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Chat Is This Real?

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Chat Is This Real? is a catchphrase referencing a question frequently asked by streamers to their viewers, aka "chat," if a story or piece of content that they're reacting to is real. The phrase was popularized by streamer iShowSpeed around March 2023 after clips of him asking the question, often ironically to obviously fake content, began to go viral, inspiring people to use it in similar ironic ways over faked content and as a way to ask people, "Can you believe this?"


YouTube streamer iShowSpeed commonly asks his chat, "Chat, is this real?" when reacting to content. He often asks the question ironically to content that has an obvious element of fakeness to it. For example, on March 20th, 2023, iShowSpeed uploaded the VOD of one of his streams to YouTube[1] in which, at the 50:40 mark, he watches a video of an AI-generated Elon Musk voice offering him a Tesla if he reacts to the video, asking the chat, "Is this real?" (shown below). The video gained over 1.4 million views in three months.


The clip of Speed saying the line was reuploaded by TikToker[2] @triplew3 on March 20th, 2023, garnering over 900,000 views in three months. It was also uploaded by TikToker[3] @ishowspeedfinest on March 23rd, garnering over 5.5 million views in roughly the same span of time. On April 26th, Twitter[4] user @ShootaCat posted an image of a sleeping kitten captioned "died," writing, "Chat is this real?" and garnering over 3,200 likes in two months (shown below).

Shoota @ShootaCat Chat is this real? died 10:32 PM - Apr 26, 2023 42.1K Views ...

The catchphrase became particularly prevalent on TikTok[5][6] throughout May 2023, used as a spam comment and in the descriptions of videos. On June 1st, Instagram[7][8] users tyroneisaurousrex and nocontext.twt used the phrase in the descriptions of posts showing fake Twitter posts, garnering over 16,000 and 5,600 likes, respectively, in six days (shown below, left and right). On June 3rd, the term was then defined on Urban Dictionary. [9]

PlayStation @PlayStation B 20 years ago today, we opened our hearts and our disc trays with the launch of PS2. Xbox @Xbox 1d Replying to @PlayStation Congrats on 20 years! 472 1,190 16.2K PlayStation @PlayStation Replying to @Xbox Shut the f--- up Punt P tyroneisaurousrex. Follow tyroneisaurousrex Chat is this real? 6d chicotortuga429 Doesn't matter if it's real, captured the playstation personality perfectly lol 6d 243 likes Reply amatory_ambiance Imagine if Sony and Microsoft got together and created a mega advanced console that both could sell and was cross compatible with all exclusives. 6d 70 likes Reply QV 16,148 likes 6 DAYS AGO Add a comment... 33 ♡ ♡ M Post Dream imagine going to school 23 102 @Dream Jan 4, 2023 Dream @Dream Jan 4, 2023 minors..... 17 000P 27 2 3 995 26 nocontext.twt. Follow nocontext.twt Chat, is this real? 3w punishedlexi dream inner monologue leaked 3w 98 likes Reply spider.ommy Its actually not real ^^ Its edited 3w 53 likes Reply — View replies (12) dumboyfriend need to put this on my story bad but cant risk the dream defense squad rushing to my abode 3w 506 likes Reply 5,630 likes MAY 13 D Add a comment... ... ♡ ♡ ♡ Σ Post

Various Examples

doctor c-- fart @DoctorCumFart chat is this real ITunes 73 129 300 Info Warrior Alex Jonez @infowarsjones69 BELIEVE ME, she has nothing on @MsBlaireWhite 3:31 PM-Jun 1, 2023 - 22.8K Views offer il 16K *** Fishsauce @DreamiThe May 27 CHAT IS THIS REAL Red the Angry Bird @AngryBirds - May 26 GIF 10 SOY 1 303 the birdsona creator just got a much needed pride flag update. warms my cold heart just a lil 2,976 ₁34.2K PRIMA ↑ Parker @swimp18 - Jun 5 Chat is this real? O 3 27 3 21 1,008 ال ←- Doing your mom in 8k 60fps @KonsyXD Chat is this real? 5:59 AM - Jun 3, 2023 581 Views . .... SpongeBob @SpongeBob 2458 BC please let me on the ark noah 1 238 56 n dailyironymemes Jun 3, 2023 at 7:12 PM Chat is this real?

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