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"The Bottom 2" by Glorb

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"The Bottom 2" is a song created by the meme rap artist known as Glorb. The song, which uses AI voice tools to create a SpongeBob SquarePants themed gangster rap, was released to viral success in late 2023 with many people taking various lines from it to create meme content or posting reaction videos watching it. Other works by Glorb, including "The Bottom 2," are another example of Gangster SpongeBob and Savage Patrick memes, which have had modern callbacks with other ruined childhood moments such as Mr.Krabs Overdoses On Ketamine.


On December 6th, 2023, Glorb had an official premiere for his new track, "The Bottom 2," debut on his official YouTube channel. The song,[1] a sequel to another track called "The Bottom," opens with a scene of Plankton and Karen destroying Bikini Bottom, forcing SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, Gary the Snail and Mr. Krabs into action against them, earning over 12 million views in six months (shown below).

Near the end of the rap, a sound-off in which each character has a represented verse takes place, which became the focus of memes that would utilize this segment for various edits.

You Know The Crab Like Money
You Know The Sponge Like Fun
Know The Star Keep Shinin'
Know The Squid Likes Guns
What We All Got In Common
When The Sh** Said And Done
Is A Dead F****ng Roach
And A City That We Run

This segment was part of a featured review of the track on December 6th, 2023, by TikToker cloutynazzy,[2] who uploaded their reaction to the music video and this part, expressing their enjoyment at it and earning over 480,000 likes in six months (shown below).

@cloutynazzy Glorb – The Bottom 2 (Official Music Video) | REACTION #cloutynaz #spongebob #rap #reaction ♬ The Bottom 2 – Glorb


Following the release of the song, meme creators started to take various parts of it and adapt them for content. On February 9th, 2024, TikToker alygremlin[3] uploaded a Roblox dance of the character lines with each one having a unique character and dance for the one rapping at that part, earning over 192,000 likes in four months (shown below).

@alygremlin im obsessed w this song @GLORB thank you #spongebobai #spongebob #roblox #fyp ♬ The Bottom 2 – Glorb

Months later, on April 20th, TikToker and K-Pop stan s._xl0[4] uploaded a BlackPink inspired version in which different members of BlackPink were used in place of the Bikini Bottom crew, earning over 250,000 likes in two months (shown below).

s._xl0</a> i know the BP ot4 <a title="edit" target="_blank" href="">#edit</a> <a title="trend" target="_blank" href="">#trend</a> <a title="blackpink" target="_blank" href="">#blackpink</a> <a title="μΊ‘μ»·" target="_blank" href="">#μΊ‘μ»·</a> ib:occu.37 ♬ The Bottom 2 – Glorb

Various Examples

@evrgreenz this ai song goes SO HARD i had to edit to it too – #criminalminds #edits #afterffects #aftereffectsedits #criminalmindsedit #criminalmindstiktok #emilyprentissedits #aaronhotchneredit #spencerreid #spencerreidedit #emilyprentissedit #jenniferjareauedit #thebottom2 #hotedit #spencerreidedits ♬ The Bottom 2 – Glorb

@peachjeongin THESE 4 πŸ§Žβ€β™€οΈπŸ§Žβ€β™€οΈ|| ib: @elle (dean's version) #skz #straykids #bangchan #hyunjin #leeknow #changbin #skzedit #edit #kpop #aftereffects #peachjeongin ♬ The Bottom 2 – Glorb
@anastasiap_borendy Watch my eyes glow πŸ‘‘ #Animation #Demolves #MMD ♬ The Bottom 2 – Glorb

@arlansbf THEY ARE DEFINITELY MY FAVORITE TRIO | #arlansbf #yanqing #me #honkaistarrail #stellaronhunters #edit #kafkahonkaistarrail #kafka #blade #bladehonkaistarrail #silverwolf #silverwolfhonkaistarrail #sam #samhonkaistarrail #elio #eliohonkaistarrail ♬ The Bottom 2 – Glorb

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