Small Cylinder Guy meme / Smart_Calendar1874.

Small Cylinder Guy / Smart_Calendar1874

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Small Cylinder Guy refers to a /r/AskReddit thread in which Redditor Smart_Calendar1874 requested assistance in getting a "small cylinder" unstuck from a mini M&M's tube, with the request heavily implying that the person got his penis stuck in the tube while using it as a masturbation device. The thread went viral on Reddit and was actively referenced in memes in December 2022.


On December 5th, 2022, Redditor[1] Smart_Calendar1874 posted a thread in the /r/AskReddit subreddit in which they asked for assistance in getting a "small cylinder" unstuck from a mini M&M's tube filled with butter and microwaved mashed banana (post shown below). In the thread, which received over 23,900 upvotes in two weeks, Smart_Calendar1874 staunchly denied that the "small cylinder" was his penis, but kept heavily implying that it, in fact, was.

r/AskReddit u/Smart_Calendar 1874 12d 331 28 27 How would you get a small cylinder (5.1in length, ~4.5in girth) unstuck from a mini M&Ms tube filled with butter and microwaved mashed banana? 23.1k 2.7k 4 ↑ Share Award


On December 12th, 2022, Redditor[2] gustafr posted a screenshot of the thread in which Redditors suggested ways Smart_Calendar1874 could free his stuck cylinder from the tube, with the user replying that the cylinder and the larger object it is attached to should not be put at risk of getting damaged and Smart_Calendar1874 insisting that the object was not his penis. The post gained over 10,600 upvotes on the /r/196 subreddit in one week.

On December 14th, Redditor[3] Artoy_Nerian posted a video scroll down of the gustafr's post, set to the opening theme from Star Wars, which gained over 4,500 upvotes in five days (shown below).

On December 15th and 16th, Twitter[4][5] gimmick accounts @reddit_lies and @GoodReddit both reposted the video, with the tweets gaining over 87,000 views and 1.8 million views in four and three days, respectively.

Starting in mid-December 2022, the thread has been referenced in memes on the /r/196 subreddit. For example, on December 15th, 2022, Redditor[6] SomeOne111Z posted a meme that gained over 11,900 upvotes in the subreddit in four days.

Various Examples

Air comes out the back Lower air pressure creates suction Poke a hole of any size Tube is repressurized, cylinder can easily slide out momo Lmfao. The comments OP replies with are hilarious. It's your d--- bro. You stuck your d--- in an MnM tube of butter. O
It's his d--- not a "cylinder" attached to "larger object" PS Snopes VISION MSNBC BS. FALSE HUFFINGTON CAW VICE abc NEWS BET FACT CHICK.ORG NBC 11 msn OCBS Sun POLITIC G IL r/AskReddit u/Traditional_Lack_776 • 6d 18 NSFW How does sex feel? ↑ 3 3 ↓ 29 Smart_Calendar1874. 6d Physically, for a penis, it feels like entering a hot tub and being hugged at the same time. Reply 4 ↓ Spartan4a117. 1d Don't you mean for a cylinder? Share Smart_Calendar 1874 • 1d So I have to bear this cross forever. 11凸 22

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