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Coconut-Pilled, sometimes spelled Coconutpilled or Coconut Pilled, is an internet slang term used primarily by progressives and former Kamala Harris critics who express semi-ironic support of the vice president replacing Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee for president in the 2024 Election. The term is inspired by Harris' infamous "Fell out Of a Coconut Tree" quote, signaling that those who are "coconut-pilled" are embracing Harris' bizarre tics and weirdness.


On May 10th, 2023, the GOP War Room YouTube account posted a video of American Vice President Kamala Harris delivering an anecdote about how her mother used to "give us a hard time" and say, "I don't know what's wrong with you young people, you think you just fell out of a coconut tree? You exist in the context of all in which you live and what came before you." The video received roughly 23,000 views in four months (shown below).

The clip became a meme and was used to criticize Harris in the following months and is arguably the most famous of an extensive collection of videos featuring her acting bizarrely or saying surreal quotes.

However, following President Joe Biden's alarming performance at the 2024 CNN Presidential Debate, some Democrats and others online voiced that Harris should step in and replace Biden as the nominee in the 2024 election.

On June 28th, 2024, Twitter / X user @QueenRayna1337[1] responded "The libs are becoming coconut pilled" to a tweet by @hopelesslystoic asking about Kamala Harris. Though the tweet only gained two likes in one week, it is the earliest known instance of the term appearing online (shown below).

Siddharth Kamala auntie where you at 3 271 um j @hopelesslystoic ⚫ Jun 28 17 lil 278 Rayna @QueenRayna1337 The libs are becoming coconut pilled O 12:39 AM Jun 28, 2024 42 Views


Over the following days, calls for Biden to drop out from Democratic insiders and politicians grew louder. While it's not definite that if Biden were to drop out, Harris would take his place as the nominee, she is seen as the most likely replacement by many.[2]

This led to a surge in ironic memeing supporting Kamala Harris, as people once critical of her began to jokingly embrace her oddities and make memes casting quotes like "coconut tree" and "What Can Be, Unburdened by What Has Been" as positives.

The term for this switch was dubbed getting "coconut-pilled" in several viral posts on Twitter. For example, on July 2nd, 2024, Twitter user @KELLYWEILL[3] tweeted that the ironic KHive posting was "the most energized the twitter Dem electorate has been in about a year." She added, "I think there’s probably something optimistic in that. call yourself ‘coconut-pilled’ or whatever." The post gained over 730 retweets and 12,000 likes in one day (shown below).

Kelly Weill @KELLYWEILL ironic khive posting is unironically the most energized the twitter Dem electorate has been in about a year and I think there's probably something optimistic in that. call yourself 'coconut-pilled' or whatever. declare yrself a context fan. we might actually twet thru this one 7:49 PM Jul 2, 2024 447.9K Views

On July 3rd, journalist Mehdi Hasan[4] tweeted an argument that Harris should replace Biden as the nominee, tweeting the article with the phrase "I'm coconut-pilled," gaining over 150 retweets and 1,200 likes in a matter of hours (seen below).

(zeteo Mehdi Hasan @mehdirhasan I've been coconut-pilled: DI The Cuordion Opinions Kamala Harris may be our only hope. Biden should step aside and endorse her | Mehdi H... From theguardian.com 1:07 PM ⚫ Jul 3, 2024 68.1K Views

Various Examples

noir @NoirGod_ Malarkey leaving my body after I get coconut pilled • 5:50 AM Jul 3, 2024 314 Views Adam Johnson @adamjohnsonCHI Harris just passed Biden on the Predictlt betting market for the nom, for whatever that's worth. Probably not much but the market is coconut- pilled Who will win the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination? Contract Latest Yes Price Best Offer Kamala Harris 43¢ 6¢* 43c Buy Yes B Joe Biden 42¢ 20* 43¢ Buy Yes B Gavin Newsom 10¢ NC 11¢ Buy Yes B Gretchen Whitmer 9¢ NC 9¢ Buy Yes B Michelle Obama 9¢ NC 10¢ Buy Yes B 12:34 AM Jul 3, 2024 241.2K Views meredith @merrycat45 ... "And as the Democratic base was rapidly losing confidence in Joe Biden I had to wonder....was ...coconut pilled?" 10:24 PM ⚫ Jul 2, 2024 504 Views • JH is unburdened by what has been 705 @writeclimbrun me, coconut pilled **** ****** You think you just fell II GIF out of a coconut tree? OF THE 9:14 PM Jul 2, 2024 1,677 Views ... Ken Klippenstein @kenklippenstein my timeline is full of people saying they're coconut pilled and pod save types calling for biden to step aside. weirdest week in politics i have ever seen 9:47 PM Jul 2, 2024 237.6K Views Damin Toell @damintoell We're cringe-maxxing and getting everyone coconut-pilled Zombie Dodge @Zombie Dodge3360 • 1h Replying to @damintoell If it's Kamala, she has to either stop this kind of thing entirely or triple down and self-consciously go all-in on the cringe. 3:04 PM Jul 3, 2024 2,321 Views

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Considering Biden's age and senility, she might as well be who democrats vote for, anyway.

(For you non-Americans, if the president dies in office, the next in line to take their place is the vice president, which notably is not carried out via. election once it happens. For reference, last time this happened was when Lyndon B. Johnson was elevated after John F. Kennedy's assassination)


in reply to Plebamus Maximus

Well, first:
1) Its because she's just not an inspiring figure, or particularly charismatic.

2) Tulsi Gabbard ruined her by bringing up her public record as a holder of government office, in which she seemed to abuse her power as a Prosecutor.

3) She a cop.

4) She has obnoxious fans and supporters, who view her as the second coming of Sojourner Truth.

And then, theres all this. Here, let me link you:
5) https://www.tumblr.com/sindri42/626225055852052480/get-to-know-kamala-harris


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