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The Guy Game is a 2004 adult trivia video game inspired by the Girls Gone Wild video series released in 2004 for PlayStation 2, Xbox and Windows. In the game, the player is tasked with answering multiple-choice questions and playing minigames, with the gameplay complemented by footage of young women in bikinis on spring break. The Guy Game notably became a subject of controversy in the years following its release due to a lawsuit filed by one of the models who appeared in the game who was underage at the time but used a fake identity to get in.


On August 31st, 2004, the adult video game The Guy Game was released by Topheavy Studios for PlayStation 2 and Xbox.[1] On December 22nd, 2004, the game was released for PC. A trivia game, The Guy Game is split into a series of four-round episodes in which the game's hose, comedian Matt Sadler, asks young women on spring break (referred to as "Hotties") a series of trivia questions.

Besides answering the questions correctly, the player can earn bonus points by guessing if the contestant will answer the question correctly, which contributes to the player's "Flash-o-Meter." The level of the "Flash-o-Meter" indicates whether the player will be rewarded with a censored, pixelated or uncensored shot of the contestant flashing the camera (gameplay clip shown below).

Following its release, contestant Diane featured in the last episode of the game filed a lawsuit against developer Topheavy Studios.[2] Diane, who exposes her breasts in the game, was a 17-year-old minor at the time of filming the segments but provided a fake identification card to the producers of the game. The lawsuit resulted in a temporary injunction against further distribution, after which Toplheavy Studios ceased further distribution of the game.[3]


The Guy Game was met with generally negative reviews. On Metacritic,[4] the PlayStation 2 version of the game has a 48 rating with 20 critic reviews. GameSpy[5] rated the game 1/5, with the summary reading "virtually no gameplay; boring trivia; too tough for its own good" IGN[6] writer Douglass C. Perry rated the game 7.7 out of 10, citing "boobs" multiple times in the summary.

Use in Memes

In the late 2010s, the game achieved significant notoriety online due to one of the contestants in the game being underage at the time of filming. On February 11th, 2018, YouTuber[7] Scott The Woz uploaded a review of the game that garnered over 1.4 million views in six years (shown below). The review mentioned the incident and helped spread awareness of it online.

On September 10th, 2021, YouTuber[8] Caddicarus reviewed the game as a part of his "The Forbidden World of BANNED Games" video. In the video, Caddicarus mentions the controversy and burns his copy of the game. The upload (shown below; 39:43 mark) garnered over 5.1 million views.

I am holding a disc that contains illegal boob in it, aaaaaagh! It's got to be destroyed, I can't let anyone get their hands on it ever again! And more importantly, it doesn't match with my PS2 shelf!

On June 28th, 2024, X[9] / Twitter user @jab50yen posted a photograph of the Xbox version of the game being sold for $250 at a booth at TooManyGames video and board game convention in Pennsylvania. The post (shown below) garnered over 1,900 reposts and 18,000 likes in three days.

FOR 7:02 PM - Jun 28, 2024 - 75M Views Jab @ TooManyGames @jab50yen $250????? 908DCD LU $199.99 THE SILVER STAR $259.99 SEGA A SEGA E SECA Enemy Zero (SAT) 25030X THE GUY GAME MATURE 17+ M N A< $9 150 Wi

The post was followed by an influx of memes about the game. For example, on June 28th, 2024, X[10] user @RealYouTubeKids posted a Sandwiches at a Cheap Price meme about the game that received over 1,700 reposts and 38,000 likes in three days (shown below, left). On June 29th, X[11] user @_GoroMajima_ edited controversial streamer DrDisrespect onto the cover, with the post (shown below, right) garnering over 40 reposts and 2,100 likes in two days.

250 dollar CHILD P--- P--- at a cheap price!?!? Satisfactory ONLY FOR ME BOY OR DCD SEGA 0004 LU ALL THINGS $199.99 Lunar The Silver Star THE SILVER STAR A SEGA E ENE 25030X LTHINGS ALL T VLOGAMES $259.99 Enemy Zero (SAT) 010086810769 THE GUY GAME MATURE 17+ M CONTENT BATED BY SECA A NG ALL THINGS D Wi

Various Examples

PhanTum926 @PhanTum926 "I WILL be buying this." 10:26 PM ⚫ Jun 28, 2024 - 582.5K Views Ds is i @Ds_is_i ... I JUST FOUND OUT THE ORIGINAL FOUNDER OF RETRO STUDIOS WHO WORKED ON METROID PRIME 1 CREATED THE GUY GAME AFTER BEING FIRED AT NINTENDO FOR USING COMPANY BUDGET TO MAKE A P--- SITE METROID PRIME 4:48 PM ⚫ Jun 29, 2024 416.1K Views MATURE 11 COLEDBUR THE GUY GAME Reevie @reevierat the guy game or the family guy game MATURE SL THE GUY GAME 2:39 PM Jun 29, 2024 · 66.2K Views EXERCIS FAMILY GUYL
XBOX PS2 Wayton GAMECUBE GAMECUBE MATIN IN XBOX THE GUY GAME PlayStation.2 MATURE M THE GUY GAME GATHERING THE GAMECUBE DOES NOT HAVE A PORT OF THE GUY GAME CONCLUSION: THE GAMECUBE WINS Vinluv Anton Handesbukia #thankyouzaslav @missed_cheese Don't make me defend “the guy game" you absolute imbecile Anonymous 08/14/20(Fri)00:35:47 No.137856716 1597289582895.jpg 48 KB JPG SHE WAS 17 YEARS 364 DAYS 23 HOURS 59 SECONDS 999 MILISECONDS OLD YOU SICK F--- LY FOR ME BOY MATURE 17+ M CONTENT RATED BY 6:44 PM · Jun 29, 2024 11.1M Views Jab @ TooManyGames @jab50yen Apparently this tweet made con security aware and they're looking for the booth to shut it down lol, Godspeed Jab @ TooManyGames @jab50yen ⚫ Jun 28 $250????? • SEGA 3.000€ ALL THINGS A SEGA $259.9 Enemy Zero (SAT) 25030X THE GUY GAME EN 150 Wi

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Nox Lucis

Unethical? Yes. Illegal? Probably in most places. Tacky? Definitely.
However, I am concerned that our colloquial definitions of "cp" are becoming dangerously diluted, getting the same treatment as politically charged terms like Nazi, socialist, and anything to do with Orwell such that it's not always very clear what someone means when invoking it. If the perceived standard for "cp" is something that cannot be known by sight and can only be recognized legalistically, then people are going to care less and less every time they hear of it as the smokescreen in which child abusers can move unabated grows more opaque.


>be 17
>want to make money
>forge documents to say you are 18 so people can legally take photos of your tits and pay you for it
>the pictures get published (who could have possibly seen that coming?)
>sue the people who took the photos after you lied to them about your age

Unless she was forced to have this pictures taken (if this was the case, the article should mention it) I just don't get what she was thinking. She actively forged documents and willingly had these pictures taken. Did she for some reason think they wouldn't get published or what? There's no way she could have been this ignorant/naive.


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