Kazuya Crying meme from Kanojo Okarishimasu.

Kazuya Crying

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This entry contains minor spoilers for the Kanojo, Okarishimasu (Rent-A-Girlfriend) manga series; read at your own risk.

This entry contains content that may be considered sensitive to some viewers.


Kazuya Crying refers to panels from the manga Kanojo Okarishimasu (Eng. Rent-A-Girlfriend) depicting the main character, Kazuya Kinoshita, imagining his rental girlfriend Chizuru Mizuhara having sex with another character named Umi Nakano, getting aroused by said thoughts and subsequently sobbing. The panels became widely criticized and mocked among the fanbase, with many posting memes around the chapter. In addition, the sequence has become the focus of a redraw series of memes.


On December 24th, 2021, eight pages of chapter 218 of Kanojo Okarishimasu leaked online.[7] The panels were posted to Twitter on December 28th by user @zerods_.[8] The chapter was officially published in Weekly Shonen Magazine[1] on January 5th, 2022. In this chapter, Kazuya Kinoshita in the public pool imagining Chizuru Mizuhara having sex with Umi Nakano, getting aroused by it and then subsequently sobbing (shown below).


The panels angered fans of the series, as they seemed to come out of nowhere and ruin Kazuya's character development.[7] They voiced their frustration to the manga's author, Reiji Miyajima, on Twitter and posted memes about their disappointment with the scene. For example, on January 1st, 2022, user @GiggukAZ[9] posted a Traumatized Mr. Incredible meme about the chapter, gaining over 1,700 retweets and 31,000 likes in four days (shown below).

The panels inspired numerous redraw memes featuring characters from various franchises. For example, on January 4th, 2022, Facebook[2] user Daniel Casco reposted fan art of Kaguya-sama: Love is War (originally from Adilem Monroy) using the panel as a reference. The post received more than 3,000 reactions and 970 shares in roughly 24 hours (shown below, left). On the next day, Facebook[3] page Princess Hinghoi uploaded fan art of Genshin Impact characters in the panel. The image received more than 4,500 reactions and 959 shares in less than 24 hours (shown below, right).

On January 5th, 2022, Twitter[4] user @Flugel_0 uploaded a redraw using Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu characters. The tweet received 287 likes and 71 retweets in less than 24 hours. On the same day, Facebook user Vincent Rodrigo reposted it to the "Re:ZERO Natsumiposting" group. The image received 402 reactions and 51 shares in less than one day (shown below, left). On the same day, Facebook[5] user Danna Marcela reposted a redraw featuring Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso character to "club de apreciacion de literatura animanga clasica ligera: zzzhipuden" group. The image received more than 2,700 reactions and 635 shares in less than 24 hours (shown below, right).

WHOOPS! Can't show that On KYM FLUGEL O WHOOPS! Can't show that On KYM

The meme also gained viral spread among Spanish users. For example, on January 5th, 2022, Facebook[6] user Jesus Uriel Rios Ayon uploaded a compilation of redraws, receiving more than 2,200 reactions and 1,300 shares in one day (shown below).

Jesus Uriel Rios Ayon 17 jam Β· O Rent a Girlfriend Compilation *- Lihat asli - Beri Peringkat Terjemahan Ini WHOOPS! WHOOPS!I Can't show Can't show that On that On ΚΞ₯Μ @aiko_odettart KYM Alado aerado WHOOPS! WHOOPSI WHOOPS! Can't show that On Can't show Can't show +21 that On that On KYM ΚΞ₯Μ KYM RUAZ MOMATO GUSTAUO 2,2 rb 419 Komentar 1,3 rb Kali dibagikan

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WHOOPS! @AxΒ’IE_11 Can't show that On KYM 0000 ANTA BAKA WHOOPS! Can't show that On ΚΞ₯Μ WHOOPS! Can't show that On ΚΞ₯Μ ADIA THE FINAL

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