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Tiger Woods Playing Poker

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Tiger Woods Playing Poker meme.
Category: Meme Status: Submission Year: 2024 Origin: X Region: United States
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Tiger Woods Playing Poker meme.


Tiger Woods Playing Poker refers to a viral image used in various memes depicting American golfer Tiger Woods appearing somewhat haggard at a poker table with his thinning and bald head. The memes, emerging in early June 2024 as captioned reaction images, were primarily posted on X, which used Woods as an avatar of different feelings experienced by users, many of them related to exhaustion or depression.


On May 31st, 2024, Tiger Woods played poker at a charity event, in his first public appearance since a mid-May golf tournament.[1] Professional poker player Matt Savage then posted a photograph (seen below) of Woods at the event on May 31st, earning over 4,900 likes in the course of four days.[2]

Matt Savage @SavagePoker The GOATS @Tiger Woods and @Phillvey! essentia 10


On June 1st, 2024, memetic usages of the picture similar to those from earlier in 2024 of the Tiger Woods Shaking Hands With A Tree and Big Dog memes began to proliferate. For example, X user @willdefries posted a viral early version of the meme on June 1st (seen below), earning over 15,000 likes in two days for using Woods to describe the consequences of a rough night out.[3]

will defries @willdefries bachelor party, night three, went too hard the first night, rebounded even harder day two, all catching up to you post-steakhouse dinner when you're four figures down and don't think it will hurt more to lose a thousand on top of it because you're already at rock bottom, early flight out looming hard when you realize you're operating on muscle memory alone and won't be able to sleep, yeah let's do one more double ketel and soda please

X user @netcapgirl used Woods to depict the feeling of starting work again on June 2nd, a Sunday, earning over 46,000 likes in the course of one day (seen below).[4]

sophie @netcapgirl Jun 2 when you're back at your desk monday morning, doing the most soulless work imaginable, and your boss comes by and says "hope you got some rest this weekend, big week ahead!" O essentia 69 4.6K 46K ill 3.4M

The picture also made its way to Reddit, where it was posted on the /r/poker subreddit with goat emojis used for the title. The post, made on May 31st, 2024, received over 450 upvotes and 100 comments in three days, with many users debating about Tiger Woods' appearance and how it might be due to age or sun exposure. Some commenters also made jokes about what may have been going through his mind, like Redditor zzzzarf who earned nearly 200 likes in three days (seen below).[5]

zzzzarf 3 days ago When the maniac rips it in with 620 pre and you call with QQ and the flop comes 662 Uu 196 Reply Share Sweaty_Box_69 • 3 days ago Tigers on all the ambien. 23 Reply ↑ Share

Various Examples

essentia Ashley Clark @_Ash_Clark Jun 1 Tiger Woods is turning into a character actor from a John Cassavetes film Votto @Votto007 Jun 1 Saturday night turn up essentia MISSERHANK @Misserhank ⚫ Jun 1 When ur girl runs thru the Taylor's Version albums again on ur 12 hour road trip. Autism Capital @AutismCapital • 22h Tiger Woods looks like a VC trying to get us to meet him for Xiao Long Baos. essentia 27 12 236 32K

essentia Mike Beauvais @MikeBeauvais • Jun 2 Tiger Woods has the kind of sadness in his eyes you normally only see in Walmart seasonal staff two days before Christmas. Votto @Votto007 • Jun 1 Saturday night turn up О sophie @netcapgirl. 7h starting working on monday remembering there are 10 year olds on tiktok worth millions and roaring kitty is about to be a billionaire essentia 16 1763 885 111K essentia tantum @QuasLacrimas Jun 2 The man's name is Tiger Woods, it's his fate to open a Chinese herbal medicine shop ilych the Dialectical Paxton @dialectical_p. Jun 2 Is it just me or does he look less black and more Asian every year?



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