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Boris Becker Prank Antagoniste

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Boris Becker Prank Antagoniste meme.


Boris Becker Prank Antagoniste is a viral Instagram Live video from French prankster and influencer Boris Becker in which he interacted with a man in a grocery store who acted like an "anime villain" after the influencer tried to steal a pack of cookies. The viral video then became the subject of redraws on TikTok in late April 2024, replacing the blond man with notable anime characters like Attack on Titan's Eren or Bleach's villain Aizen.


On April 27th, 2024, French influencer Boris Brecker went live on Instagram to prank an unknown man while he was in a grocery store. Brecker approached the man and said he was going to rob a small pack of cookies and that he was going to be his accomplice in the theft. The seven-minute interaction quickly escalated, as the blond man pressed the influencer to pay for what he tried to steal and was later uploaded on Becker's YouTube[1] channel, amassing roughly 23,000 views and 1,000 likes in two weeks.


Shortly after Becker's Instagram Live ended, clips of the interaction started to go viral on TikTok, being called the "Boris Becker Prank Antagoniste." For example, on April 29th, 2024, TikTok[2] user @oxfrz posted a redraw of a still image in which Becker is being pressed by the antagonist (shown below, left), replacing the man with Bleach's villain Aizen. The post amassed over 182,000 plays and 4,600 likes in two weeks.

On May 5th, TikTok[3] user @luka.ahoro recreated a scene from the Attack on Titan anime, replacing the characters with Boris Becker and the antagonist (shown below, right). The video amassed over 490,000 plays and 90,000 likes in four days.

@oxfrz C’EST L’ANTAGONISTE QU’IL PENSE ÊTRE ‼️ @mr_boris_becker @Mr.Borisbecker #aizen #aizensosuke #antagonist #antagoniste #borisbecker #borisbeckerprank #prank #bleach #tybw #bleachanime #bleachtybw #ichigokurosaki #ichigo #yhwach #johanliebert #ayanokouji #ayanokoji #meme #memes #speeddrawing #speedart #villain ♬ suara asli – R Y U U 神 – Yaa.

@luka.ahoro Un véritable antagonist d'anime ce Jacquemart ! 😨⚔️🪽🟩 #drawing #snk #fyp #fypシ゚viral #pourtoi #art #artist #manga #attackontitan #anime #aot #mappa #mappastudio #dessin #aotdrawing #sketch #animedraw #antagonist #borisbeckerprank #jacquemart #borisbecker #humour ♬ son original – Fasty Unboxing

Various Examples

@yasschbl05 Mdrrrr il est vraiment tomber sur un ouf😂 #borisbecker #vilain #antagonist #fou ♬ son original – Yasschb


L’antagoniste ultime

♬ son original – Lacrem

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External References

[1] YouTube – Best prank Mr.borisbecker

[2] TikTok – oxfrz

[3] TikTok – luka.ahoro

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