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Spy x Sex 403212

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Spy x Sex 403212 is a Rule 34 NTR hentai comic created by artist Ratatatat74 on the website Doujin. It's based on the manga and anime series Spy x Family and features the characters Yor and Loid having sex. The comic and its launch code were referenced on Twitter and Reddit, among other platforms, as a Don't Google trend within the fandom. Memes and tweets surfaced going into mid-2022.


On April 25th, 2022, Twitter[8] user and hentai artist Ratatatat74 posted a tweet that hinted, "next month 😉," showing an upcoming Rule 34 comic of theirs showing Yor and Loid from Spy x Family engaging in vaguely sexual or explicit acts. The tweet received roughly 46,500 likes in a month and a half (shown below).

ratatatat74 @ratatatat74 next month 10:59 AM Apr 25, 2022 Twitter Web App . 4,323 Retweets 340 Quote Tweets 46.5K Likes ? ? ~ :

In April 2022, Rule 34 hentai artist Ratatatat74 uploaded a comic titled Spy x Sex to both Doujin and nHentai (shown below). It was originally published in Japanese but later translated into English by Hornypanas. The translation was uploaded on May 15th, 2022. It started to be referenced in posts on Facebook[1] the same day.

SPY X SEX Story and Art by Ratatatat74 Translated by: Hornypanas

The comic features the characters Yor and Laid engaging in intercourse. Within the actual series, Loid is tasked with creating a family for a spy mission and takes on the name "Loid Forger" as his identity. He then adopts a 6-year-old girl named Anya and takes Yor, a bubbleheaded office worker as his wife. In the 403212 comic, Loid and Yor engage in intercourse.


Awareness of the Rule 34 comic spread throughout the Spy x Family fandom predominantly in May and June 2022. For instance, on May 15th, 2022, Redditor Pyrrhus65 posted a Meme Man meme to /r/goodanimemes[2] that showed a humorous progression from seeing a new doujin to seeing its made by Ratatatat74. In one month, the meme received roughly 1,100 upvotes (shown below).

There's a new doujin of Spy x Family It's by Ratatatat74 and it has NTR It's NTR from the perspective of Yor's siscon brother, and she only sleeps with Loid imgflip.com Kalm Panik Kalm

Comic number 403212 was referenced on Twitter too, most commonly as a reply to various Spy x Family tweets that seemed vaguely NSFW. For instance, on May 15th, 2022, Twitter[3] user Echidnuh posted a tweet that captioned one of the primary panels with, "That new Spy x Fam chapter was gas fr," earning roughly 10,600 likes in one month. On May 17th, Twitter[4] user JohnnySpittin posted a tweet that captioned the same panel Echidnuh's with, "No way this is a real Spy x Family manga panel wtf 😭😭," earning roughly 64,800 likes in one month.

Twitter users began referencing comic number 403212 in quote retweets and replies, an example being a QT posted on May 18th, 2022, by Twitter[5] user poteker_dimas that joked about "Me, typing the "403212" code:" (shown below, left). On June 6th, Twitter[6] user LinklesTinkle posted a reply to a tweet posted by Twitter[7] user _maiqo that received roughly 3,100 likes in one week. LinklesTinkle's reply referenced 403212 and earned over 35 likes in the same amount of time (shown below, right).

Dimas P. Nugroho @poteker_dimas Me, typing the "403212" code: 1 Johnny @JohnnySpittin May 17 No way this is a real Spy x Family manga panel w-- JELER 110... IF OUR RELATION- SHIP ENDS, MY MISSION WOULD BE IN DANGER. Y-YOU CAN ENTER NOW... THE BEST THING TO DO WOULD BE ASK FOR FORGIVENESS. : テレビ愛知 ABOUT EARLIER... LOID...

Various Examples

Me: *sees this* Popular Now B. C canar RERN HERE C- [ratatatat74] 04/2022 reward [Chinese] www. RECORAD -#TAPE.. also me after i see M 72 : where translation SPY X FAMILY Target spotted 93 46.9K Bam25 @The 25thBam_ Replying to @spyfamily_en Dis look like the beginning of that doujin 8:16 PM Jun 6, 2022. Twitter for iPhone @spyfamily_en. Jun 6 2,586 Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha, SPY FAMILY Project Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha, SPY x FAMILY Project A Tip A NINTENDO SWITCH THE ENTIRE INTERNET IS JERKING OFF TO MY MOM EVERYONE E CONTENT RATED BY ESRB

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Ratatatat74 is especially good if not iffy when it comes to storytelling in his doujins. But I give him a pass because he's one of the few cats that drew tasteful lewds of Ryukyu, one of the few heroes that are overlooked in the MHA community.


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