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Winton or Winton Overwat refers to memes and jokes made about a character named Winston in the 2016 multiplayer first-person shooter video game Overwatch. The jokes revolve around a misspelling of Winston's name, a super-intelligent gorilla scientist and one of the main playable characters in the videogame series, and the game's title.


On May 9th, 2017, a user named Chum posted a meme featuring Winston from the videogame series Overwatch to Amino,[1] alongside a caption that contained a misspelling of his name, reading "winton does a reminder to done science, not drug." The post received eight likes in over five years and is the earliest known mention of the misspelled name (seen below).

winton does a reminder to done science, not drug Chum 09/05/17

The earliest viral instance of the meme "Winton" was in a March 29th, 2019, Reddit[2] post by FungusXd to /r/comedyheaven, featuring a screencap from an in-game conversation where somebody misspells the gorilla's name. The post gathered over 13,000 upvotes in over three years (seen below).

13.1k winton ( submitted 3 years ago by FungusXd 148 comments share save hide give award report crosspost hide all child comments dva or mokey ]: monkey? winton


In May 2016, Blizzard released new Overwatch merch to its store, including a Winston plushie.[3] The plushie soon began to be featured in various Overwatch memes, with the earliest known meme image of the plushie being an April 7th, 2019, post to the subreddit /r/Overwatch_memes by an unknown Redditor.[4] The post gathered 50 upvotes in three years (seen below, left). The plushie made an appearance in subsequent Reddit posts, including one posted by Redditor Andreeeeeeeeeeeeeee3 to /r/Overwatch_memes on February 28th, 2020, gathering over 1000 upvotes in nine months (seen below, right). [5]

Who would win? A cybernetically enhanced, futuristic robot ninja Jua One jumpy boi my metamorphosis begins... oh god my flesh is melting horrific.otherwordly sounds. the form they promised me is great but my transition shall be agonizing AAAHHHHHH OF GOD PLEASE KILL ME Our Father, whe heaven hallowed be thy kingdo thy will earth as THE

The misspelling and the plushie also made an appearance in several TikTok videos after the October release of Overwatch 2, with TikToker[6] @spiderdum posting a gameplay video on November 7th, 2022, and gathering over 800,000 plays and 120,000 likes in a month (seen below, left). On November 16th, TikToker[7] @yawnymays posted a video of someone saying "Winton" as they played Overwatch together, gathering over 1 million plays and 200,000 likes in two weeks (seen below, right).

@spiderdum Winton #fyp #foryou #winton #winston #overwatch #overwatch2 #sigma #whatisthatmelody #GenshinImpact32 ♬ WHAT IS THAT MELODY – 💙🪐Lucy🪐💙

@yawnymays WINTON! #overwatch2 #overwatchclips #overwatchtrolling #overwatchfunnymoments #winstonoverwatch2 #frontpageforyou #streamer #overwatchtroll ♬ original sound – Yawny Mays

Various Examples

My Boi Wonston has seen better days BLIZZARD Blizzard Sponsored Gear you'll love from the games you love! J ... X girl on instagram winston plush 15 likes 20000 likes 100 this says a lot about our society!!!!!!! OKAY, BUT NOW I WANT A 'NO WAY HOME' STYLE MOVIE WITH THESE 36 = Wintonark Natural Area Winton Park Natural Area Park Directions Save O Nea East Windsor, CT 06088 Add a label Send to phone Q X Share Restaurants Turks Island Layers Hotels Connecticut River Attractions Transit P Parking HOLY S---- Pharmacies ATMs Winton Rd Imagery ©2022 Google, Imagery ©2022 M Winton td Google Imagery ©2022 Maxar Technologies, U.S. Geological Survey, USDA/FPAC/GEQ, Map data ©2022 United States Terma Winton Rd Winton Rd Privacy Send feedback 100 ft L Bombo Me watching helplessly as the witch rips my best friend to pieces (she put me under a curse that turned me into a plush winston and prevents me from feeling any emotion or moving a muscle, I want to scream in horror but I cannot. I know I'm next.) IG: n3rdy.andre

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