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Your/Our refers to a series of four-panel image macros that jokes about the singular possessive pronouns in company names, such as YouTube and MySpace, by juxtaposing them against angry-looking photographs of historical figures whose political interests lie in community rather than selfish needs. The punchline of the joke comes in the bottom two panels, where a picture of the same figure smiling is shown next to the company's name changed from a singular possessive pronoun (your) to a plural possessive pronoun (our). Similar to Drakeposting.


On September 28th, 2017, Redditor [1] willemHE posted a four-panel image macro on the /r/DankMemes subreddit. The picture features communist leader Josef Stalin next to the logo for YouTube on top, and Joseph Stalin smiling next to a photoshopped version of the YouTube logo, now reading "OurTube." The joke being that communism focuses on the collective rather than the individual, so YouTube would irritate Stalin, who would prefer the more communal "OurTube." The post (shown below) received more than 4,600 points (96% upvoted) and 30 comments in 24 hours.

Stalin meme about Youtube needing to be named OURtube for him to like it


Shortly after posting to /r/DankMemes, Redditor Faoneus posted the meme on the /r/MemeEconomy subreddit. Within 24 hours, the post received more than 200 points (95% upvoted).

Over the next 24 hours, Redditors continued to post variations of the meme. Occasionally, the bottom quadrants of the image would not change the name of the company to something involving community, but rather make a pun about the pronunciation, i.e. "my" and "mao," (shown below, center) in reference to Chinese communist leader Mao Zedong, and "mine" and "mein" (shown below, right) in reference to Adolf Hitler, Nazi leader and author of Mein Kampf.

Sad Stalin of Know your Meme and smiling Stalin for Know Our Meme Chairman Mao delighted to learn My Little Pony is now Mao Little Pony Hitler not happy at Minecraft, and smiling at Mein Kraft

Various Examples

Stalin reluctant at Mein Kampf and happy at OUR Kampf Stalin not happy at Minesweeper but is smiling at OURsweeper Maospace instead of MySpace
My Computer files become OUR computer files under communism Your/Our meme example Drake post about preferring OUR nigga instead of MY nigga in casual conversation

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