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About, also referred to simply as The Party and Sharty, is an English-speaking imageboard centered around creating, posting and sharing Soyjaks. Formed in September 2020 largely by users from 4chan's banned /qa/ board, the imageboard has been the major producer of Soyjak images online since its creation, also spawning and popularizing other memes.


On September 19th, 2020, 4chan[1] user Soot launched (also redirected to from, a joke imageboard that invited users to post Soyjak images in every thread. On September 2020, Soot announced the launch in /qa/, originally a "questions and answers" 4chan board at that time hijacked and centered around posting Soyjaks (announcement post shown below).

78KiB, 1000x1000, 3e4ded4b- facd-4f1f-821b-5c859e2da9f2.jpg made a s----- imageboard Anonymous Sun 20 Sep 2020 20:41:15 No.3484141 View Reply Original Report Quoted By: >>3484291 >>3484340 >>3484455 >>3485314 >>3486762 >>3487771 >>3488405 >>3490006 >>3492596 >>3501305,2 >>3501305,3 >>3501305,4 basedjaks must be in every thread

On September 21st, Soot wrote in a blog post[2] that he launched the board "as a meme."

I registered the domain on a whim, and installed vichan just as quick. It was just a simple joke. I was not expecting to get this many users, ever. I don’t even have an alias to go by.
No, this is not some honeypot or whatever, it was just originally made as a meme where you can spam soyjaks to your heart’s content.

On March 29th, 2021, Soot launched Soyjak Wiki,[3][4] a community-driven encyclopedia dedicated to Soyjaks and the so-called "soy community."

On August 23rd, 2021, SoyBooru[5][6] (formerly OnionsBooru) was launched with the purpose of hosting a user-submitted archive of Soyjak images.

In July 2022, the website was purchased from Soot by Yuri "Kuz" Kuznetsov, the current (as of February 2023) admin of the site.[7]

Since the moment of its creation, has repeatedly been a target of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) attacks.

As of February 2023, over 2.6 million posts had been made on


As of February 2023, has 11 boards, including the main /soy/ (Soyjak) board, /q/ (The 'party), /int (International), /incel/ (Internet Celebrities) and other boards. The website is an imageboard, meaning that users are able to create threads and reply to them, accompanying their posts with images and videos.


Operation Wikisneedia

Operation Wikisneedia was a community effort on the /raid/ board of to raid Wikipedia Commons with Creative Commons licensed soyjaks, and later to alter Wikipedia articles with subtle references to Sneed's Feed and Seed.

File (hide): 1615358600700.png (510.51 KB, 750x1288, 354.png) NO Drinking Alcohol/ Mouthwash. NO Using any form of Drugs. NO Drug Dealers. NO sleeping any time. NOT Bodily Functions AT ANY TIME IN OR AROUND THIS PARK OPERATION WIKISNEEDIA Chud 3 months ago No.6193 [Last 50 Posts] >>6210 >>6246 >>6541 >>6550 >>6875 >>7676 Let's raid Wikimedia Commons with Creative Commons licensed soyjaks This category already has a few Wojaks so it would be within their scope Chud 3 months ago No.6197 File (hide): 1615395072204-0.png (82.75 KB, 328x457, Screenshot_2021-03-10 Cate....png) shitposting Even if you are being Ironic Keine pointing ironic.jpg 750x850; 307 KB Marisa get out of jp.png 500x500; 148 KB >tranime Keine pointing.png 750 × 850; 298 KB Marisa get out.png 600 600; 208 KB t File (hide): 1615395072204-1.jpg (87.29 KB, 640x591, chansoy.jpg)


As of February 2023, over 2.6 million posts had been made on On Soyjak Wiki, over 510 entries had been submitted. On SoyBooru, over 24,700 images tagged "soyjak" had been uploaded.

Gem / Coal

Gem and Coal, along with a multitude of less popular mining-related terms, are expressions of approval and disapproval commonly used on Gem conveys approval of a post, with coal conveying disapproval.

m ficca BUMP 0


Impish Soyak Ears, also known as Impjak and The Swede, is a Soyjak version of the Guinness World Record Soyjak. The Impjak has been used to convey impish behavior and to portray Swedes.

Pa Kys gran eser Know Your Swede

Impjak Adventure

Impjak Adventure was a "choose your own adventure"-inspired webcomic created by several users on the /soy/ board of The story, centered around Impish Soyjak, ran from April 2021 through June 2021.

File (hide): 1617630225710.png (42.11 KB, 700x992, upright impjak.png) You Choose your own Swedish adventure Chud 11 days ago No.66177 [Last 50 Posts] The rules are simple. First one to reply decides what our impish friend here does. Chud 11 days ago No.66178 >>66179 Go to the local mosque. Chud 11 days ago No.66179 >>66180 File (hide): 1617630579752.png (82.92 KB, 1373x837, impjak travel.png) (wholesome!) https://wiki.soyja >>66178 Impjak travels to the local Swedish mosque


Chudjak, also known as Poljak, is a version of Soyjak popularized on The parent meme, which originated on 4chan, is meant to depict the cliché appearance of the average 4chan /pol/ user, incels, far-right public shooters and other similar characters. It was modeled to resemble Patrick Crusius, the shooter from the 2019 El Paso Shooting.


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