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Son Goku, widely known by his first name, Goku, is the main protagonist of Japanese media franchise Dragon Ball. Goku is one of the most popular anime and manga characters, as well as being among the most-memed anime characters, with memes often referencing his power, appearance, character arc, personality, attacks, reactions, quotes, outfits and transformations.


Goku debuted in the very first chapter of the Dragon Ball manga, titled "Bulma and Son Goku",[1] which was released on November 29th, 1984 by Weekly Shōnen Jump.[2] Goku's first appearances are on the cover art of the manga, which shows him on a motorcycle with Bulma (shown below, left) and on the first page, where he's greeting two monkeys (shown below, right).

其之一 ブルマと 53 孫悟空 DRAGON BALL F4029 CAPS 1560 むかしむかしのこと すうせん キロ から数千公里も やまおく 彼方のある山奥・・・ ものがたり この奇想天外な物語は とりあえず そんなところから はじまります・・・ 401 222 ws ved? こ C キキツ やあ オッス!! OU in

Dragon Ball's creator, writer and illustrator Akira Toriyama, took inspiration from 16th century Chinese novel Journey To The West and its main character, Sun Wukong, the "Monkey King",[3][4] as well as various martial arts films by Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.[5][6] As Goku reached adulthood, the threats to his planet, friends and loved ones gradually grew as well. As the decades-long-running protagonist of the Dragon Ball series, Goku found himself fighting planet-busting alien overlords, magic demons and even the gods of his own multiverse.


Goku is one of the most popular anime and manga characters of all time,[7][8] with various magazines and websites ranking him at the Number 1 spot in their lists.[9][10][11] Goku is the quintessential Shōnen protagonist, becoming a cultural phenomenon and even having his own day in Japan on May 9th, known as "Goku Day".[12][13][14][16] Because of his widespread popularity and general likeability, he's the subject of many memes and meme formats.

Goku Drip

Goku Drip refers to a series of fan art images depicting Dragon Ball characters wearing Hypebeast clothing, and most notably an artwork of Goku wearing a Supreme shirt and a jacket with "By Any Means Necessary" print. Starting in October 2020, the images gained popularity in bait-and-switch videos.

SC THE ORTH FACE Any uprem Y.B ans Ne esso ary Besa y. B Supreme Iny SSC CHE FACE y.B. Any Ne sso ary essa uprem ans Brsa y.B3 B PIny ecess Ce uprem SS ea

Goku vs. Superman

Goku vs. Superman is a long-running debate between the fans of DC Comics' iconic superhero Superman and Dragon Ball. Due to their comparable stature as the most powerful characters within their respective fictional universes, the hypothetical question of which of the two fictional superheroes would win in a battle has been debated online for decades through discussion forums and communities associated with both fandoms.


Goku Prowler (XenoVerse 2)

Prowler Theme refers to the song "The Prowler's Theme" from the 2018 movie Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse. The theme became the subject of memes and edits as early as 2019 on YouTube. Prowler Goku or Goku XenoVerse 2 Stare refers to a series of video edits in which a dark image of Goku from Dragon Ball set to "Prowler Theme" is inserted after clips of characters annoying or wronging Goku, followed by footage of Goku attacking them as if he snapped. The meme first appeared on YouTube in late 2022 and became popularized on TikTok in early 2023.

@jabonkasthemaker They were just sparring #dbz #dragonballz #dragonballzedit #goku #intothespiderverse #chichi ♬ original sound – Bonkas

@just5am_ You can't run.#fyp #fypシ #just5am #wintrs #real #goku #gokustare #gokuxeno #xenoverse2 ♬ The Prowler – Daniel Pemberton

Goku's Racist Evolution / I'm About To Get Racist

Goku's Racist Evolution, also known as I'm About To Get Racist, refers to a series of meme videos and exploitable images in which Son Goku and/or other Dragon Ball characters declare they will become gradually more racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, anti-semitic or transphobic as they power-up through their transformations.

It's okay guys, I'm-
Just kidding. I'm even more racist now
I've done it… I've reached Ultra Racist

Halal Goku

Halal Goku is a fan-made character centered around the idea of Goku from Dragon Ball Z being portrayed as a Muslim, usually done by changing his Drip to be traditional Islamic ceremonial clothes. This concept was then further explored with various other Dragon Ball characters also being converted and engaging in traditional Muslim activities via fan art.

"Bitch I Look Like Goku"

"Bitch I Look Like Goku" is a memorable lyric from the 2010 Soulja Boy song "Goku," which features several references to the anime and manga series Dragon Ball. The lyrics inspired a number of memes, including image macros, photoshops, and video edits featuring the song.


Hey It's Me Goku / Goku Cancer Edits

Hey It's Me Goku, also known as Goku Cancer Edits, refers to a series of video edits on YouTube and TikTok in which Goku from Dragon Ball Z, through an AI voice, gives motivational advice or says something uncharacteristic, always beginning with the line, "Hey, it's me Goku," taken from the video game Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. In January 2023, a version of the meme where Goku is edited over videos of people, usually kids, who have beaten cancer, often starting with the same line before saying, "Is that all you've got, faggot?" became popularized on TikTok.

@kestomotivation I love you all! #dragonball #anime #gymtok #motivation #happiness ♬ snowfall – Øneheart & Reidenshi

@thakingcaleb You can make a impact🧡 #anime #confidence #motivation #goku #dbz #fyp #fypシ ♬ Originalton – AC

Goku Cult

Goku Cult or The Blue Jacket Cult is a TikTok "cult" in which users change their profile pictures to an image of a character photoshopped into Goku's blue jacket, as worn in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Members of the cult follow each other and raid large TikTokers' comment sections, as well as generally interact with each other.

Where's Goku

Where's Goku refers to a series of memes in which the Dragon Ball character Goku is added to various images in an inconspicuous way, with another portion of the image highlighted with a red circle to act as a red herring. The format gained popularity on Twitter and Reddit in July 2021.


Goku Mondongo

Goku Mondongo refers to an image macro of Goku from Dragon Ball in which he is bald, paired with the overlay text "Mondongo." The meme started in 2020 and became popularized in April 2021 thanks to the followers of KNekro, a Spanish streamer.

mondongo BASIC Goku Ssj Mondongo 30 PV mondongo As Mondays MEM BALL Este ataque propina 150 de dado Golpe mondongo 150 +40 50 Mondongamehameha 200 Kamehameha con mondongo 30 Ey formare Mondongo

Goku in Super Smash Bros.

Goku in Super Smash Bros. is a popular fan request for the inclusion of Son Goku, the protagonist of the the Japanese manga and anime franchise Dragon Ball, in the fourth and fifth installations of Nintendo's crossover fighting game series Super Smash Brothers (SSB). Driven by the large-scale support from the fans of both SSB and Dragon Ball, the topic has become a well-known in-joke among the fans of the game, similar to other instances of wishful SSB character predictions like "Shrek in Super Smash Bros".

GoNintendoTweet @GoNintendoTweet Sakurai maintains that manga characters will not be allowed in the Smash Bros. series Son Goku Arrives NEVER ragonBall 11:25 AM 11 Nov 18 i think we all know who is going to be announced on Monday naovatodo vriskaiohnathan: Super Smash Bros. Series Sakurai 19 hours ag Director's Room goku will never be in smash bros 915033勖1003 #ssb 61 notes

Goku In Fortnite

Goku In Fortnite refers to the mid-August 2022 release of Chapter 3: Season 3 of Fortnite, wherein, characters from Dragon Ball like Goku, Vegeta and Bulma became playable skins alongside others previously added like Darth Vader, Naruto Uzumaki and Rick Sanchez. Memes and discussions about Goku's addition to Fortnite became prevalent on Twitter, TikTok and Reddit.

Killa B @NewHandle21 Fortnite players getting Kamehameha sniped from across the map and the camera cuts to Goku hitting the griddy 7:05 AM. Aug 17, 2022 · Twitter for Android : Liutauras @lwasDracula When Goku and Naruto meet each other in fortnite 4:13 PM Jul 18, 2022 Twitter for Android : GamesCage - Hype Guy @OnTheDownLoTho THE F------ "HEY ITS ME GOKU" IS HIS DESCRPTION LMFAOOOO000000000000 A SON GOKU HEVIT'S ME, GOKU! 4:27 AM - Aug 16, 2022. Twitter Web App ...

But Can He Beat Goku?

"But Can He Beat Goku?" refers to a catchphrase that has been used by some fans of the anime/manga series Dragon Ball to represent the strength of the main character Goku. It's also used as exploitable by adding it to some memes such as changing the original dialogue.

ultra instinct goku after bugs bunny honks his nose and hits him in the head with a mallet J@dymyyzfz377g rose ... @igurology Anya Forger from Spy x Family could beat goku 11:05 AM · Apr 16, 2022 · Twitter for Android // stoney_stonface 91 points - 14 Jun 18 Any strong character: *exists* DB Fans: "BuT CaN hE BEAT GoKu?!" But rages when the character can actually beat goku. Would you guys shut up for once? So f------ what if a character is strong or not? This is Bob, he can do anything his writer says he can, and he can beat anyone from anywhere at anytime. There. Easy. Reply

30 Billion SpongeBobs vs. Goku

30 Billion SpongeBobs vs. Goku refers to a series of memes based on an assumption that 30 billion SpongeBobs would defeat Goku from Dragon Ball in a battle. The hypothetical scenario stems from the "How Many SpongeBobs To Defeat ___ ?" comparison video posted on YouTube in September 2021, later becoming popularized in memes and viral debates on the topic in October of that year.

Laà Today at 10:28 PM 55 412M 30B ? Bobs SpongeBobs SpongeBobs anchez Naruto Goku Spider-Man Shre 3:02 WF Comparison: How Many SpongeBobs To Defeat_? WatchFiction · 229K views 2 weeks goku when he sees 30 billion spongebobs pull up to his house ... Reasons Goku loses to Spongebob: 1. Spongebob can't take damage. In fact, it tickles him. 2. He has detachable limbs he can regrow at any time. 3. He is a master of Karate. 4. He can make guided missile bubbles appear out of nowhere. 5. He is always ready. THT Goku when he Goku when he sees sees 29,999,999,999 30,000,000,000 Spongebob's pull Spongebob's pull up to his house up to his house

Various Examples

% ARTS AMIT UAORAK How my mom sees me How other girls see me Has Goku got a Scoliosis? Looks like there's something wrong with Goku's spine. Dragonquest games be Like... Hey kid, it's me, Goku. All that grunting better be some good training. On this day 200 years ago, Goku saved the Native Americans from Red ribbon army. They asked what they could do to repay him and Goku replied "I'm hungry" Thus the first thanksgiving feast was born. People who watch Anime People who don't watch Anime We know who Goku is

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