000s" and after switching them into sports mode, begins to travel exceedingly fast towards the robber, catching him and earning over 150,000 views in four months (shown below).

Various Examples

VISUAL REPRESENTATION OF PUTTING MY CROCS INTO SPORT MODE NICE Y'all fellas wear your crocs in defense mode or attack mode When you put your crocs in sport mode I am speed crush: "I only like athletic guys" me: Better flip these bad mama jamas into sport mode 100 casual mode sports mode Just updated my crocks to winter mode, black socks, alum plow, and salt and pepper spreader on the rear. 45

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External References

[1] Twitter – origin

[2] YouTube – Sport Dogs

[3] YouTube – Lightningchase

Tags: crocs, sports, mode, running, crocs in sports mode meme, crocs memes, crocs relaxed mode meme,

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