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Mighty Jill Off is a free indie PC platform game created by Anna Anthropy. The video game features a submissive lesbian with a boot fetish named Jill who is forced to climb up a tower after her Queen kicked her down it as punishment. Mighty Jill Off features heavy BDSM themes, receiving generally positive reviews from gaming websites and seeing renewed virality online in 2024 after a tweet went viral online.


Mighty Jill Off was published by Anna Anthropy, an American video game designer known for making games that revolve around topics of gender dysphoria and lesbianism. The game was released for free on February 29th, 2008, and can be accessed on itch.io.[1][2]


Mighty Jill Off is inspired by the 1986 arcade game Mighty Bomb Jack, with both protagonists wearing horned masks and aiming to climb up perilous towers. Players control Jill, a submissive with a boot fetish, through a platformer-style game featuring various difficult obstacles after she is kicked down a tower by her lover, the Queen. After Jill climbs back up the tower and reunites with the queen, she is given affection, constricted and gagged, and made to climb the mountain again.

In interviews, Anna Anthropy says that she created Mighty Jill Off as a way to expand lesbian representation in video games. In an interview with Lesbian Gamers, Anthropy notes "the distinct lack of real dyke characters and dyke desire in games," adding that she designed Mighty Jill Off to feature "dykes and perverts" that weren't being shown in TV and commercials.[3]


Mighty Jill Off was generally well received by video game journalists online, who commended the game's character design and gameplay. 1UP.com[4] listed the game as one of the best independently developed freeware games in 2009, while Gamasutra[5] listed it as a runner-up for the top five best indie games of 2008. The game has also been commended for its difficulty, with Bitmob's James DeRosa commending Anthropy for coining the term "masocore."[6]

Online Presence

A June 17th, 2024, post by X[7] user @geometryyaoi reignited discussions of Mighty Jill Off in mid-2024. The post gathered over 70,000 likes and 4 million views in five days (seen below).

greedy gumball gobbler @geometryyaoi indie games rock dude THOFF ... AND DOIT AGAIN!! Mighty Jill Off incorporates several BDSM themes. It stars a submissive lesbian named Jill who has a boot fetish.[1] She is kicked to the bottom of her Queen's ower for acting like a "greedy slut". Jill attempts to climb back up the tower and return to her Queen; onc here, she is given affection, constricted and gagged, and made to do it again. 5:02 AM ⚫ Jun 17, 2024 4.8M Views

However, @geometryyaoi's post also attracted negative reactions from gamers who expressed anti-trans sentiments about Anthropy and pointed out what they saw as hypocritical reactions between Mighty Jill and games like Stellar Blade. [8][9]

Fan Art

Following the viral resurgence of Mighty Jill Off on X / Twitter in June 2024, various internet users created fan art featuring Jill and the Queen. For example, on June 19th, 2024, X[10] user @Ryota_Ravioli posted fan art featuring Jill from Mighty Jill Off, gathering over 38,000 likes in four days (seen below, left).

Also on June 19th, X[11] user @Webster033 posted a Saruman Magically Summoning meme from Lord of the Rings about how @geometryyaoi's post inspired scores of fan art on Twitter / X, gathering over 14,000 likes in four days (seen below, right).

+ I'm a FREAK- *Wink* Greedy gumball gobbler magically summoning 110,920 unamed Twitter Artist to Draw MIGHT JLOFF

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