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Trench Crusade

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Trench Crusade is an upcoming skirmish tabletop miniatures game set in an alternative universe in which a war between forces Heaven and Hell rages in the year 1914. Created by concept artists Mike Franchina and Tuomas Pirinen and in development since 2018, the game saw early playtest rules released in January 2024. In May 2024, the game garnered attention online for a controversy regarding a conflict on the Discord server for 28 Magazine (a left-leaning publication about tabletop games).


In 2018, concept artist Mike Franchina started worldbuilding and creating artwork for a grimdark universe that would later become Trench Crusade. The artist posted artworks of priest warriors and demonic forces opposing them to his ArtStation[1] and Instagram[2] accounts (examples shown below).


The artist was later joined by game designer Tuomas Pirinen and 3D sculptor James Sheriff.

On July 20th, 2022, the first Kickstarter[3][4] campaign for the Trench Crusade miniatures was launched, gathering over 1,900 backers.

Trench Crusade is a skirmish-scale tabletop miniatures game that will plunge players deep into a horrifying alternate timeline. During the Crusades a heretical band of Templars dared defy the Almighty and, casting aside their sacred vows, unleashed the forces of Hell upon the Earth. Over 800 years later, in the Year of Our Lord 1914, this brutal, merciless war between the forces of Heaven and Hell rages on. This is not just a fight for survival, but a cataclysmic struggle that will decide the very fate of humanity's soul.

On January 2nd, 2024, the first edition of playtest rules for the game was released.[5] As of May 16th, 2024, v1.3.2 was the latest edition of the ruleset.

May 2024 Discord Controversy

On May 12th, 2024, X[6] user @AetiusRF wrote about the game, inviting Warhammer 40,000 fans to take a look at it, in a post that garnered over 1,700 reposts and 21,000 likes in four days (shown below).

Aetius @AetiusRF Hey buddy, since 40k is being weird might I interest you in something called Trench Crusade? . . 7:21 AM May 12, 2024 2.8M Views ...

The post was followed by a spike in interest in the game among users on X / Twitter, with multiple users joining the game's Discord server.

At that time, the game's community was largely centered on the Discord[7] server of 28 Magazine, a left-leaning publication about miniature wargames. Moderators of the server proceeded to ban multiple new users,[8][9] with screenshots of Discord conversations shared on X indicating that the moderators felt that banned users were a mismatch for the game's community due to their worldview and beliefs[10][11][12] (examples shown below).

Donduin the Deathjester @Elaberaharle People do hobby s--- to escape real world s---... TheEndCreep Today at 10:55 AM hoping any unsavoury types will move on once they realize that this is an inclusive and progressive community @roxi make the icon pride themed Sampsa (Team28) 28 Today at 10:55 AM Now now, pride month doesn't start until June and we'll have something fun for everyone then. 2 ... alix + @Feral_Forest Got banned from 28's discord for saying this Imao Feral Today at 11:16 AM also removing someone based on "vibes" and not something they did or said is not a good look Imao 6 Arch-Mage Barnhart Today at 11:16 AM Lmao @Feral also removing someone based on "vibes" and not something they did or said is not a good look Imao Gallowbait Today at 11:16 AM We don't care lmao 1:35 PM May 15, 2024 269.5K Views

On May 15th, 2024, the 28 Magazine Discord server was put into lockdown.[13]

Gains Goblin @DerMothMan "I wonder how the discord for Trench Crusade is getting along now that it got popular on twitter yesterday" Oh- Alexander (Team28) 28 Today at 11:19 AM @everyone since you can't play nice we are taking a deep breath and going on a healthy break. (edited) 104 27 37 4 6 21 24 M 21 A 21 TOT 9 O 21 TONK 5 28 10 3 6 3 +13 ? 13 2 16 Done reading? Check out other channels. 12:28 PM • May 15, 2024 229 Views ↑

On May 16th, 28 Discord moderator Alexander announced[14] that a dedicated Discord server for Trench Crusade will be launched.


Starting in 2020, multiple threads about Trench Crusade were made on 4chan's[15][16] /tg/ board. On May 15th, the first general thread for the game was created on the board.[17]

On May 14th, 2023, Redditor SkepticSentinel launched the /r/TrenchCrusade[18] subreddit, which accumulated over 2,700 followers in one year. Here and on X / Twitter, multiple memes based on the game were shared by users (examples shown below).

Friendship ended with WARHAMMER40K Now TRENCH CRUSADE is my best friend A THEY SHALL KNOW NO FEAR Trandated by MEMRI-TV- 83472 Is burning the only solution for the DEMONS? Translated by MEMRITV ه با شافی So it seems. So it seems. 09:46 من فورت او مضادات حيوية أو أي نوع من الديفيدو والاسبوك اي nawras CHRONO THE HARLEQUIN cringy 000 O 0 PRIEST His baseless CHURCH the unstoppable tide of HELL CHRONO THE HARLEQUIN

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This culture war part was really funny. After the warhammer female astartes bullshit a couple of the people who despise "woke" started talking about how oh, they would switch to this game, cause they looked at the cool Christian imagery and assumed it would be accomidating.

Turns out there are literal black female battle nuns, and the people making the game are actually left wing, so these anti woke people went to the discord of this game assuming they could be shitty about Warhammer and shit on wokes only to get kicked for breaking the server rules.

Basically this:


in reply to ghost of aerie

There were people being banned for vibes, but that was after a ton of bans of people who were actively starting shit. The thing about discord banning controversies is that what will often happen is a bunch of people get banned early on for direct rule breaking, and that pisses off people who agree with them, so they'll try and join to start shit in a variety of ways. Spam, "just asking questions", trying to start unrelated shit, etc.

The reason why the discord moderator screenshots that get shared around have them being dismissive is because they always get screenshots from later on in the issue, where people are toeing the line on purpose to appear sensible and reasonable, hoping to get a reaction.

Not giving the arguments the time of day looks bad, but when it is obviously being performed in bad faith its often better to just ban them and move on with your life


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