AI-Generated Wojaks

What's With All The AI-Generated Wojaks? Here's How You Can Make An Ai Wojak Using

If you thought that Wojaks as a concept couldn't get more twisted, here's an AI tool that lets you Wojak-ify anyone and anything with just the help of a few short prompts.

Glif is an AI sandbox tool that was created by Fabian Stelzer and Jamie Wilkinson back in 2022, but the tool did not launch its Wojak generator until 2024. Here's how you can use it to make a custom Wojak for yourself.

What Is Glif And How Can I Use It To Make An AI Wojak?

Glif is an AI sandbox tool that doesn't require any coding to create a custom tool or chatbox. In late June 2024, Fabian Stelzer, one of the co-founders of Glif, shared a Wojak generator he made using the app.

fabian @fabianstelzer just built a fully automated Wojak meme generator in Glif in 5 min: Claude 3.5 block generates the meme as JSON ComfyUI block uses a Wojak Lora to generate a fitting image JSON extractor + Canvas Block ties it all together input "Al entrepreneur" "We're changing the world" -- hasn't left basement in 3 years "Our Al can do anything" -- struggles to make toast THE AI ENTREPRENEUR "We're disrupting every industry" -- can't explain own product "Singularity in 5 years" - can't code 'Hello World' "Ethical Al is our priority" -- model generates h*ntai "We don't need regulations" -- Al suggests overthrowing government "We're the next Google" - - 2 users, both are mom BAD 3:44 PM Jun 24, 2024 1.6M Views "Our valuation is $100M"-- revenue is $3.50

To use the app, you just have to sign into Glif using your Google or Discord account and then find Fabian's Wojak Generator. The generator just needs a prompt from you, which could be a famous person's name, or a subculture or some kind.

What Are Some Examples Of AI Wojaks?

Glif's AI Wojak tool spread across Twitter (now X) rapidly in late June, with American businessman Marc Andreessen posting a version of AI Wojak modeled after him, and Verso Editor @johnpmerrick posting a similar meme that makes fun of his job.

Marc Andreessen @pmarca alóz "Web3 will revolutionize everything" -- hasn't used a dapp in years "Al is the future" -- can't debug a simple Python script MARC ANDREESSEN "Crypto will bank the unbanked" -- owns multiple banks "Founder worship is essential" -- simps for Elon daily "Remote work doesn't work"--tweets from his "I'm not political" -- donates millions to candidates yacht "Software is eating the world" -- his portfolio is being eaten alive • 6:33 AM ⚫ Jun 25, 2024 160.3K Views "Universities are obsolete" --degree from Stanford ... : John Merrick @johnpmerrick tbf they got me here "This will spark the revolution" - - 3 people show up to book launch "Marx was actually problematic" -- still publishes 15 books on him VERSO BOOKS EDITOR "Reject hierarchy" -- has 6 levels of editorial positions all books on Amazon "We're not bourgeois" -- all staff from Ivy League "Capitalism is ending next week"--charges $49.99 for paperback "Amazon is evil" -- lists "Our books are accessible to the working class" -- uses words like 'hegemony' unironically "We're anti- establishment" -- begs for NY Times review • 4:31 AM ⚫ Jun 26, 2024 77.1K Views •

The meme also made an appearance outside of Twitter, as seen in posts on Reddit and Instagram, one that poked fun at a Metroid character and another that made fun of "Anti-Stalinists."

"Just one more hit" -- Entire planet corrupted "I can quit anytime" -- Literal blue veins bulging PHAZON JUNKIE "This s**t's better than Chozo tech" -- Glowing blue foam from mouth "I AM the Leviathan" -- Just a puddle of blue goo "Samus doesn't understand" -- Actively melting "The Space Pirates were right" -- Can't form coherent sentences "It's medicinal, bro" -- Mutating uncontrollably "I'm enhancing my DNA" -- 99% Phazon, 1% Metroid "Stalin killed 100 million" -- can't provide a source ANTI-STALINIST "Stalin was worse than Hitler" - -grandfather was SS "Gulags were death camps" -- US has higher incarceration rate "Communism always fails"-- ignores CIA interventions "Communism killed 100 trillion" -- can't do basic math "Holodomor was genocide" -- doesn't know what kulaks are "Free market is freedom" -- works 60 hours a week "USSR was totalitarian" -- lives in surveillance state

What Are Some More AI Wojaks?

Virgin Data-Driven Analyst VS Chad Vibes Enthusiast Spends hours crunching numbers, still can't predict girlfriend leaving him Makes life-changing decisions based on horoscope app notifications Manifests money Chooses career path by Paralyzed by analysis by shouting 'MONEY PLEASE' paralysis, can't at the moon Needs 3 peer- reviewed studies to confirm water is wet decide what to eat for lunch throwing dart at job listings while blindfolded OUCH! Obsessively tracks sleep cycles, still looks like a zombie Sleeps when tired, eats when hungry, somehow has perfect health Meticulously plans budget, cries over unexpected $5 expense Solves complex problems by 'feeling it out', accidentally discovers cold fusion glifat app NVIM USER "Vim is bloated" -- uses 200 plugins "My config is minimal" -- 2000 lines of Lua "I'm so productive" -- spends 6 hours configuring init.lua "Emacs is for boomers" - - can't exit Vim "I love the terminal" -- can't use grep without a plugin "VSCode is for normies" -- secretly uses it for work "I use Arch btw" -- runs Neovim in WSL "Modal editing is superior" -- types :wq to save a file "AGI will replace us all" -- can't replace Excel formulas AI DOOMER "Roko's Basilisk is coming for us" -- afraid of toaster "Elon Musk will save us" -- restraining order from Twitter HQ "Humanity extinct in 5 years" -- hasn't left basement in 10 "Al is already conscious" -- believes chatbot is his gf "Singularity by 2025" -- can't predict what's for dinner "We need to shut down all Al research"-- uses Alexa daily "Al will solve death" -- can't solve personal hygiene "Just launched my 69th SaaS" -- It's a todo list app "Made $420k this month" -- Mostly from course sales @LEVELSIO "Sharing all my secrets for free" -- Except in my $999 masterclass "Work smarter, not harder" - Tweets 23 hours a day -- "Living the digital nomad dream" -- Hasn't left Bali in 3 years "Here's how to 100x your startup" -- Advice: just be lucky "Bootstrapped to $1M ARR" -- Conveniently forgets trust fund "Remote work is the future" -- Hires only in low-wage countries "Ottawa is the new Silicon Valley!"--secretly applying to SF startups "Dingboard is revolutionizing -- memes!" can't even crop images properly "Just finished my Neovim config!"-- spent 6 hours to change a keybind YACINEMTB DISCIPLE "Who needs exercise when you have coding?" -- struggles to lift laptop "I'm so productive with -- my custom tools!" spends 90% of time debugging them "Arch Linux is superior!" -- finally achieved macOS-like setup after 4 years "Building Dingbot to mow my lawn!" -- hasn't touched grass in months "Twitter is the best place to work!"-- tweets 200 times a day "It's not complicated" -- has 437 nodes in workflow COMFYUI ARTIST "ControlNet is so simple" -- cries in pose estimation "Who needs Midjourney?" -- spends 6 hours for one image "Stable Diffusion is obsolete" -- can't figure out why image is black "I'm an Al researcher" -- watches YouTube tutorials on 2x speed "My art is truly unique" -- uses the same 5 checkpoints as everyone "I'm basically a programmer now" -- copy-pastes entire workflows else "I understand latent space" -- just discovered what an encoder does

For the full history of Glif AI Wojaks, be sure to check out GotFunnyPictures's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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