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What's Up With Memes About Sundresses Being On Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs? The 'Railed In A Sundress' Trend Explained

4th of July has passed and the peak of summer is officially upon us. With the scorching summer heat comes undeniable summer thirst, a phenomenon that is perhaps best examined through the yearly "railed in a sundress" meme.

The Sundress Challenge is a trend that began in a very inappropriate fashion on TikTok, but eventually evolved into a mostly harmless trend that lathered compliments on women who wear pretty sundresses during the summer season. Here's how memes about sundress season began, and why these jokes have persisted every summer since 2021.

What Is The Sundress Challenge?

The Sundress Challenge is a trend derived from the phrase "sundress season," typically understood to be hot summer months when women show off their legs in breezy light summer sundresses. It was as early as 2017 that internet users began joking about the double innuendo behind "sundress season," with one Urban Dictionary user joking that a sundress gives one "easier access" to do the dirty.

Reuven 'GOT HIS DOLLY SHOT' Glezer @ReuvenGlezer TikTok has informed me of the "sundress challenge" and dear god y'all

By 2021, TikTokers began making videos about sundress season and the Sundress Challenge in particular, which is basically a form of sexual exhibitionism aided by the convenience of a sundress. A few weeks into the summer of 2021, TikTok had already banned the hashtags #sundresschallenge for promoting inappropriate content on the app.

How Did People React To The Sundress Challenge?

As both sincere and joking videos about couples participating in the Sundress Challenge spread on TikTok, other internet users began sharing their horrified reactions to the trend. While most people acknowledged that professional sex workers may have popularised the phrase, many warned others of the dangers of participating in such exhibitionism, getting caught, and being labeled as a sex offender for life.

...feet pics? atitsardanxiety y'all the sundress challenge it is exciting if ur into sex in public BUT it's not worth the risk if u get caught in public u have to register as a sex offender have a great day
Em @crystall_bby l'd like to remind you lot that doing the sundress challenge anywhere that is a public place is not only very illegal and gross but if you do that kinda s--- at beaches etc then children could see and you should both die.

What's The Connection Between Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs And Sundresses?

In June 2021, Twitter user @blahblahemily posted a meme using the Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid meme, joking about how getting "railed in a cute lil' sundress" would satisfy all her basic and superficial needs.

Self-fulfillment needs Psychological needs getting railed in a cute lil sundress Basic needs

What Is 'Railed In A Sundress Season'?

By 2022, people had come to expect memes, jokes and horny posts about sundress season. In particular, the phrase "railed in a sundress" began to gain traction online, as well as the inevitable backlash that comes with any too-popular meme. Twitter users began posting jokes about how they are dreading "railed in a sundress tweet season," as seen in the Ben Affleck Smoking meme shown below.

stoned cold fox @roastmalone_ excited for the sun but then I remembered we're approaching "railed in a sundress" tweet season

For the full history of "railed in a sundress," be sure to check out GotFunnyPictures's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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