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Vector is the main villain from 2010 animated film Despicable Me. Starting in 2017, concept art of the character in a wingsuit has been used in memes, while in March 2019 edits of the scene in which Vector reacts to his defeat by saying "oh poop" were circulated on Instagram.


On July 9th, 2010, Universal Pictures-produced animated film Despicable Me premiered in the United States.[13] The film follows supervillian Gru, who is opposed by another villian Victor "Vector" Perkins, voiced by Jason Segel.

Vector! That's me. Because I'm commiting crimes with both direction and magnitude! Oh yeah!



VectorFlightSuit.jpg refers to a concept art of Vector in a wingsuit. Online, the image has been circulated as a form of shitposting, sometimes paired with such phrases as "Committing crimes with both direction and magnitude" and "You just got Vectored".

On March 26th, 2009, color artist Sergio Casas posted a selection of concept art[1] made during his work on 2010 animated film Despicable Me on his personal website. The selection included a color study of the character Vector donned in an orange-and-white wingsuit and helmet, with the filename of the image being "VectorFlightSuit.jpg".

The image saw initial use in memes in January 2017, with the earliest posts utilizing the image appearing on Instagram and iFunny (scraped images from January 2017 shown below), with several notable early edits created by Instagram user ty4freedoge.[2]

I'd like to see North Korea try and get through our Air Force 100 @ty4freedoge I love fine art

On March 2, 2017, Redditor[3] Ewals 1234 made a post titled "Vector memes seem to be on the rise. BUY BUY BUY" in /r/MemeEconomy subreddit. The post gained over 290 upvotes in six months.

dont come to school tomorrow

The image saw moderate use in edits in the following years. For example, July 31st, 2017, Reddit[4] user kool_kolumbine_kid posted an edit of Dark Knight Rises Blu Ray cover, gaining over 2,900 upvotes in six months. Another edit, posted by Redditor[5] iConfigurator on July 14th, 2017, gained over 1,900 upvotes in the same period.


On March 3, 2019, Reddit[6] user Endhog posted an Minecraft Armor Parody edit of VectorFlightSuit.jpg. The post gained over 13,900 upvotes in six days.

Following the post, a surge of Vector-related memes took place on Instagram. On March 6th, 2018, Instagram[7] user toucher_of_cancer posted a video creating a Minecraft block replica of the image (shown below). The post has since gained over 530,000 views and 85,000 likes in two days. On the same day, Instagram[8] user bearboob posted a T-Pose edit of the image, with Vector taking place of Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio, Brazil. The post received over 22,600 likes in the same period.

"Oh Poop" Remixes

In his final scene of Despicable Me, Vector, defeated by Gru, finds himself stranded on the moon. When he realizes his situation, Vector reacts to it by saying "oh poop".

In March 2019, the scene saw heavy use in remixes on Instagram. On March 11th, 2019, Instagram[9] user h6n3y posted the first known edit in which Vector found himself next to the Casting Couch. The video gained over 195,000 views and 25,700 likes in three days.

In the following days, more edits of the scene appeared on Instagram, with notable examples created by users cold_lasagna_,[10] toucher_of_cancer[11] and ampostnapkin.[12]

Various Examples

Oh yeah! You fricking moron. You just got in 20g Tag your friends to totally Vector! them in both direction and magnitude dont come to school tomorrow
Wanted to go to Heaven What if You ninolive Vector! That's me 'cause I'm committing crimes with both direction and magnitud But god saidOh, yeah! AT&T LTE 3:59 PM % 54% vector despicable me Google Search kylo ren shirtless meme Google Search you know i had to do it to em Google Search hardcore roblox p--- Google Search Google hardcore roblox p--- ALL VIDEOS IMAGES NEWS MAPS hardcore roblo× p--- :D-YouTube YouTubewatoh Fob 20, 2012-read the toxtbox for Iolz Staring Private Done

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